The Most Definitive Talk on Vaccines

The interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr has been on my FB for a while. I have never been a Kennedy fan, but this interview is clearly spoken from the heart with no agenda. Like me, Kennedy just wants to get a message out, & this one is totally insightful & alarming. If you ignore everything else, you will still be fully informed from this.

I have added my FB summary which may persuade you watch the Kennedy interview.

Robert Kennedy Junior interview on London Real.

I implore you to at least read my comments, which took me four hours of listening & noting for YOU.If you or extended family have children, or take flu shots, you absolutely must read & preferably watch the 2h 5m video. I am afraid that you will find it very distressing. Kennedy was persuaded to investigate vaccines by mothers of autistic children & found a horrendous story of real risk & disastrous outcomes.Vaccines were causing harm & litigation costs were ten times the profit margin. Manufacturers were going to stop making them unless they were protected from liability.• In 1989 US Congress passed a law giving them immunity from liability for injury.They knew of the horrendous side effects & in fact they are listed on the vaccines. If they are not listed, then they can be sued for injury.• From 1989, no safety tests were ever done, as it takes 5 years for double-blind studies.• Known side effects from vaccines include 420 diseases which became epidemic from 1989.These include Autism, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, tics, narcolepsy, SIDS, Tourettes syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis, Guillain Barre’ syndrome & even peanut allergy.• Vaccines are mandatory so there are no marketing costsWith 78 million US children, market is huge & costs are low hence massive profit.• Pre 1989 most people had 3 vaccines, now there are 72• Each vaccine has $1 billion profit in US alone.• Pre-1989, 1 in 1,000 children were autistic now its 1 in 34 & 1 in 22 for boys.• Pre-1989, 1 in 1,200 had food allergies, now its 1 in 12.Pharmaceutical Industry, “Big Pharma” exercises great control over politicians because of campaign funding & 1,000’s of lobbyists acting on their behalf. Big Pharma pays double what the next biggest contributor to Congress does. Any politician speaking out against vaccines will not be able to withstand the pressures against him.Many institutions were set up, in the Western world, to protect children from greedy corporations. They have all become captive agencies. e.g. 50% of European Health Agency budget & of FDA budget, comes from Big PharmaCentre for Disease Control, CDC, is now one of the biggest vaccine distributors in the world. They distribute $4.9 billion of vaccines annually, which is half of its budget. It is integrated with the FDA, hence it’s another fox watching the henhouse.CDC, FDA & NIH all own vaccine patents, which is where the real profit comes from, totalling tens of millions of dollars annually. The WHO gets over 50% of its budget from Big Pharma. Bill Gates contributes 10% of the WHO budget as he is the biggest vaccine producer.This should wake you up as to why Gates, Fauci & the WHO are pushing to vaccinate the whole world against China Virus. Fox News which is one of the few US networks not controlled by the Democratic Party, cannot allow anyone on their show who will talk about this subject. Reason is because Rupert Murdoch, the owner of many networks, is a major vaccine producer. The bulk of the revenue from all news network advertising, comes from Big Pharma. At times it can be 70% of the revenue, and all of it pushing drugs & vaccines, alarming people on how important your flu shot is etc.You should be getting a picture now of what a massive coverup is taking place. I have been on about Big Pharma for ten years, but people think I am following the conspiracy theorists. I spend hours of research trying to avoid that.There are 273 vaccines awaiting approval in addition to the 72 in use. Be prepared to be assailed by how critical they all are for your health.Apart from vaccines, the 20 biggest blockbuster drugs sold, are mainly to treat the very diseases caused by the vaccines in the first place. This brings in a further $500 billion in revenue.The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper. Last few things I want to say are:• Bill Gates has publicly stated that his intention is to vaccinate the world. If you do not take the vaccine you cannot enter public spaces, buildings, schools & obviously transport. You are permanently locked down without a job. Might not happen but it is the GOAL. • Next is Kennedy’s take on 5G. That is a very informed & hugely frightening assessment.• Finally, there is a personal segment speaking of Kennedy’s family values & clearing the air on the assassination of JFK & Bobby Kennedy, his father.

The tape is 2h 05m long, but the vaccination part is 1h 16m long & worth every minute.

He then brings some alarming insight into 5G, which is not about radiation, but as with vaccines, it’s about control

His last section brings insight into the assassinations of his uncle JF Kennedy & his father Robert Kennedy. Due to his wealth of high level connections, that we have no access to, he is able to confirm what the CIA calls conspiracy theorists, have always believed. With compelling evidence I may add.


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