Great Reset: Globalists Accelerating Their Timeframe

NER: This article is from a Christian perspective, but for the sceptic, just note that the Bible is the ONLY source of End Times prophecy so please give it some credence for your own sake. The Ukraine debacle is a Globalist ploy, as was Covid, as is Man-Made-Warming (Rebranded as climate change since the minimal warming of the last 30 years). There are multiple indications that another pandemic is ready to go when the psychopaths want it. Any specifics would be speculation, but they do already have Lassa Fever, Marburg & no doubt multiple other nasties in the hundreds of biowarfare labs, mainly under US control around the world.

We’re Just Starting Stage Two of The Great Reset Launch, but Stage Three Is Likely Imminent

Things are getting crazy, but we’ve grown far too accustomed to crazy over the last couple of years. But what’s to come may make everything else we’ve seen so far seem placid.

Let me start with a word of encouragement. In these crazy times, it’s easy for people to lose hope and thereby lose the will to fight. That’s what the powers-that-be want. If we keep fighting, we can delay and possibly even stop their nefarious plans.

It really comes down to God’s will. If we are, as many believe, in the end times prophesied in Revelation and other books of the Bible, then we will not be able to stop The Great Reset or a similar iteration of globalism from coming to pass. If what we are seeing in the world is simply a type or echo of the end times, then we will be able to stop it eventually.

But here’s the thing. Regardless of whether we are on the verge of the Biblical end times or not, our mission at this time remains the same. First and foremost, we must continuously serve our Lord and Saviour. We must pray, share the Gospel, and live as the Bible instructs. That will never change.

Second, we must become informed about what’s happening in the world, sifting through the propaganda and lies to find the nuggets of truth that are out there. As we continue to expand our knowledge, we must share it. For some, that means talking to friends and family so they are hopefully less susceptible to the machinations of the powers-that-be. For others, it means getting the word out to the masses; this is what I’m doing here.

Third, we must prepare for the fights that are coming. To do this, we must separate ourselves as best we can from the things that either keep us beholden to and dependent on the powers-that-be, or the things that may force us into subjugation in the future. They will come for those who resist. They already are. Fighting is not for everyone, but defending oneself and one’s family should be a priority second only to the service of God. Either way, it’s best to be prepared to detach as best we can from societal constraints and requirements. I will get into that later. It’s time to get to the meat of the article and discuss The Great Reset.

Stage One: The Plandemic

I’m not going to debate the things that are uncertain, but I will go ahead and list the contentious aspects of the pandemic for the record. Covid-19 may or may not be a bioweapon. If it is a bioweapon, the U.S. government may or may not have had a hand in developing it with the Chinese Communist Party and possibly others. Lastly, it may have leaked accidentally or it may have gone out just as planned.

The reason it’s important to establish those ambiguities up front is because the certainties that happened afterwards stand true regardless of the origins of the disease itself. There is nothing ambiguous about the fact that the powers-that-be, through the world leaders they influence or control, used the pandemic as a way to institute draconian lockdowns and economy-crippling protocols. This was a necessary opening volley for the launch of The Great Reset.

But they didn’t stop with crippling economies and raising destitution across the globe. It seems their primary goal of promoting Pandemic Panic Theatre was to get the “vaccines” injected and reinjected into every man, woman, and child on earth. Even as data showed that the jabs were ineffective, the push to get people injected accelerated. Now, we’re faced with unequivocal evidence that they’re not only ineffective, but very dangerous. The adverse reactions range from instant and deadly to long-term and debilitating. Some even say that the actual adverse reactions caused by the spike proteins may take years to fully manifest.

We are seeing the end of Phase One unfolding before our eyes. Lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates are being miraculously lifted by the same people who fought tooth and nail to impose them as recently as last month. Corporate and even conservative media have embraced the idea that Democrats started seeing polling numbers and changed their collective minds simultaneously, and Democrats are barely balking at this. I think it’s a lie. It seems more likely that to get things ready for Stages Two and Three, they needed the focus on Covid to die down.

Moreover, I believe that as more information comes out showing just how badly people are reacting to the jabs, it became necessary to tone down the vaxx-nanny rhetoric. The more they talk about it, the more we investigate and push back. Conversely, when they stop pushing so hard and start lifting mandates, many of us who have fought them are lulled into complacency as if we won the battle.

Stage Two: Wars and Rumours of Wars

Ukraine. Taiwan. The Middle East. We have wars and rumours of wars popping up everywhere, sending economic markets down and sending consumer costs skyrocketing. The already-weakened supply chain is screeching to a halt in many industries. Uncertainty about what Russia will do next or if China is going to hit Taiwan soon has the financial sector reeling.

