Decline of Scientific Truth

Science covers a wonderfully diverse world, embracing all that is, in the physical world. For centuries, brilliant scientists strove to uncover a myriad of hidden secrets. From Copernicus & the mysteries of our solar system, to understanding & releasing the hidden, unbelievable power of the atom. Great scientists followed on, ever seeking the truth.

Now we come to the present time & what do we find? Science, for the first time in history, began to worship Mammon, the god of money. This has set us on a path of deceit, manipulation, & the substitution of expediency & profit for the sacred goal of truth.

This is nowhere more apparent than in the contentious arena of man-made-warming. This began with one commendable goal, to investigate the impact of mans industrial advance on the climate. Unfortunately, the investigation commenced, not under science, but under the avaricious oversight of Al Gore. A politician, no less, & one with the rapacious instinct so common amongst those of his calling. Why decry this one deceiver amongst so many? Because he not only is responsible for a massive global misallocation of funds, but he has single-handedly brought science into disrepute & ruined the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of highly credible scientists.

His book was written, not to advance any scientific cause, but to seize on an issue, real or imagined, which had the potential to reap enormous monetary reward. This he succeeded in doing, thus raising his personal wealth from $1.7 million to $200 million.

The problem arises in trying to debunk Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, which even at the time was considered to be 50% fiction. The whole essence of science is to generate a hypothesis, which is then further investigated by other scientists. For example, Avogadro’s hypothesis of 1811 only became Avogadro’s LAW in 1858. The Gore hypothesis was bought into by massive vested interests, which had no interest in pursuing truth, but rather in personal or corporate enrichment.

To this day, scientists seeking to investigate or debate the original suppositions are shut down, unfunded, unpublished & subject to every form of criticism & disparagement. That is simply wrong & a rebuttal of the fine objectives of real science. This is the basis from which I approach what should be a scientific debate, but has turned into a governmental decree. It’s not about choosing a side, it’s about establishing truth, & that objective has been subverted by monetary interests.

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