As Always US Covert Ops In Ukraine, Multiple Dangerous Biolabs

Is there is more to the Ukraine/Russia conflict than meets the eye?


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At around 7am UK time today, in a now deleted twitter thread, Clandestine, who’s twitter account is now suspended, tweeted an interesting perspective on the Ukraine situation which we won’t be seeing on corporate media.  Have a read and let us know your thoughts.

Clandestine’s (@WarClandestine) twitter thread retrieved from Thread Reader App

1) HOLY SHIT! I think I may be onto something about Ukraine.
Zelensky said the Russians are firing at “military installations”. How broad is that term?
I am seeing speculation that could include US installed biolabs.
At first, I was like no way.
Then I started digging.

2) First, I checked if the US even have biolabs in Ukraine. Turns out… we do. And in classic US fashion, it’s marketed as “defence”.

“Biological Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine”.
Studying the “most dangerous viruses in the world” at Russia’s border.

3) Okay so we are studying the world’s most deadly pathogens at Russia’s border. It’s just for defence. Not that big of a deal, right?
WRONG. I didn’t know this until today, but Russia has been accusing US of creating “bio-weapons” at their border. WHAT!

4) And they have good reason to believe that, as the US NIH funded gain of function in Wuhan, then C19 “got out” and it ruined the world.
Russia AND CHINA asked the UN for the US/allies to be “checked and limited” in bio capabilities 4 months ago! WHAT!

China and Russia indirectly (and correctly) blamed the US for the C19 outbreak, and are fearful that the US/allies have more viruses (bioweapons) to let out.
THIS IS MASSIVE. Yet I’m disturbed that I hadn’t known about this 4 months ago.

6) So how does that pertain to Ukraine?
Well where in Ukraine are the “explosions” taking place.
Here’s a reported explosion in Lutsk.
This is 75 miles inland in far western Ukraine. The opposite border of Russia…
What does this have to do with Crimea/Donetsk in the east?

Explosion reported in Lutsk, Ukraine, which is less than 75 miles from the border of Poland, PM Breaking News, 24 February 2022

7) Reportedly Kiev has seen missile strikes as well. At their airports and military installations.
Kiev is also on the western side of Ukraine. Also, a city the US GOV have confirmed the US have built biolabs in.

Explosions in the outskirts of Kiev, 24 February 2022

8) Putin also continues to call it a “special military operation”.
Says he wants to demilitarise and “denazify” the country but not occupy it. What does he mean by that? What is he really targeting?

Paul Sonne, National Security for the Washington Post, 24 February 2022

9) Yes, I know he targeted airports and military capabilities; but if Putin really believes, as his admin has stated publicly multiple times, that the US are creating bio weapons at Russia’s borders, then this entire situation could be WAY bigger.

10) I’m not sure what is going on but in the past 4 months, Russia and China accused the US of creating bioweapons at their borders and none of us heard about it and our media wrote it off as “disinformation” and largely didn’t report on it other than to call it a conspiracy theory.
For all of this to make sense, you must be privy to the reality that the US NIH did indeed create C19 in Wuhan. Which has been largely accepted as the reality and confirmed in the emails between Collins and Fauci.
I broke down their official NIH emails released by Congress

[Breakdown source material between America’s top scientists and health officials @NIH , recently made available via FOIA, Clandestine twitter thread, 18 January 2022 (see attached below).]

If you respond or quote tweet me, get the hashtag going and see if we can trend it.

We need a reporter to ask Biden admin or international reporters to ask their admins what they know about the US Biolabs in Ukraine.
Here’s an overlap of reported missile strike locations and the biolab locations. Since the top map was made, more missiles hit Lviv as well.
It certainly appears Putin is targeting the cities and locations with US biolabs present.
He is 100% going after the alleged bioweapons.

We have also attached a copy of Clandestine’s twitter thread “HOLY SHIT! I think I may be onto something about Ukraine,” dated 24 February 2022, below for reference purposes in the event Thread Reader App removes it.


  1. Liz

    I believe there’s more than it meets the eye.

    • Carleen

      No doubt about it!! 👀🤯

  2. Jedarc

    Wow. Why are there people thinking what is happening in the Ukraine is false or calling Putin a hero saying that he’s taking out the new world order and bioweapons labs and what the media is showing is false. How do people become so deluded? I have friends in the Ukraine, it’s real. Stop the conspiracy theories. So tired of it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about what WE believe , but what Putin believes
      What did any of this say that denied ANYTHING that the media has Shown ?
      When the Media lies DAILY for YEARS you stop believeing ANYTHING they SAY
      This article never mentions the NWO once , so why are you ?
      This is just pointing out alot of coinsadense, and lists the Claims made by Russia, and China
      IF Putin believes this it could vary well be the catalist for the attack. The last straw if you will
      Nowhere does this claim Putin is a hero ,or the attack is false
      The WHY is missing from this attack
      Putin is not dumb enough to lead Russia back to financial ruin to gain a bombed out Ukraine
      He claimed he was Not going to occupy ukraine.
      If true
      He will face lasting monitary struggles to end up with nothing more than Practice for he forces?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but I hope you wake up to the reality soon and claim your sovereignty. What difference does it make, I have friends in UKraine too. This is their opportunity for freedom from oppression.

  3. anonymous

    I highly doubt this story is true. First of all, the last thing anyone would want to do is fire at a bio-lab as that would only spread disease. Also, if the military was attacking bio-labs there would be large numbers of animals escaping the lab, which again is something that would have to be avoided at all costs. Not to mention all personnel would have to wear special protective equipment and a mobile containment unit would be needed to secure the contents of the lab. It would be a huge undertaking and require highly trained medical experts. I think this story seems too far-fetched to be true.

    • Neville

      Well there certainly are biolabs scattered around Ukraine & apparently under US control. The issue is what steps Russia plans to take. They will know not to blow them up & scatter pathogens but they do have weaponry to incinerate them, thus destroying everything at once. Personally I would be happy if they obliterated them all. They are only being used everywhere to prepare more bioweapons to keep the depopulation agenda on track.

    • Yo mama

      Ummmm…. well how about we drop a bomb on your house and see how many dogs,cats and you come running out of it.


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