Delayed Vaxx Deaths Allow Facts to be Hidden For Now

FOUR TIMES More Unvaxxed People Are Dying Than Vaxxed, DEPOPULATION Effects Are Kicking in and the Bodies Are PILING UP

Data released from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) suggests that for every one person who dies from the Chinese virus and are unvaxxed, at least four vaccinated people die.

According to the data, 82 percent of reported wu-flu deaths, occur after the people have received shots, despite the manufacturers claiming that the “vaccines” prevent 90% of deaths.

The Office for National Statistics released a report in September, stating that during that month, the vast majority of those who died after testing “positive” for the rona, were fully vaccinated. Vaccinated people are dying at a ratio of 4, 8:1 to unvaxxed people.

Vaccine Surveillance Report data that had been gathered over three months, showed that vaccine-induced immunity was pathetically weak and the little immunity it does give, disappears very quickly.

In the UKHSA’s Week 45 report, it showed that the high mortality rates in those that had been vaxxed was “expected”, and that the “vaccines” themselves were destroying people’s immune systems, giving them immunodeficiency disorders, similar to AIDS but vaccine-induced.

Because “vaccines” are killing people later rather than sooner, most cases don’t even get reported because of it – allowing the skewing of data.

The picture UKHSA is portraying to the media and general public, is the exact opposite to what their own data shows. They are continuously lying about unvaxxed people being the people who are dying in hospitals, when there’s no evidence backing up this claim.

There are three phases of vaccine mortality. These phases have various adverse reactions that happen within specific time frames. Through the phases, the “vaccines” chip away at the immune system, causing further damage and more severe disorders.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is a phenomenon where the presence of antibodies exacerbates the disease. This is what is being experienced in this phase two time frame after vaccination. ADE is usually seen in a few infections – the most prevalent being dengue and includes some types of coronavirus.

It’s not until phase two in the three phases of vaccine mortality – being between one month and twelve months – that ADE kicks in. Making this a slow process, eventually killing the person once their immune system is completely destroyed.

A report from The Exposé about UKHSA’s data release stated that, “Deaths dramatically increased, above the five year average, two months after the Covid injection campaign was launched.”

“Anyone who propagates the mantra ‘the vaccine is safe and effective’ is not being truthful. Anyone who encourages, coerces or forces an experimental medical procedure onto another is committing or aiding and abetting ‘wounding with intent … Corporate media is spreading misinformation and disinformation – turn off the TV, neuro-linguistic programming is being used against you.”

Around the world, countries who have high vaccination rates are starting to experience huge amounts of those who have been vaxxed, either suffering severe side effects or dying.

In New Zealand,  since their Pfizer “vaccine” rollout under the Communist Labour Party government, New Zealanders are dying in droves after they’ve received the vax.

Considering the low number of CCP Virus deaths in New Zealand, being only at 27 people in total after over 18 months, the amounts of deaths that have occurred closely after a China virus jab, far outnumber those who died from the virus itself. The NZ media (who are largely government funded) either gloss over those news reports, or just don’t report them at all.

In the not too distant future, the amount of death and destruction related to these dangerous drugs are going to overwhelm the media to the point they will no longer be able to hide it.

Unfortunately by then, for a large part of the world’s population, it will be far too late.


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