Fauci Death Mandate Remdesivir & Ventilator

NER: We have known for a while that hospitals are paid $39,000 if they put a $13,000 Covid patient on a ventilator. Hospital administrators then apply this as often as possible. To avoid overloading the ventilators, Fauci mandated Remdesivir as the ONLY drug to be administered for Covid. This got rid of 25% through kidney failure, leaving the rest for the ventilators.

‘This is a death sentence:’ Lawyer blasts doctors who use standard COVID protocols

‘If you are a doctor, if you were practicing in the hospital and if you are part of this, we’re going to hold you accountable.’
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TUCSON, Arizona (LifeSiteNews) — As testimonies of people being denied proper healthcare for COVID infection in America’s hospitals mount, attorneys are hitting back at the medical staff responsible for overseeing “death sentence” COVID treatment plans, promising justice to those responsible: “We’re going to hold you accountable.”

At the Truth for Health Foundation’s Wednesday conference exposing human rights violations in hospitals, Attorney Thomas Renz revealed that the standard protocols for COVID patients being implemented across America, including the use of remdesivir accompanied with mechanical ventilators, is “killing your loved ones.”

Renz said that remdesivir, a drug that has been widely prescribed to COVID-positive patients, has a “25.7 percent death rate” in those who were given the drug as a remedy to COVID, and “29.8 percent kidney failure or sepsis rate.”

“This is a mind-blowingly high number,” the lawyer said, especially considering the concerted effort among the scientific establishment and mass media to supress both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine “where you see basically no side effects.”

In addition, Renz recalled “the most shocking statistic” regarding standardized COVID protocols, advising that “if you’re on [a ventilator] for more than 96 consecutive hours, our statistics are showing over 84 percent death rate in the Medicare population.”

“This is staggering,” the attorney stated.

“We all know when you get to the hospital, the first thing they ask you [is] ‘are you willing to be vented?’” Renz said. “They want you vented immediately; they are pushing these vents.”

Continuing, Renz criticized hospitals as “murdering people … and they’re doing so with knowledge. They are aware that what they have doesn’t work. They’re aware of what they’re doing, and we have got to hold them accountable.”

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) authorized both remdesivir and mechanical ventilation for the treatment of COVID-19, a barrier behind which Renz said many doctors are “hiding.”

For a medic to force treatment onto a patient of sound mind who has refused to receive what is being offered constitutes battery, Renz noted. “That is absolutely a battery under about any law that I can think of.”

Renz thus stated that the continual use of remdesivir and mechanical ventilation, often against the express wishes of patients, opens up criminal cases for “intentional torts … batteries and … wrongful death, among others,” all being committed “under the guise of treatment.”

“The hospital doesn’t have the right to force you into something you don’t want … We’ve got to take a stand.”

With death rates linked to the NIH protocol as high as 85 percent, the attorney said that it would be impossible for the hospitals to be ignorant of the correlation. “They clearly know this [protocol] is a death sentence, and you need to say no to the [ventilators] and you need to fight these hospitals.”

South Carolina-based civil and constitutional rights attorney Lauren Martel agreed with Renz, pointing to “a pattern of behaviour that’s systematic across not just one hospital, but many hospitals across the country.”

“We are seeing people not having medical freedom, not having a choice, and it appears to be systematic through the hospital administration across the board,” Martel continued, cautioning against pinning the blame entirely on doctors. She explained that “it’s not the doctors that are making these decisions, but a group of people who vote within the hospital to restrict certain protocols that in symphony may actually help treat COVID-19.”

In response to the restrictions placed on patient freedom and physician freedom by hospital systems nationwide, Martel said she has already launched lawsuits based on the “Right to Try Act,” a legislative protection for critically ill patients to use therapeutic drugs not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Before invoking the Right to Try, Martel advised preparing a medical power of attorney directive, by which a patient can pre-emptively instruct hospital staff to withhold any COVID-19 protocol that involves remdesivir and a mechanical ventilator.

The Truth for Health Foundation includes a factsheet on its website to assist people in preparing to resist treatments they wish to avoid before being admitted to hospital.

Renz said that working alongside Truth for Health — for which he acts as legal counsel — he is also developing a number of lawsuits against those doctors and hospitals that he said are responsible “for killing your loved ones.” “

“We’re going to develop these cases. We can’t wait. Anybody that wants to come on board and help us with these cases, we’re looking for more attorneys,” Renz noted. “Doctors in these hospitals, this is a message for you: If you are a doctor, if you were practicing in the hospital and if you are part of this, we’re going to hold you accountable. You are murdering people.”

“It’s going to happen, maybe not be tomorrow, but it will happen. You know it. 85 percent is too high to miss.


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