30 Years Of International Conspiracy To Get To Where You Are Now

NER: Some critical information here. First is a 21 minute video from Mike Yeadon. This is followed by a very detailed analysis by Paul Schreyer, of the 30 years of pandemic simulation planning by the globalists, which is culminating in the Great Reset with its Orwellian world. The depth, detail & number of conspirators, are alarming & just confirm that the key political figures worldwide are psychopaths beyond redemption. Failure to overthrow these forces that control all governments, will inevitably end in a bleak future for all but the elite.

“The evidence that things are amiss is so stark that you literally have to avert your eyes not to realise that things are really bad, everywhere” – Dr. Mike Yeadon

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During the 86th Session of the Corona Investigative Committee Dr. Mike Yeadon spoke of the lies of the Covid narrative with the ultimate aim being The Great Reset, presented evidence proving premeditation of particular Covid injection batches containing “lethal doses” and more.

This article is the first in a series breaking down Dr. Yeadon’s 2-hour 20 min presentation into more manageable chunks for those who may be short of time and unable to watch the full presentation in one sitting.  What follows relates to the lies the public is told by governments, government advisors and corporate media – the “8 Covid Lies” as Dr. Yeadon calls them – what the aim is and the evidence that there is a supranational plan to take over all liberal democracies.

Dr. Mike Yeadon has enjoyed a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.  At the beginning of “the pandemic” he noticed advisors to the UK government were lying, on television, to the nation.  At first, he was curiously fascinated but by the summer of 2020 he was alarmed and then later in year he became frightened.  Dr. Yeadon does not personally benefit from speaking against the official narrative and, in fact, has lost in terms of income and reputation by doing so.

We thank Dr. Yeadon, the Corona Investigative Committee and all those worldwide, from all walks of life, who are speaking out and standing up for freedom and justice for the benefit of the world and its future.

What Dr. Yeadon finds frightening is that every country in the world had Pandemic Preparedness Plans in place which were all suddenly and inexplicably replaced and at the same time. 

He had read these plans from all G20 countries and the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and none of them included border closures (unless you lived on a small island), business closures, school closures, mass testing of the healthy, lockdown or masking.  “All of the things we are [now] being told are essential were missing and explicitly ruled out by the previous plans,” Dr. Yeadon said.

“The strongest evidence I can offer that there is a supranational plan to take over all liberal democracies is this: that all of the countries had somewhat similar Pandemic Preparedness Plans that were very simple and they all discarded them in the weeks of March 2020, all of them.  And they replaced them with the same narrative scripts … I call them the ‘8 Covid Lies’.  Every single one of them is an untruth. I think the objective was to frighten people to death and I think it’s worked.”

Dr. Yeadon then briefly described the 8 Covid Lies before offering an explanation as to why these same lies are being propagated worldwide.  There is only way that this could have happened and that is if the countries agreed beforehand.

“When this all comes out.  Don’t ask me how I knew. Ask yourself why you didn’t.  Honestly, the evidence that things are amiss is so stark that you literally have to avert your eyes not to realise that things are really bad, everywhere,” Dr Yeadon said.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: 8 Covid Lies, Corona Investigative Committee Session 86, The Fog Is Lifting, 7 January 2022 (22 mins)

Note: The clip above is extracted from Dr. Yeadon’s presentation during the Corona Investigative Committee Session 86 which you can watch on Odysee HERE.

Dr. Yeadon encouraged us to watch Paul Schreyer’s ‘Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era?’ to understand, however surreal it may seem, that there is a global conspiracy – a well organised, long-planned event – currently taking place.

Shreyer is a German author, freelance journalist and co-editor of Multipolar magazine.

Political decisions during the Covid crisis did not come out of the blue. The “war on viruses” began back in the 1990s as the “war on bioterror.” Research shows: for more than twenty years since then, pandemic scenarios have been repeatedly rehearsed in simulation exercises, first in the U.S., later coordinated internationally.

The titles of these exercises are reminiscent of Hollywood productions: “Dark Winter” (2001), “Global Mercury” (2003), “Atlantic Storm” (2005) or “Clade X” (2018). High-ranking government representatives as well as well-known journalists were involved, most recently, at “Event 201” in October 2019, also board members of large global corporations.

After the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a coronavirus pandemic in 2020, many of the measures that had been rehearsed and discussed for years were implemented globally.

The lecture below chronologically traces how these exercises came about, who organised them, and what parallels the scripts have to the current situation. Is the virus just a pretext for a longer-planned global transformation? And was a severe stock market quake in September 2019 perhaps the real trigger for the global lockdown?

Note: There is a table of contents with timestamps in the description section on YouTube below this video which is useful.

Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era? 10 March 2021 (1 hr 3 mins)

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