Countless Examples Vaxxed More At Risk Than Unvaxxed Still They Demand More Vaxx

The World Gone Mad: The Covid Vaccine Derangement Syndrome

Last Friday the government of the United Kingdom began administering a fourth Covid shot to its citizens.

That makes it four Covid injections in barely 11 months.

As a result, now you can encounter the quadruply jabbed walking around England.

The fourth shot, however, is not the last one. Apparently, there are many more to come.

The UK government now recommends that those 18 and over take a shot every three months.

This is not a joke. Watch the British Health Secretary solemnly conveying this news to the Parliament.

You would think that the UK government is doing this because these shots work, but the opposite is, in fact, the case.

A highly vaccinated country with an inoculation rate of 70 percent, Britain has been suffering from Covid surges.

Worse yet, the vaccinated fall seriously ill and die at higher rates than the unvaccinated. Eighty percent of hospitalizations and deaths in the UK have recently been among the double and triple vaxxed.

The failure of multiple doses of Covid vaccines to protect the British population from Covid 19 could not be more obvious.

And yet the British government is intent on doing more of the same.

Why would anyone take the fourth shot from the same people who have already given out three shots that failed to do the job?

Do you still remember when we were told that the injections were 95 percent effective? We were told that if we would take them, we would be safe and get our lives back.

Well, how did this one work out for us?

Someone defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

By this definition the British government has gone insane.

Unbelievably, this government is led by so-called conservatives who are supposed to be the reasonable ones unlike, you know, those crazy woke leftists.

For their part these “conservatives” are pretending to be cool and measured about the whole thing. Last week, Oliver Dowden co-chairman of the conservative party claimed that the government does not wish to mandate vaccines. He then added there will be no vaccine mandates if people take their boosters voluntarily.

The man really said that, and he was not joking. These are his words: “It’s not something [mandates] we want or plan to do in the UK… as long as people, when they get the call up, take the booster.”

The Brits who do not wish to take the vaccines at this time can be much reassured: their government will not force them to take the shots as long as they agree to take them of their own will.

Up until now, most people were pretty much done with their vaccinations by the age of 16 or so. Now they are supposed to get vaccinated four times per year

The madness of inoculating healthy adults every three months should be obvious to all. Even more astonishingly, this frequent and apparently perennial vaccinating is against one and the same disease.

This disease also happens to have a survival rate of more than 99.6 percent for those under 70 years of age. The survival rates of healthy active individuals of productive age are greater still.

Whatever this is, it not a sane vaccination program. This is sheer madness in a world where things have gone topsy-turvy.

It is even more crazy to vaccinate children against this disease, since it poses virtually no threat to them. The chance of a healthy child succumbing to Covid-19 are nearly three times less than being struck by lightning. And this is a conservative estimate.

According to a recent study out of Germany, no healthy German child in the 5 to 18 years demographic died of Covid in the first 15 months of the pandemic. This is how dangerous Covid has been to children.

And yet the British government is intent on vaccinating children along with everyone else.

But it is not only the British government that has gone insane. Many other governments have gone likewise, forcing people to take injections that have obviously failed.

In Austria – a country that has a 65 percent vaccination rate and that is suffering record Covid surges – they have imposed a lockdown on the unvaccinated and plan to make Covid injections mandatory starting February of next year.

The proposed penalty for non-compliance is a fine of 3,600 Euro or one month in jail.

This is the punishment for those who fail to take the ineffective and dangerous shot.

A number of other European countries are considering similar measures.

In Europe, as well as in other places around the world, “successful” vaccination drives – in which the majority of the population gets injected – have been often followed by widespread Covid outbreaks.

In a sane world, these governments – seeing the injections do not work – would cease administering them.

But rather than doing the logical thing, the governments are doing the exact opposite: they are doubling down on the failed approach and moving toward vaccination mandates.

We propose that this phenomenon be called the Covid Vaccine Derangement Syndrome (CVDS).

The CVMS is a malady that afflicts those in charge who force the Covid vaccines upon their fellow citizens despite the clear evidence they do not work.

Even one year ago, one would think that the CVDS could only exist in some dystopian novel.

Today it is the reality of our lives.



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