America Is Under Siege & The Great Majority Are Disposable

Prepare for Civil War

This is the first and likely last time I will be cross-posting to both my primary Substack and the Late Preppers Substack. Apologies to those who got this story twice. It won’t happen again.

Let me state up front that I am not CALLING for civil war in this article or on the latest episode of The JD Rucker Show. I simply think it is unavoidable at this stage in American history so regardless of where any individual stands on the topic, they need to be prepared for what’s to come.

Raiding Mar-a-Lago was an acceleration of the attacks that we’ve been seeing for some time against America First patriots. Donald Trump is just the tip of the spear, but they want the whole thing. That includes all of us.

J6, 87,000 IRS agents, and the raid are all connected. They want us divided into those who will comply and those who will not. This is important before they move forward with their plans for The Great Reset. They want lists so they’re attempting to start a civil war. It’s a cold civil war now, but it may turn hot soon.

Who Are Our Enemies?

We need to understand who we are fighting if we stand a chance at winning. Most in the FBI, corporate media, the Democrat Party, and even many Republicans are willing participants, but they are just pawns. They are told this is about stopping Trump or enforcing the rule of law, whatever it takes for them to suspend disbelief in how wrong this all is. They just need a bit of justification and they’ll jump through whatever hoops they’re ordered to jump through.

Those in the Deep State control apparatus, leaders of the Uniparty Swamp, and executives in corporate media and Big Tech are the knights, bishops, and rooks being moved around the chess board by the powers-that-be, the globalist elites like Barack Obama and Klaus Schwab. They know enough to realize this isn’t just about Trump. They understand the plan well enough to know they are participating in evil, but they’re okay with it because they’ve been promised fortunes and power for their compliance.

The real force behind the raid and everything they’ve been trying to do to us since even before January 6, 2021, are those globalist elites who manufactured a Biden-Harris victory. These are the architects of The Great Reset, the powers and principalities behind the Liberal World Order. We must understand that the World Economic Forum, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and other globalist elites are pulling all the strings and calling all the shots.

What Are Their Goals?

Stopping Trump in 2024 is just a cover story to get most of their pawns to play ball. It’s just the cherry on top of their globalist sundae. In reality, it’s America First patriots and Christians who are the long-term targets. They are using Trump to enrage us, to get us to do something stupid like blowing up a federal building, so they can justify martial law and engaging in their FBI police state as well as their upcoming IRS economic police state.

The true motive is division. They want patriots to self-identify so they can determine which of us can be controlled and which must be eliminated. This was prompted by their January 6 operation and has led us to the attacks against Donald Trump today. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to stand up and fight back. If we self-identify through our actions, we will be persecuted. But if we hide our feelings and try to play ball, we will be oppressed. If we’re going to face tyranny one way or another, I choose to fight it.

This is all about taking down the United States of America. You can’t build back better or have a great reset until everything comes tumbling down. They want America to implode with riots, violence, and polarization that rips through the nation. This is why a civil war is a bad idea. It’s also why a civil war may be necessary.

What Does a Modern Civil War Look Like?

Obviously, there won’t be armies coming together in separate geographic locations. During the original Civil War, the sides were clearly marked and grouped together. The civil war they have planned for us today will have combatants intermingled. That will sow chaos unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

There is likely to be domestic terrorism. And no, I’m not talking about the FBI’s current definition. I’m referring to real domestic terrorism, and there will be no way to know for sure if it really is the action of Trump supporters or false flags put forth by the Deep State to implicate Trump supporters.

We will see neighbor-vs-neighbor fights over political ideology. It’s already happening, of course, but it will get far worse as the division they’re stoking gets hotter and hotter.

There will be battles between the federal government and some states. Those governors and state legislatures that are truly willing to fight for the people — and unfortunately that list won’t include all red states — will do what they can to sue the White House and its departments. They will sign executive orders and pass legislation. We may get some wins for the sake of federalism, but we may also suffer some major losses. It’s hard to know how that will play out just yet.

But as more Americans are put on lists and the so-called risk of “domestic terrorism” rises in the form of fearmongering narratives, we will se more 4am raids on patriots. It won’t just be the high-profile targets like Roger Stone or Peter Navarro. They will be hitting as many average Joe Americans as possible. We’ve seen what happens when nations embrace this police state authoritarianism and the United States is showing major signs of following suit. The jackboots are coming.

We could be in for massive chaos as a result of all this. The modern day version of civil war will not be fought on battlefields but on the streets of cities and in suburban neighborhoods. All the while, the economy will continue to falter, driving even more strife, anger, and desperation.

What Should We Do?

First and foremost, those who are not born-again Christians must make the choice as soon as possible. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repent of your sins.

Then, start localizing your life. As easy as it is to just order from Amazon or run down to Costco, it behooves us to assume our local economy is the one that must be preserved as best we can. That means trading in the trip to a Walmart Supercenter for a longer drive to hit up multiple local businesses on your way to the farmers’ market.

This serves two purposes. First, your money is going to those around you, those who can be allies if things really do hit the fan. Second, it allows you the opportunity to make friends with people who can help you in the future, or who you can help if you can. There was a time not too long ago when buying food directly from a local farmer was common. There was a time not too long ago when people bought their supplies from their neighbors who happened to own businesses. We need to connect more with the people around us and less with people on social media.

Make family, friends, and allies aware of the need to get prepared. That doesn’t necessarily mean warning them that we’re on the verge of civil war since some will think you’re crazy, but talking about supply chain concerns or food shortages is an easy gateway through which we can start the conversations.

Find local groups to join, churches to support, and organizations to harness. It’s important that everyone with the means must do what they can to prevent themselves from being beholden to government. With dependency comes oppression, and those who are dependent and oppressed will not be great freedom fighters. Readers can get some great supplies, food, ammunition, precious metals, and other important items at our preparedness page.

Arguably the most important thing to do now is to keep your eyes open and to not lose hope. Those who have read their Bibles know that we’re either going to be victorious now if we’re not in the end times or victorious in the end if we are. Stay frosty. Stay hopeful. Stay strong.

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