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Never Forgive or Forget the Enablers of the Destructive Covid Panic

After nearly two years of America pursuing politically motivated policies to “eradicate” an unstoppable respiratory virus, an increasing number of liberal politicians, commentators, and publications have begun to speak out about the failures and human cost of lockdowns and the vaccine/mask mandates.  They, along with many on the right, are applauding those who now claim that government Covid policy was a “catastrophic moral crime.”

Who are these charlatans that are embarking on a campaign to exonerate themselves from their complicity in a “catastrophic moral crime”?   Many of them were at the forefront of spreading ideologically motivated lies.  The bureaucrats, the politicians, and the Democrat party mouthpieces in the corporate media lied about the virus because they believed that honesty would not generate sufficient fear and trepidation in the overall population to justify the institution of a quasi-police state and the unconstitutional revamping of election law in key states.

These are the people who 22 months ago chose to ignore statistics from Italy and other countries, as well as the writings of world-renowned scientists that refuted the fictitious justification for mass societal lockdowns.  Instead, they reflexively regurgitated any and all government-sponsored falsehoods.  Further, they mindlessly continued to do so during the entirety of the pandemic.

Regardless of the actual data or the human cost, they marched in lockstep to whatever the leftist-dominated federal medical bureaucracy and the self-serving Democrat party hierarchy declared as being indisputable.

These are the people who vociferously condemned, ostracized, and demanded censorship of those medical professionals and conservative journalists that knew not to trust the media and the medical bureaucracy and who shouted from the rooftops that the nation had embarked on a calamitous course.  The social media oligarchs, soon to disavow their part in the “catastrophic moral crime,” played their role in making certain that dissenting voices, particularly in the medical community, were irrevocably silenced.

Had 2020 not been a presidential election year and Donald Trump not been the incumbent, the lies, the lockdowns, the unwarranted closure of schools, the suppression of existing therapeutics, the deliberate obfuscation of deaths due to Covid-19, the premeditated erosion of individual liberties, the unending decrees and the near-criminal mandates for a one-size-fits-all experimental vaccine with unknown long-term side effects would not have happened.

The underlying motivation of the unhinged reaction to Covid-19 was the fanatical determination by the ruling elites to defeat at any cost, including historically unprecedented lockdowns and massive election fraud, Donald Trump, and his populist movement.  A movement that represented an existential threat to their quest for political hegemony.  The potential damage spawned by this obsession and any resultant catastrophic carnage to the nation and the lower and middle classes was never considered.

Unthinkingly succumbing to the never-ending fear-mongering, far too many on the right and the Republican Party, by default, also aided and abetted this endgame.

Myopically focused on defeating Trump, the ruling elites apparently refused to believe that the radical left had transformed the Democrat party that now controls both houses of Congress.   Their hand-picked nominee for president has revealed himself to be, unsurprisingly if they had studied his history, the most corrupt, dangerous, addled, and self-serving president in American history.  The first year of the Biden presidency and the Democrat-controlled Congress has been an unmitigated national disaster.

The end-product of the calculated politicization and exploitation of a respiratory virus is the nearly endless litany of damage done to the American people and this nation.

Among them are:
  1. The permanent closure of nearly 40% of all small businesses in the United States;
  2. The 50% increase in attempted suicides by teens;
  3. The record-setting rise in drug overdose deaths;
  4. The inconceivable long-term toll on children’s mental health and learning;
  5. The dramatic increase in the total national debt which stood at $22.7 Trillion at the end of 2019, is currently $29.8 Trillion (a 27% increase);
  6. The death of untold thousands due to being unable to access medical services and screening during the lockdowns as well as an ongoing dramatic and unexplained increase in excess mortality not due to Covid;
  7. The unchecked inflation rate hitting a 40-year high and empty store shelves rampant throughout the country as the supply chain has been deliberately fractured with vaccine mandates and new regulatory impediments;
  8. The greatest transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the elites in human history as American billionaires gained over $2.1 trillion in new wealth (or a 70% increase in a mere 18 months);
  9. The wide-open southern border which has resulted in nearly 2 million illegal immigrants flocking to the United States in less than one year;
  10. The loss of faith and confidence in the nation’s elections as nearly 60% of Americans believe the 2020 election was riddled with fraud;
  11. The unfathomable stumbles in foreign affairs as personified by the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has created a new safe haven for terrorists, the obeisance to Communist China allowing them free rein to achieve global hegemony, and the green light to Russia to dominate Europe.  This potentially relegates the United States to the status of a second-tier global power and, more devastatingly, the U.S. Dollar eventually losing its status as the world’s reserve currency.

None of the above, including the election of Joe Biden, would have been possible without the full-throated support of many of those who are now decrying the carnage created by the historically unprecedented response to Covid-19.  Their transformation and verbiage ring hollow and their responsibility for what has and will happen to the citizens of the United States will never be erased.  They should have known better, they should have realized that they were but mere pawns for the ruling elites, they should have done their own research, and they should have had the interest of the nation and not themselves first and foremost in their hearts.

Their future half-hearted apologies will never be accepted.

Photo credit: Brinacor (cropped) CC BY-SA 4.0 license

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