Gates mRNA Pfizer Vaccine Death Toll

Grim warnings from multiple non-establishment specialists, over many months have been bouncing off the Big Pharma/Fauci/ Gates wall.

One need not wonder why so many old people are dying from the partially owned, Gates Pfizer vaccine. This is exactly what one would expect, given previously published, but now suppressed statements from Gates and others. They have had a clear agenda for years to depopulate the earth to a manageable size of 1.5 billion. At the present rate, little progress will be made, but if and when they vaccinate the whole world with gene altering mRNA vaccines, then we shall see some progress.

My personal view is that vaccines will be tailor-made for different target groups. Certainly the aged will be first, but more rapid progress will be needed. Groups considered by the Elite to be of lesser value, such as Africans, will then be targeted. There will be a time delay of varying lengths so that other factors can be brought into focus to explain the death rate. Introduction of more weaponised pathogens will probably be brought in as a scape goat for the high death rate. It will be too late to resist as we all will have been vaccinated because the sheep are lining up by the million for their shots.


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