German Lawyer Sues World Over Covid

More Evidence of the Global Covid Scam


•13 Nov 2020

Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with consumer protection trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich to talk about the Coronavirus and his work on the German Corona investigation committee.

Panic Paper Link to his website:

About the guest: Dr Reiner Fuellmich is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee, which since July 10, 2020, has been listening to large number of international scientists’ and experts’ testimonies, to find answers to questions about the pandemic, being asked by people worldwide. About Patrick Bet-David: CEO, author and Founder of Valuetainment Media. Patrick has interviewed athletes, notorious individuals, politicians, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Finally getting some action on the high-powered legal front. This would be another 54 minutes well spent if you want to know the truth about what’s going on with Covid.

A few pointers:

  • Conclusive evidence including from the inventor of the Covid PCR test, that it is INCAPABLE of deciding if an infection is present
  • Dr Mike Yeaden, an ex Pfizer specialist says the tests are useless and should be withdrawn immediately
  • If PCR test is used the number of FALSE POSITIVES is greater than 94%, This is because the tests are designed to maximise the number of positives
  • The test is of no value in determining the rate of infections; its use is purely as a fear-inducing tool
  • All the experts on the German Corona Investigative Committee, agree that COVID is no worse than the common flu
  • A paper produced by the German government, called the Panic Paper has the sole purpose of advising how to create panic about Covid. Panic Paper I don’t have the English version yet
  • Angela Merkel, whose Lutheran father worked with the communists in East Germany, has held successive meetings with Bill Gates, The WHO and the major drug companies
  • At one Congress, held in MAY 2019 led by Merkel and her CDU Party, the German professor, who convinced the world that the pandemic was going to be very serious and that the PCR test would show how many were infected also attended
  • All those at this Congress, were the same people who announced the pandemic in January 2020

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