Criminals Driving the Covid Agenda

Dr David E Martin is an incredibly well informed, authentic, totally trustworthy, and lucid communicator. His organisation has delved deeper into serious issues than any other organisation may be capable of. The main issue here is the criminal misuse and abuse of Patent Law, by high-level officials promoting the Covid scare. Later in the 2h 20m video, he gets into the arena of global manipulation, and this is a highly illuminating, totally distressing expose’.

If you decide to watch the whole video it will take you so deep down the rabbit hole you may never return. Be prepared to see the world as it really is and the biblical days of the Antichrist will appear to be just a progression of the present.

Reports were coming out in 2003 of patents being taken out for manipulation of the Corona virus. In 2019 more patents were being taken out on what was called a Novel coronavirus. There were also documents reporting on patents for a deliberate, Beta coronavirus release, in September 2019.

This same pattern was observed in 2003 during the anthrax scare.

Models from David Martin’s organisation showed the likely area for a corona virus outbreak would be Wuhan China, Northern Italy, New York, or Seattle. This was based on published works, showing bats in these areas with a propensity for likely transmission of the beta coronavirus.

What transpired, is that the outbreak occurred in all four of these predicted areas.

The fingerprints of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Ralph Barrick, Shi Zhengli and the CDC were all over every coronavirus crime scene. The CDC lied repeatedly to the American public, while trying to patent the coronavirus, which cannot legally be done. They were turned down by the patent office several times, until they paid the patent office examiner to overrule the decision not to approve the patent.

This was done because they knew that a federal agency was going to release massive funding for coronavirus studies. Eventually, this enabled the CDC to control all the funding going into this research, which should have been in the public domain.

When the CDC had full control, they brought in all their co-conspirators including the NIH, the NIAID, funding sources etc. In 2012/2013 it became apparent, that the research was taking a dangerous course. The NIH then called for a moratorium on the gain of function research. (Effectively the weaponizing of the coronavirus). United States taxpayer dollars were then appropriated to continue the dangerous research in China. From 2013 to 2017, Dr Ralph Barrick at the University of North Carolina, collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of virology in China. Whilst this weaponizing of the SARS virus was going on, Anthony Fauci was signing the cheques.

All this time the CDC was complicit with the researchers.

There is no independent fact checker in the mainstream media. There are only opinion curators who determine what narrative is allowed in the public domain. This is a critical issue, as it explains why every opinion outside that of the conspirators, is automatically shut down.

Due to the joint experimentation between the US and China, in Wuhan, it cannot be claimed that either China or the US released the virus. What is clear, is that they jointly released the virus, but no one has asked that question.

Around the 1h 50m area the narrative changes from totally provable facts, to highly probable conjecture. This is an exceptionally interesting section as it goes into why the virus was jointly released. The answer lies somewhat beyond the inductive capability of many people. This is what will lead you into the murky, dark world of the global conspirators. It deals with the frightening reality of how the world is controlled. It also demonstrates, that outside the 0.1%, we are all pawns in a political game, in which we have neither influence nor choice.

The tragedy is, that the total horror the world has been subjected to with the release of the virus, was to enable the globalist industrial powers to maintain their primacy, while the new World Order takes shape. More potential horror awaits, as the vaccine agenda is still being enforced.

As always, I present this brief synopsis as many people will overload with a long, factual video.

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  1. Good morning Neville,

    Congratulations on your very informative blog. I believe very much as you do. However I believe the “bat & wet market”story has no foundation. Corona has been around for at least 10 years & Tony Fauci’s collaboration with the lab. in Wuhan, I believe signifies that the pandemic was engineered & planned ( not to mention that he has patents on the “corona envelope”) in preparation for a vaccine. I still have to view the video, which I will enjoy.

    Blessings to you & Margaret,


  2. Thank you Neville. That was a great interview on London Real with David Martin. So much information on the background to Covid.