Another Big Pharma Destroyed Career

Just listening to Dr Judy Mikovits you can appreciate the depth of her knowledge from a lifetime of research. When her work began to expose the corruption of Big Pharma, she was shut down in a truly vindictive manner. You can hear the whole story on this 1h50m tape, which is well worth your while if you like to understand what is going on.

She confirms what Robert Kennedy Jr, dr Shiva Aadurai, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Rashid Buttar & other knowledgeable, honourable & risk-taking specialists have confirmed. The proposed vaccine is more than risky, it is a distinct threat to your long-term health and wellbeing. Already millions of Americans & Europeans have suffered from rare and terrible cancers and such, from the long-ago polio vaccine.

Even the common flu vaccine is fraught with peril, as Dr Mikovits will explain.

The clear evidence will tell you that you must resist the planned MANDATORY vaccination at all and any cost. Your good health is worth too much to you, and the Gates vaccination has absolutely no upside to it.

One would normally say, enjoy the video, but the truth is too tragic for that.


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