Fuellmich et al Are Presenting Plandemic To The Grand Jury

Grand Jury Proceeding for Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity – A Lie Cannot Become Truth, No Matter How Often It Is Repeated


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On Saturday 5 February 2022 lawyers gave their opening statements at the Grand Jury Proceeding by the People’s Court of Public Opinion, an international natural law court.  Attorney at Law Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt from South Africa gave an opening statement on violations of international codes, the pLandemic and the false narrative of “follow the science.”

Below is the video of Ryneveldt’s opening statement and the transcript.

Grand Jury Day 1: Attorney at Law Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt (Adv.), South Africa, Opening Statement, 5 January 2022 (21 mins)

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Transcript (links contained within the text below are our own)

I am Dexter Ryneveldt a lawyer, practicing advocate, from South Africa. It is with great honour and appreciation that I present to you, members of this jury, a statement of the Court of Public Opinions opening statement.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge Loreal Malloy, Yvonne Katzanda, Tabora Monieke and Walter Mashilo, as well as all the brave Covid-19 vaccine injured witnesses, worldwide, for their kind assistance and participation.

I’m going to start off with what Thomas Paine, 200 years ago, said and it’s actually stated very eloquently:

The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.”

This statement is even more relevant today as it was 200 years ago, and will continue to be relevant for years and centuries to come.

The question posed to you, honourable members of the jury, what is the noblest cause that has been and still are being exploited since the inception of this SARS-Cov-2, Covid-19 pandemic? This is none other than the all-encompassing cause “healthy body, healthy mind” comes down to human health. We can all agree that the noblest cause is what is in the best interest of human health and how this impacts our family and friends, as well as our ability to generate an income.

The evidence presented will showcase exactly how the defendants orchestrated and manipulated this noblest cause, human health, to advance the agenda of total control and dominance on an unsuspecting populace. And how they made serious inroads into the populace constitutional and inalienable rights and freedoms.

From the onset of this pandemic, ladies and gentlemen, members of the jury, the defendants deployed and invested considerable efforts in money in the public relations actually, in a matter of fact, their public relations campaigns with the assistance of the mainstream corporate media.

They capitalise these human health concerns for their financial benefits and aspirations of total dominance and control. To their benefit, they use the catchphrase “follow the science.” This is a catchphrase that all of us are just so familiar with for whenever they [fool], they will always substantiate “let’s follow the science” – “this is what the science says” – to justify and legitimise their public health policies for the so-called “common good,” worldwide, in lockstep.

In addressing the human health concerns in respect Covid-19 the following pertinent questions must be posed, ladies and gentlemen.

The first question: what is the true nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus? Is it really novel? And if so, to what extent can we say it is novel?

The short answer to that is “no, it is not novel.”

Here the evidence from the medical and scientific experts will show, beyond any shadow of doubt, that we are not dealing with a novel virus. In a matter of fact, ladies and gentlemen, members of this jury, the SARS-CoV-2 virus can, in many ways, be regarded as a seasonal flu where its composition is very much comparable to the SARS-CoV-1 virus.

The second question that we need to pose: are there any suitable and viable medical treatments to combat the Covid-19 illness?

Without going into too many details, my learned friend advocate Dipali has clearly indicated that: yes, indeed there is alternative treatments. And not just that there are alternative treatments, but there are successful alternative treatments. And this is the evidence that will most definitely be presented to each and every one of you.

The third and final question that we need to pose in relation to this health concern is: what is the survival rate of the Covid-19 illness?

Evidence once more will show that the survival rate forecast at the onset of the pandemic was nothing more than a computerised statistical forecast used to instil fear, and I believe we are all also very much familiar with that fear that has been instilled in each and every one of us. But in reality, the survival rate is 99.5 percent. Some of the experts will also give evidence that when it comes to the survival rate it can even go as high as 99.97. The current realistic mortality rate is not even close to the computerised statistical forecasts projected. In a matter of fact, the seasonal flu is a higher mortality rate than Covid-19. Just the statement alone, ladies and gentlemen, must bring us now to a state where we need to reflect and say “was it worth it?  Was all the lockdowns, hand sanitation, social distancing – was it really worth it?”

