Another Credible Voice Supports China Origin

The truth will always find a way eventually. We have been aware for months, that Covid-19 was developed in a Wuhan laboratory, that is why I prefer to call it the China virus. The propaganda directed by Fauci, the WHO and the other Masters of the Universe, will never admit to the truth. Again, their agenda has been clear for quite a while.

The virus will cause a problem, which we see is like a severe flu. This will not be sufficient to allow the world to be manipulated. Hence the need to create a climate of fear. This is the reason for lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks and the destruction of the world’s economies.

With this never-ending climate of fear, people become desperate for a way out. Enter Gavi, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. The vaccine saviours, are led by Bill Gates, through the Gates Foundation. They donated $4 billion to set up this alliance and Gates is openly promoting the vaccination of the world’s 7.8 billion people.

A minimum cost of $100 per vaccine has been mooted, and at least two doses will be required. That is a nice $156 billion, with say a 20% profit, totalling $31 billion.

Several countries and agencies have been proposing mandatory vaccination. There is no question that this agenda will be pushed by the World Changers. You can read on many sites, that herd immunity will not suffice, and everyone must be vaccinated to ensure we are all protected.

In the worst case, you are looking at something remarkably similar to the Biblical 666. This will be in the world of the Antichrist, when you will not be able to buy, sell, work or travel without the Mark. This is not speculation, but indeed what is being postulated as an essential course of action.

The whole second wave story, and intense reporting of any areas of further outbreak, is simply to keep the fear alive, and to get you so fed up you will be welcoming the vaccine.

In the following article, Professor Giuseppe Tritto has nailed his colours to the mast, and now we await the “fake news” cry from the establishment, which will serve to confirm the accuracy of his views.

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