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Medical doctor reveals CENSORED COVID statistics mainstream media is hiding from you

(NaturalHealth365)  “We have a pandemic of fear, not a pandemic of the virus.”  Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet is by far not the only person who feels this way.  Every day more people wake up to the realization that something is going terribly wrong, especially in our hospitals.  By now, it is well-established that COVID patients ending up on a ventilator face extremely low chances of survival.  Yet, despite the horrendous outcome, hospitals actively use policies and protocols to push people to ventilation.

Many are also aware that patients showing up in emergency rooms with COVID are systematically denied safe and effective early treatment options.  Instead of receiving the care they need, patients are sent home and told to return when they get worse.  Sadly, most doctors and healthcare workers go along with the injustices inside the institutions, widening the gap between healthcare and public trust.

But thankfully, not all doctors stay silent.  Dr Vliet is one such provider whose courage to speak up may help save lives.

CENSORED: Brave doctor exposes the “COVID death rate” deception mainstream media uses to create fear and drive the pandemic

Watch this video to learn the details of Dr Vliet’s shocking explanation. 52 minutes

Censored COVID Statistics | Medical Doctor Speaks Out 

Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 brings you another eye-opening video interview, exposing critical, censored COVID statistics with Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, the President, and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation.

During the interview, she shares many eye-opening facts about the so-called pandemic, pointing out some of the apparent inconsistencies and atrocities that take place every day.  For instance, starting in March 2020, the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reclassified COVID deaths and coached healthcare providers on how to report them.  The CDC pushed hard to make sure people dying from gunshot, heart attack, cancer, or other tragic causes be counted as COVID deaths. So naturally, this “coaching” raises questions about the validity of the reported COVID death numbers.

But why are doctors going along with this fraud?

Hospital madness: Doctors have no freedom of speech, patients’ rights are violated

According to Dr Vliet, 85-90 percent of physicians are employed by large groups and health systems.  When doctors become part of these organizations, they are heavily controlled by the leadership.  They have no freedom of speech and are directed by administrators with no medical background.  Doctors are told what medications they can and cannot use and even what information they can share with their patients about the COVID injections.

This high degree of control is one of the reasons why so many people die from COVID.  Doctors are kept in line and denied the opportunity to make their own treatment decisions.  There have been countless incidences of physicians being blocked from using medications that could effectively treat patients at home, in the outpatient setting.

Reality too difficult to face: Hospitals use the PCR test to inflate case numbers and cash in on “fake” COVID admissions

Dr Vliet explains how the medical establishment used – and continues to use – the PCR test to falsely diagnose people with COVID and keep the case numbers inflated.  Let’s remember, according to Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, his test should NEVER be used to diagnose disease.  But sadly, this notion was ignored from the very beginning, as the mainstream media and the pharmaceutical-medical establishment used testing as the vehicle to keep the pandemic in motion, in support of the narrative to justify unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates.

How did they do it?

First, the PCR test should have never been used to diagnose COVID.  Second, by changing the amplification rate of the test, the rate of false positives was manipulated.  For instance, if you run the PCR test at 25 cycles, false-positive rates are around 30-40 percent. If, however, the test is run at 45 cycles, the false-positive rates jump to 80-90 percent.  Even today, many hospital ERs still use 45 cycles to run these tests, pushing up the false positives, landing patients in “COVID care units.”

Why would hospitals do this?  While we can only speculate all the reasons, one thing is for sure: they get generously compensated for:

  • every single person they admit with a COVID diagnosis
  • for putting patients on Remdesivir
  • for placing patients on a ventilator

Undoubtedly, we live in extraordinary times.  Staying healthy by supporting a strong immune system is more important than ever before.  Thankfully, we can take charge of our health, by focusing on boosting the immune systems and staying out of the hospital.

Watch this video (above) from the beginning till the end for some important information and share it far and wide with family and friends.

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