The three questions that I just posed to you, members of the jury, bring us to the US, the United States, National Library of Medicine. This was a workshop that was conducted and it I’m going to take a quote out of this workshop, and you can search for it on the worldwide web, and it is a ‘Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases – Enabling Sustainable Capabilities Through Ongoing Public- and Private-Sector Partnerships’ in which Dr. Peter Daszak wrote to Dr. Anthony Fauci:

“Until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored … we need to increase public understanding of the need for medical counter measures [MCMs] such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond when [if] they see profit at the end of process.”

This quote in itself, ladies and gentlemen, is incriminating. It is unambiguous. it sets out the plan behind the pandemic and by a click of a button, honourable members of the jury, you can search for yourself on the worldwide web who the financial beneficiaries are of this pandemic – without any doubt it is the investors, it is the shareholders of the vaccine companies to the dismay of the populace – the average man, the average woman – with the ultimate intent to obliterate small and medium-sized businesses. The only businesses who are currently thriving financially are the pharmaceutical companies and the big tech conglomerates. We also see the direct impact it had on moms’ and pops’ shops in medium-sized companies as well.

What the statements presented to you will clearly indicate why citizens participated in the global vaccine medical experiments and the call of the vaccine participants belief system and you will hear it from the vaccine injured victims. At the core of their belief system as to why they partook in this a medical experiment is that they thought it will be in their best health interests and ultimately financial interest. So, with this set we see there is a direct connection – “I have to do it because of my health and if I don’t do it, I’m going to lose out financially, I will not be able to earn an income.” And hence why I post to you why the financial interest. If they do not participate in the experimental vaccines, they stand to lose their financial income capacity. This is nothing short of coercion and blackmail, to say the least. This is what we call, ladies and gentlemen, the “carrot and stick approach.”

The evidence presented will elucidate due ethical medical experiment processes and protocols that must always be adhered to when conducting medical experiments en masse. Medical experiments must adhere to the highest standards of medical ethics is set out in the declaration of Helsinki, the Nuremberg Code, as well as each respective countries codified legislative prescripts.

The evidence will show that, without any doubt, the declaration of Helsinki, the Nuremberg Code and the Codes of Conduct for medical experiments in each and every country were violated. In a matter of fact, it’s still being violated with this maintain a mandatory vaccine, a mandate that’s being pushed throughout the world. And this has all been done what the catchphrase “follow the science.” The evidence will show that when it comes to SARS-CoV-2, when it comes to Covid-19, it can be compared as a common flu.

The honourable members of the jury, the mRNA inventor, Dr. Robert Malone, stated on multiple alternative media platforms as to why the Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccines are dangerous and fraught with grave possible long-term sequelae, inter alia we’re talking about myocarditis, pericarditis and the evidence will clearly indicate that.

A broad overview will also be given of the medical and scientific laboratory test that has been conducted in the past on the mRNA medical technology, to date as well, and why it is not prudent to deploy the mRNA vaccines on a global scale on an unsuspecting populace.

The evidence will be corroborated by pharmacologists, toxicologists, immunologists, virologists, physiologists and biochemists, inter alia. Yet it is prudent of the evidence that will be presented by either Professor Bhakti, Professor Palmer and / or Dr. Wodarg. And I quote:

“Overall, it is apparent that the novel method of introducing genetic material into human cells via adenoviruses or adeno-associated viruses is fraught with dangerous side effects, the causes of which are not yet entirely clear. While such risk might be acceptable in otherwise incurable conditions such as spinal muscular atrophy, it is absolutely irresponsible to impose them on healthy people who have little or no risk to ever experience a severe course of Covid-19.”

Members of the jury, to fully comprehend the full extent of the plan behind the pandemic we must focus to what extent the defendants enacted the “lockstep” approach of “follow the science.” We do not have to go too far to comprehend the playbook, we can simply look at how they changed, adapted epidemiological medical and scientific definitions to suit and justify their mantra of “follow the science.”

With closer introspection we must investigate how they changed, adapted medical and scientific definitions. And the definitions we’re talking about is: pandemic; endemic; vaccines; herd immunity; and, natural immunity. Medical and scientific evidence will show how these definitions were altered, adapted to fit the defendants’ premeditated intentional criminal offence – crimes against humanity.

