German Fuhrer Has Spoken, Yellow Stars & Gas Chambers For Non-Vaxxed

Germany Announces “Lockdown Of The Unvaccinated” In An Attempt To Force Vaccines On 12 Million People.

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Today has been a very sad day in Germany when to the horror of rational thinking people worldwide, the country has been segregated between vaccinated and unvaccinated after the outgoing German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said that people who aren’t vaccinated will be excluded from nonessential shops, as well as cultural and recreational venues

After a meeting with federal and state leaders, Merkel said: “the measures were necessary in light of concerns that hospitals in Germany could become overloaded with people suffering Covid-19 infections”. Merkel told the reporter in Berlin “the situation in our country is serious” and called the measure an “act of national solidarity” (source)

A Lockdown For The Unvaccinated.

This apparent act of solidarity is quite the opposite as it includes the barring of a whole section of society, the unvaccinated, to culture and leisure nationwide. These will be open only to those who have been vaccinated or recovered,’ Merkel says.  “We want to take further measures in addition to those already taken’.

Although these further measures and within the draft agreement focus on restrictions for the unvaccinated, there are also measures that will affect the vaccinated. For instance, nightclubs are to be closed in “hard-hit” regions and facemasks are to be made compulsory in schools again.

Restrictions and Proposed Measures

Other restrictions are already in force in several regions within Germany, traditional Christmas markets have been axed for all, but the unvaccinated will be the only ones barred from those that are still open. Under the new measures announced today, the unvaccinated will also be barred from the proposed measures below:

The Vaccinated Are A Source of Transmission

The leaders who are backing these proposals are ignoring the science and recent data which shows that infection and transmission in COVID-19 vaccinated are increasing. Yet decision-makers assume that it is the unvaccinated that should be locked down and exclude the fact that the vaccinated are a source of transmission according to both data and studies (source).

Germany report the rate of symptomatic COVID cases weekly since July 2021, therefore German leaders should know this and that cases among the fully vaccinated have seen a rise in, what is now said to be “breakthrough infections.” When the reporting began there had been a reported 16.9% among patients of 60 years and older, however, this proportion is increasing week by week and was 58.9% at the time of the study, 27. October 2021 (source).

Highest Percent of Fully Vaccinated Shown to Be High Transmission Counties

Fully vaccinated individuals with what is now being termed as “breakthrough infections” have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to other fully vaccinated contacts (source).

Also, according to another study, increases in COVID-19 were at that time said to be “unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States.” The authors of the study cited the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which had identified four of the top five counties with the highest percentage of the fully vaccinated population (99.9–84.3%) as “high” transmission counties. (source).

Yet, Merkel has clearly ignored all evidence that would show the measures that she and the German officials are have proposed are nonsensical, not only that, but she continued to back the most contentious proposal of imposing a general vaccine mandate.

The proposal to carry this ahead will be debated in the German parliament and if it passes, the mandate could take effect and be imposed nationwide as early as February 2022.


More than 12 million people have not had a vaccine, this is a little over 68% of the population which falls far below that which the German government aimed for which was a minimum of 75% (source).  Therefore, officials have agreed to put extra restrictions on the unvaccinated, masks in schools, impose new limits on private meetings to force the 12 million to have the jab. Now enlisting the help of dentists and pharmacists the plan is to administer 30 million vaccinations by the end of the year.

If 12 million people remain unvaccinated at this stage, then it could be assumed that they are opposed to having it. The new measures are taking the liberties away from those people until they break and give in. In the meantime, the cases will still rise among the vaccinated as seen in the study from the weekly reports and from the studies showing that the viral load for vaccinated and unvaccinated have no significant difference. Will the German government then decide to lockdown those that have had only two doses of the vaccine?   

The Nuremberg Code

The world was horrified that the Nazis tested vaccines on Gypsies and Jews during WWII. As a result, the Nuremberg Code was set in place as a pledge was made to never allow atrocities to happen ever again. The judgment by the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg laid down 10 standards to which physicians must conform when carrying out experiments on human subjects in a new code that is now accepted worldwide.

Although The Nuremberg Code may have those 10 ethical principles, we need not even read past the first principle to know that the codes are being violated. The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of the individual to control his own body. This code also recognizes that the risk must be weighed against the expected benefit, and that unnecessary pain and suffering must be avoided Source

 Whatever your thoughts and decisions have been on the jab experiment, we should all be outraged that principles set in place for our safety and protection are not being adhered to.


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