Great Awakening As Globalist Policies Destroy European Economies

Global Uprising!

September 16, 2022

In my column last week, I reported on the mass protests going on in Europe over their governments’ dismal, yea, catastrophic leadership regarding the sanctions against Russia that are strangling their economies and making life a living hell. The column last week specifically reported on the mass protests going on in the Czech Republic.

But the mass protests going on in the Czech Republic are also taking place all over Western Europe—and the mainstream media is totally ignoring them.


Citizens across the globe are rapidly rising up against their government’s failed leadership and globalist policies wreaking havoc on the economy; all the while vast amounts of the establishment media remain silent.

Tens of thousands of people openly reject the globalist ethos, which has resulted in soaring living costs and skyrocketing energy prices.

The protests are both direct in message and scope – the globalist idiocy must end.

In Indonesia, for example, thousands turned out en masse in some of the country’s biggest cities earlier this week, demanding their “government reverse its first subsidized fuel price increase in eight years amid soaring inflation.”

“Protests took place in and around the capital, Jakarta, and in the cities of Surabaya, Makassar, Kendari, Aceh, and Yogyakarta, among a series of demonstrations led by students and labour groups that police say could draw big crowds this week.”

“Thousands of police were deployed across Jakarta, many guarding petrol stations, fearing they could become targets of mounting anger over a price increase that unions say will hurt workers and the urban poor the most.”

Meanwhile in Italy, Italians gathered in the streets of Naples to protest against the nation’s rising energy costs.

Angry citizens were filmed burning their energy bills while chanting phrases such as “We don’t pay the bills!” and “Now it will be chaos!”

“We don’t want [soaring bills] anymore!” protestors also shouted.

Italians now face a brutal winter after European sanctions pelted Moscow with sanctions, one of their biggest gas importers, as the country races towards “green energy.”

Chile also so [sic] mass protests as citizens rejected a newly proposed, left-wing constitution providing the government with more control over the country’s citizenry.

Other countries like New Zealand and Germany [and The Netherlands and Great Britain and others] have also experienced protests against their governments as the uprising continues.

Sadly, in the United States the vast majority of resistance to the burgeoning Great Reset of the globalist elite has decided to vest all of its energy into reelecting Donald Trump. This is a huge mistake!

In the first place, Trump just might be the ONLY Republican candidate that Joe Biden could actually beat in 2024. In the second place, Donald Trump is a Trojan Horse. He doesn’t understand the Deep State and doesn’t want to understand it. If he should be re-elected, he would saturate his administration with Deep State CFR globalists, just as he did in his first administration. Trump is an empty suit.

Trump continues to be a rabid supporter of the kill shots, aka Covid vaccinations; he continues to be a rabid supporter of Red Flag gun confiscation laws; he continues to ignore the counsel of true freedomists regarding who the enemy is; and he is every bit the Zionist War Hawk that are Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, et al.

Donald Trump has successfully sucked all of the energy and understanding out of the so-called Patriot Movement and turned it into a partisan one-man band. Trump has absolutely zero understanding of constitutional republicanism; he understands nothing about God’s Natural Laws of Liberty; and he has no desire to learn anything. Plus, he continues to be a blasphemous, arrogant, self-absorbed misogynist, narcissist money-grubber.

America desperately needs a president who has at least a modicum of understanding regarding the principles of constitutionalism and Natural rights—and most importantly a man with a humble, teachable spirit that God could honor. Trump will never be that man!

The American people should be taking to the streets in mass protests numbering in the hundreds of thousands or millions, just as is happening around the world. But Americans are too enamored with partisan politics; they are too dependent on the political establishment. They have forgotten that the fate of America is in their hands (and God’s), NOT the hands of soulless, self-absorbed politicians.

By remaining passive, the American people are allowing the pernicious powerbrokers in Washington, D.C., and New York City to keep their momentum of building a globalist feudal system growing.