The adaptations of a paramount epidemiological medical and scientific definitions are criminal i.e., their “follow the science” narrative it’s not in sync with well-established epidemiological standards and practices. The evidence will clearly illustrate the discrepancies between their “follow the science” narrative and the actual well-established objective medical and scientific information in data.

Honourable members of the jury, I hereby draw your attention to a quote by Booker T. Washington:

“A lie does not become truth, wrong does not become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.”

Even if the majority for argument’s sake, and I just quickly just want to go back “by a majority” that’s the close quote, even if the majority for argument’s sake accepts the distorted medical and scientific definitions, it cannot be seen as correct and / or truthful. A mere change of medical and scientific definitions at the one, without clear unambiguous medical and scientific substantiations, cannot justify any changes at the patients and it cannot thus be seen as truth. It does not matter how many times the defendants and / or any collaborators repeat a lie – in the case, we are making reference to the media – it cannot become true.

Of the questions upper most in the minds of the populace, honourable members of the jury, is how is it that the defendants were able to make so many advancements in the roll-out of the planned pandemic and the vaccines?

Why did a considerable number of the populace fall for the defendant’s pandemic narrative to the extent where they presented themselves to be vaccinated with an experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccine?

To answer this, we have to look at the following concept – astroturfing – and I’m going to read the definition of “astroturfing” from the Merriam-Webster definition, and it reads as follows:

“Organised activity that is intended to create a false impression of a widespread, spontaneously arising, grassroots movement in support of or in opposition to something (such as a political policy) but that is in reality initiated and controlled by a concealed group or organisation (such as a corporation).”

Evidence will be led to show how the defendants and the co-conspirators drum up grassroots support and how they deployed mainstream corporate media to push the agenda of premeditated global mass murder by convincing a portion of the populace to willingly accept the experimental Covid-19 gene therapy vaccines. It will be shown that through a psychological state of large-scale mass formation, the populous mental equity was intoxicated. As a direct consequence the populace trusted the mainstream narrative even though it was utterly absurd and obviously wrong.

I leave you with a following quote from Aristotle. It encapsulates the true essence of our current state of affairs, globally. But before I go into it, this Court of Public Opinion asks you to duly consider all the evidence that will be presented in its totality. And to find it in you to see the truth for what it is. This is a plandemic and not a pandemic. And when you look at the two words “plandemic, pandemic” there is a letter that is different and that is “L”. So, what we say we will be presenting all the evidence, you will learn exactly as to why we are where we are, and as a result of that you will be confident to say: “I have learned. So, I’m going to take that capital “L” and I’m going to insert it in pandemic. This is not a pandemic, this is a plandemic.”

The evidence is clear and direct. Consequentially, the evidence presented will showcase today is sufficient prima facie evidence against all the defendants and the indictments can be and, in a matter of fact, must be issued against the defendants in their personal or professional capacities, as well as against those co-conspirators in each and every country in the world who played an instrumental role in peddling the great illusion of “follow the science.” Yes, following the science to a point of literal death.

And this is the quote from Aristotle:

“Governments which have a regard to the common interest are constituted in accordance with strict principles of justice, and are therefore true forms; but those which regard only the interest of the rulers are all defective and perverted forms, for they are despotic, whereas a state is a community of freemen.”

I thank you honourable members of the jury.

Further Resources

During the Opening Session of the Grand Jury aired live on YouTube, HERE, the following gave their opening statements:

If the Opening Session (Day 1) of the Grand Jury is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Odysee HERE.

Logistic support is provided to the proceedings by the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee: website (German) or website (English).

More information about the proceedings can be found on the Grand Jury’s website: www.grand-jury.net


  1. Aurore Lester-Smith

    Thank you for the reanscript. Dexter Ryneveldt makes a brilliant exposé. We owe the Nuremberg II a huge debt of gratitude.
    Retired journalist Brussels

    • Neville

      Thanks Aurore. Due to the time such trials take, I hope it doesn’t accelerate the WEF drive into their dystopian, depopulated world. They have more weaponised viruses in their arsenal but we should be more aware now.


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