On the surface, the Ukraine incident seems like a standard regional conflict that pops up somewhere in the world every 5-10 years. In reality, the timing is far too perfect for this to not be connected to The Great Reset.

It didn’t make sense for Vladimir Putin to send his military into Ukraine at this time. There was no urgency for it to happen. If Putin’s primary concern was Ukraine joining NATO, he could have used the threat of invasion to keep it from happening. Now, he seems to have played that card prematurely, unless that was part of the plan all along.

There’s a story that gets far too little attention regarding the leaders of Ukraine that needs to get a full article or two of its own. For now, I’ll simply state the fact alone that Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Barack Obama are three of the most connected globalists who have interests in both Ukraine and Russia. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, has been influenced directly by all three men and likely continues to be beholden to them in some capacity today.

When we consider the financial carnage on a global scale that is happening before us based on Russia’s actions, we have to consider the possibility that the powers-that-be are playing both sides of the Russia-Ukraine fiasco. Globalists have been operating like that for centuries. In 2022, it has never been easier for them to exert pressure while controlling the narrative in corporate media.

We’re watching it play out in real time as the world has been artificially entranced by what’s happening in Ukraine. Not since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait has there been anywhere near the level of global disdain directed at a leader. Vladimir Putin is the new Saddam Hussein, and we know how things ended for him.

We know Zelensky and Ukraine are deeply entrenched in the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s vision for The Great Reset. I’ve heard many claim that Putin is not associated with them or that Schwab doesn’t have influence over him. For those who believe that, read what Russia did last year, according to the WEF website (linked to an alternative source so as not to draw red flags):

Moscow, Russia, 13 October 2021 – Russia will take a leading role in shaping the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, leaders from the Russian Federation and the World Economic Forum announced the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Russia.

Part of the Forum’s global Network, the new Centre will bring together leading businesses, policy makers and members of civil society to co-design and pilot innovative approaches to technology governance.

Over the past five years, the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network has expanded to 15 countries. Project teams worked across public and private sectors to built new policies for drones and commercial aircraft to fly in the same airspace, government procurement of artificial intelligence and accelerated responsible blockchain deployment across the global supply chain.

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Russia will be hosted by ANO Digital Economy in Moscow. It will work across the global network to maximize the benefits of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, while minimizing its risks.

Russia and Ukraine are deeply influenced by the same globalist masters. If that doesn’t make you question the common narrative, then there’s no reason to read further.

Stage Three: Pick One

Predicting apocalypse is challenging. The Book of Revelation and other prophetic books of the Bible often paint symbolic representations of what’s to come, so we’ll be able to recognize them when they’re happening but we won’t necessarily know how they’ll manifest. All we have today are the signs being delivered by the powers-that-be, and those signs are ominous.

One thing seems certain: The jump from Stage Two to Stage Three will not be as long as Stage One to Stage Two. I believe it’s foolish to think we’re going to have only Ukraine and possibly Taiwan to worry about for rising tensions and faltering economies. They seemed poised to launch the next phase soon. What could it be?

There are a few possibilities. One was covered in an article we posted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market. He believes the next phase will be a massive cyber attack that could take down the whole internet and prompt measures of absolute control:

The globalists are unlikely to spend the past several decades building up one of the most complex technocratic control grids in history to track and dominate the public only to then annihilate it all in the blink of an eye with nukes. What is more likely, in my view, is a massive cyber-attack that targets the functionality of the internet itself, and it would have to happen relatively soon.

The amount of economic and business operations tied to the web is staggering. Even if the internet was to go down for a mere two weeks, the repercussions to our markets and to our supply chain would be devastating. By extension, the benefits to the globalists would be immense.

They could implement filters and firewalls on any part of the web they don’t like (including the alternative media) and claim that this is to protect the internet from possible sources of viral spread. They could whittle the web down to only a handful of approved corporate and government sites all in the name of protecting the integrity of the net.

Furthermore, such an attack would be a perfect scapegoat for the already crashing economy and rising inflation. At that point, the central banks that are truly responsible for our financial instability could simply say that everything was “about to go back to normal” until (Russia or China) spread the cyber-virus. And, maybe Russia will be involved, but it will not be Putin that gives the order, it will be his globalist partners behind the curtain.

The hype machine surrounding Ukraine is in overdrive right now. It’s a little bizarre to me how much panic and indignance is being drummed up. It’s as if people have forgotten that the US government just spent well over a decade devastating a country like Iraq for no good reason. No one seems to be mentioning the hypocrisy of demanding all out war against Russia when US campaigns in Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and very few countries batted an eye about it.