Do Americans—especially conservatives and Christians—not understand that the West’s expansion of the war in Ukraine is shaking our national stability? Are they so ignorant as to not understand that America’s involvement in this conflict is the primary source of our current economic malaise—a malaise that began with the government’s Covid tyranny?

Beyond that, do they not comprehend the imminent threat to our national safety that America’s unconscionable escalation of the Ukrainian conflict poses?

Please share this report with your conservative/Christian friends who are still gung ho about the Ukraine war:

Western “half-wits” from “stupid think tanks” are leading their countries down the road of nuclear armageddon with their hybrid war against Moscow, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Tuesday. Endlessly funneling weapons and support to Ukraine while pretending not to be directly involved in the conflict will not work, added the deputy chair of the Russian Security Council.

The “security guarantees” proposal unveiled by Kiev on Tuesday was “really a prologue to the Third World War,” said Medvedev, calling it a “hysterical appeal” to Western countries engaged in a proxy war against Russia.

If the West continues its “unrestrained pumping of the Kiev regime with the most dangerous types of weapons,” Russia’s military campaign will move to the next level, where “visible boundaries and potential predictability of actions by the parties to the conflict” will be erased and the conflict will take on a life of its own, as wars always do, Medvedev argued.

“And then the Western nations will not be able to sit in their clean homes, laughing at how they carefully weaken Russia by proxy. Everything will be on fire around them. Their people will harvest their grief in full. The land will be on fire and the concrete will melt,” Medvedev wrote, before citing a Bible verse from Revelations 9:18.

[Revelation 9:18 says, “By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.” KJV]

“Yet still the narrow-minded politicians and their stupid think tanks, thoughtfully twirling a glass of wine in their hands, talk about how they can deal with us without entering into a direct war. Dull idiots with a classical education,” Medvedev wrote.

His comments were prompted by Kiev’s publication of a “security treaty” proposal, developed under the tutelage of former NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The draft envisions the US and its allies guaranteeing Ukraine’s pre-2014 borders with weapons, ammunition, financial assistance and training, as well as committing to maintain sanctions against Russia for as long as Kiev wants, and handing over any confiscated Russian property to Ukraine.

Such warnings are repeatedly ignored by Western leaders. America believes it is the indispensable, invincible nation: impervious to any accountability or ramification for its wicked, murderous conduct. Tragically, even Christians in America carry this foolish and devilish notion in their hearts.

That is a huge mistake!

Everyone knows that you do not follow a wounded lion or bear into its cave—unless you have a death wish. America is acting like it has a death wish. It is trying to push the Red Bear further and further into its den—at any cost. But that cost could be much higher than this country is prepared to pay.

And the fact remains: The U.S. started this war back in 2014. NATO and Ukraine are not fighting a defensive war—Russia is. It is the nation suffering from the wounds inflicted upon it by the United States and NATO. It is the wounded bear.

Most of the people in Western Europe seem to understand this, as they are out in force calling for the abolishment of their warmongering governments and demanding a return to peace and prosperity. What they may not realize is that the governmental leaders in Western Europe are merely following the instructions—and demands—of their dictatorial benefactor, Washington, D.C.

But for the time being, the good news is that a global uprising has begun—at least in Western Europe and other foreign countries.

But where the uprising is needed most is right here in the United States—an uprising that is focused on the sacred principles of Liberty, NOT on the Trojan Horse Donald Trump.

It would be so refreshing if we could just get conservatives to start rallying behind Liberty principles instead of putting all of their hope and trust in lying politicians.

At least the people in Western Europe are making their presence felt—probably because they are already starting to get a taste of what the Great Reset means for the common man. When people start running out of food, are unable to pay for electricity and gas and begin freezing at night, it tends to get one’s attention.

The Great Reset hasn’t totally gotten America’s attention yet. But it will! The only question is: By the time it does, will it be too late?

Reprinted with permission from Chuck Baldwin.


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