Cures For Covid, Take Note, These Are Trustworthy

Povidone Iodine and hydrogen peroxide diluted nasal-oral washes kills the COVID virus in the nostrils and oral cavity; also, suggested BA4/BA5 treatment protocols for your doctor (Rapiti/Cadegiani)

Give to your doctor please.

Povidone iodine program to kill the virus in the nostrils and oral cavity:

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put that in a bulb syringe, stick it up your nose & washout each nostril 2x. Swish and spit orally, twice a day, and when you go outside and return; No swallowing; use hydrogen peroxide diluted if no PI or you cannot stand the bitter taste

Research suggests that PI or HP will kill most viruses we are in contact with…again, no swallow, and you dilute to taste. swish and spit orally, and Q tip bulb cleaning out nostrils etc. as far as can go.

We have added PI to the early treatment regimen at the top box if you look carefully for in some sense, if this is done routinely, one can argue there may be no need for early treatment and you can effectively stave off COVID and cold virus etc. routinely. Completely. Hydrogen peroxide (and there are oral versions too I have seen at least one) is used by some who find PI too bitter, but remember, no swallow and you dilute it.

This can be purchased OTC. Oral dental surgeons etc. cam forward and informed us they use similar programs before COVID to clean nostrils and mouths as they are inside people mouths daily in surgery and they use this as their own protection. Keeps them safe. We then dug further and studied it and boy, had we known earlier, this would have been out there to help protect more, even before early treatment. It defies logic why public health will not tell people these solutions that saves lives including for vitamin D.

“Can povidone iodine gargle/mouthrinse inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and decrease the risk of nosocomial and community transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic? An evidence-based update”

Aditi Chopra 1Karthik Sivaraman 2Raghu Radhakrishnan 3Dhanasekar Balakrishnan 2Aparna Narayana 2

Enhanced treatment on FLCCC for BA.4 & BA.5 variants:

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  1. Allen

    The problem here is there is no covid so why keep mentioning this its a rebranding of the cold flu hey fever and no cure for this yet

    • Neville

      Yes Allen, it never was about the mystic virus but the spike protein bioweapon is what does the damage & it seems it lodges in the nasal passage & eventually can connect to the lungs. I’ve never worn a mask because its otherwise a flu as you say. Iv’e been taking the C,D,Zn route all along.


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