Clearly, the controlled media is trying to convince the western people to support direct military confrontation with Russia over a conflict that has nothing to do with us. There are even numerous GOP neo-cons out there (Lindsay Graham, I’m looking at you) campaigning for true conservatives to go along with a war footing. I don’t think it’s gaining much traction, but what has worked as an effective manipulation against conservatives in the past?

The globalists need another Pearl Harbour – A 9/11 attack or something even bigger. They need something that will enrage the American population, specifically conservatives. They need a disaster of epic proportions to lure us into an emotional response and the abandonment of logic. They also need a scapegoat disaster that they can use to lay the blame for the impending economic crisis.

I predict this event will come in the form of a large scale cyber-attack, and the escalation of events suggests to me that they will try to implement such an attack in the near term. Perhaps within the next couple of months and certainly before the year is over.

It’s a compelling argument for a terrifying prospect.

Another possibility that I wrote about followed Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. He mentioned being able to deploy a new vaccine within 100-days following the development of a new and dangerous Covid-19 variant. According to the article:

Saying such things during a State of the Union speech is far different from making wild promises during a campaign. For example, nobody in corporate media and few in conservative media have called Biden out for saying “I’m going to shut down the virus.” Why? Because it was a ludicrous campaign promise, not a statement of policy.

What Biden said last night was different. The important part is that he declared a timeframe of 100 days or less to not only develop but also produce and deploy new jabs. How could he possibly know that? There isn’t a single executive at a Big Pharma company who would make such an irresponsible claim because they know that if a new vaccine-resistant variant starts spreading rapidly, the clock will start for them to develop new jabs. It takes much more than 100 days to study a new variant, develop a vaccine, test it, produce it, and roll it out.

He said before promising a 100-day timeframe that he didn’t know if “a new variant won’t come.” I believe his full statement hints that he DOES know a new variant is coming, one that will be as easily spread and vaccine-resistant as Omicron but as or more deadly than Delta. You’d need both factors — transmissibility and virulence — to manufacture the people’s appetite for a brand new jab.

No speechwriter or policy expert would recommend establishing a timeframe for rollout of a new vaccine unless they were realistically capable of meeting that deadline. The only way they could do that is if they know now that a new variant is coming and they already have at least one viable vaccine ready to produce for it.

There are other possibilities for Stage Three, but those two seem to be the most likely. This is why it’s so important for Americans to prepare for whatever is to come. I was never a “prepper” before, other than buying some bugout bags and freeze dried food back when Obamacare was launched. But today, I’ve become much more cognizant of the need to protect my family and release them as much as possible from government control.

It may be self-serving to mention two of my sponsors, but I would promote the ideas of stocking up on emergency supplies and buying precious metals in this article whether they were sponsors or not. We have a very good idea that the economy is going to get worse through the wars and could bottom out by the time they roll out Stage Three. Being prepared is so important.

We promote MyPatriotSupply and OurGoldGuy for these two needs. We’re in the same boat as so many others in that our financial future looks grim. I appreciate every purchase you all make from our sponsors. It helps. If you would prefer to donate directly, you could become a paid subscriber to my Substack or donate through Giving Fuel.

Stay Focused and Prepare for Battle

With all the words in this article, the ones I am about to write are the most important:

We are not fighting a worldly war. We are fighting a spiritual war.

When I say to a patriot, “prepare for battle,” their natural inclination is to reach for their firearms. That’s how we think. And there may come a time in the very near future when that becomes necessary. If so, I’ll leave that to those with more battle experience to organize and guide the people. My role is to make sure there is a continuous flow of accurate information the people can acquire and disseminate. This is why I often pray for discernment before writing an article like this. Bad information is worse than no information.

Knowing that the battle we fight is against spiritual forces who are more powerful than us alone, we need to turn to God. He should be our constant focus, but we are flawed creatures so we are easily distracted by the world. He is the truth, and we must share that truth. We must also share the warnings about what is to come. Nobody knows for certain; everything I said above about Stage 3 may turn out to be completely wrong. I actually hope it is. But we must push forward under the assumption that it is at least partially accurate.

We can read all the signs and interpret the news as best we can, but the only certainty about the future is what the Bible tells us. It’s not clear to us now, but knowing what it says will help us recognize it when it comes. Right now, things are shaping up to be pretty bad, but the end is a beautiful and wondrous thing from a Biblical perspective. We may lose battle after battle after battle, but we know that in the end, God wins.

Watch this video on Rumble.

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