How An Ex BlackRock Manager Foresaw The Covid/Vax Scam In May 2020

Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes the Pfizer Fraud

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Covid is the perfect cover for central banks to print money for an “emergency” and also put in place medical tyranny systems as cover for collapse of the financial system to prevent riots, Edward Dowd said in an interview with Kirsti Leigh last week.

Edward Dowd is an experienced equity investment executive and former BlackRock portfolio manager.

My overarching thesis is we have a global debt problem.  After the great financial crisis, all the central banks and the governments started pumping money into the system and it’s been, since 2008, a kind of a clearing call that all the central banks are co-operating to keep this debt bubble afloat … They know they can’t keep it afloat forever and eventually something’s going to happen to get to the end of the debt cycle,” Dowd said.

When he saw “the Covid thing go down” he was suspicious.  He thought it could be an excuse or cover for central banks to print money.  Dowd said: “You see the global co-ordination, all over the world and the medical systems that they’re putting in place – to track, to limit travel, to prevent riots, what have you – and it’s just a system of control because, I believe, the social contract has been broken.”

A contact in the biotech industry alerted him in November that the all-cause mortality end-point had been missed by Pfizer in the original clinical trials.  That means that in the vaccine group there were more deaths than in the placebo group.  During a Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) drug approval process, “if you fail that end-point, you do not get approved,” Dowd said.

“The biotech industry executives that saw that, those who had gotten the jab decided they weren’t going to get boosters and the people who weren’t vaxxed were not going to get vaxxed.”

And then the FDA decided to “hide” the clinical data for 75 years.  “When I saw that I started to get very vocal I said: fraud has occurred.  How do I know that?” Dowd asked, “they won’t show us the clinical data.”

Brook Jackson, who blew the whistle on the Pfizer trials through the British Medical Journal, saw Dowd was declaring “fraud” and contacted him as her message out about “Pfizer fraud” was being censored.

The 1,000 unblinded trial participants that Jackson identified “could have affected the whole study mathematically, just her 1,000,” Dowd said, “primarily because in the vaccine group there were 8 patients who got Covid and in the placebo group there were 164 patients who got Covid.  So, that’s how they came up with a 95% effective at the time.”

“And when you unblind all sorts of bad things can happen. So, out of her 1,000 all it would take is 75 patients to not have been tested for Covid, with symptoms and doctors knowing they were vaccinated wouldn’t test them. Seventy-five patients … in the vaccine group, you have 50% efficacy, 164 patients you have 0% efficacy,” Dowd told Leigh, so it’s fraud.

The CEO of Moderna has been dumping his stock for the last year and has deleted his twitter account.  Although Dowd does not know the reason his twitter account has been deleted, he speculates it may be on legal advice that some of his tweets may come back to haunt Moderna.

Dowd also speculates that lawyers are advising Pfizer as Pfizer have recently changed some of the language used in their projections for Q3/Q4.  “This is what we call a ‘tell’ in the investment world.  When you change disclosure language about something as important as clinical trial data.  That’s a huge red flag.  It usually means the lawyers are getting nervous, the general counsel is getting nervous,” Dowd said.

“The other tell was what occurred in November of last year.  Their CFO, D’Amelio, retired.  What’s interesting about this CFO is, he was CFO of Lucent Technologies back in the era … I think he’s seen this movie before, so he decided to retire.  When you retire you can sell all your stock.  That’s a tell.

“I also want to make this point that: this fraud could not have occurred without the help of the FDA.  Because they’re the trusted third-party institution. That’s why the FDA wants to hide the data for 75 years, it’s fraud.

“And if you go back to the great financial crisis, how did that fraud occur?  We had the rating agencies give triple A ratings to a bunch of bonds that were being generated by investment banks that were garbage.  And they were corrupted by what I call ‘the institutional imperative’.  And the institutional imperative is what Warren Buffet has described as: when the institution starts to act in the interests of the institution rather than the interests of the shareholders or, in the case the FDA, stakeholders.”  

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

Kristi Leigh: Edward Dowd Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Fraud, 15 February 2022 (46 mins)


A 2020 Prediction of Things to Come

On 3 May 2020 Edward Dowd tweeted the thread below:

I have an idea for a dystopian movie:

The background begins in 2020: a virus that mimics the flu sweeps across the globe. Some believe it’s a man-made bioweapon to provide cover for global economic collapse from an unsustainable debt load and rising wealth inequality.

The majority believe their governments and dutifully obey orders to shelter in place while supply chains dissolve, they lose jobs or small businesses and eventually the middle class is wiped out.

Inexplicably large big box businesses are allowed to operate and folks are allowed to shop there but not allowed to gather together, use beaches or parks…some cities won’t allow you to run in the street or even bike.

Masks become mandatory well after the virus has spread. Drones are deployed to enforce these rules. Citizens are encouraged to snitch on each other and even get rewards.

The social order breaks down and folks begin to get depressed and suicidal from isolation and some even starve to death.

The virus inexplicably keeps re-emerging, according to the global governments, so more restrictions and punishments are enacted. Protests are not allowed as they will spread the virus you see.

In the background magnanimous billionaires are working diligently on a vaccine and a digital ID system to make sure you are a good citizen. The economy won’t be re-opened, the governments say, without mandatory vaccines for everyone.

They are still those who are sceptical of all this but they are few and far between. These few refuses to take the vaccine and decide to head for the hills.

Well, the vaccine is administered and many begin to die. Of course, the governments blame the folks hiding in the hills as the cause. The folks who got just vaccinated are very tired, sick, starving and unfortunately not very bright believe this nonsense and begin to hunt down those folks in the hills and that’s where the movie begins in 2022.

I have decided to name the movie “Freedom’s Last Stand.”

I forgot to add that while the virus spread, large social media giants censored all dissenting opinions from even licensed experts that deviated from Supranational Organisational edicts that operate outside all governments.

One response to Dowd’s twitter thread read:

It would be interesting to know what Crony Capitalist thinks about “the majority” almost two years later.

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