Another Voice of Reason Confronting Global Warming Alarmists

Another highly credible, and authentic scientific voice, joining the thousands of scientists speaking out against the gross manipulation of data by the global alarmists. This has been the pattern since Al Gore presented his book of untruths and half-truths in 2006. Video is only 5 minutes long, so you have time.

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the clear evidence before us, that hardly anything related to man-made-warming is of any negative consequence. On the contrary, the small increase in CO2 emissions from man’s activity, has resulted in a noticeable greening of the planet. This is clearly evident, in the NASA satellite pictures over the last 20 years. That can only be beneficial in improving food production across the planet.

Willie Soon, a very respected astrophysicist and geoscientist, comes across as a dedicated scientist, interested in the truth that his profession reveals. His remarks, relating to the Australian pseudo-scientific paper he dismantles ,should be of concern to Australians. Their tax dollars have been spent on a deliberately misleading, and indeed untruthful paper, which was totally discredited within two weeks of publication, in the equally discredited Science Magazine.

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