How Much Evidence do we Need?

Another interview of a brilliant & recognised specialist Professor Dolores Cahill. Speaks clearly & unequivocally about the virus.

No need for lockdown or social distancing we can all get back to work. Only 10 to 15% of “flu” is flu, the rest is flu-like symptoms, of which some 40% is corona viruses, as is the common cold. If people have correct nutrition, vitamins C, D & Zinc, their immune system will shrug off all these viruses. Anyone who is vulnerable can take a preventative dose of Zinc & hydroxychloroquine. They are then unlikely to get sick. The latter has been declared an essential medicine for 55 years and has been proven safe. Both of these are cheap, which should help you to understand why Big Pharma and its paid sycophants claim they do not work. But of course, the as yet to be developed, untested, unproven & undoubtedly unsafe vaccine will work wonderfully. Vaccines are generally derived from monkey or dog tissue, and contain oncogenes which impact your immune system and can cause cancer.

There is a worldwide battle between nutrition and natural health, versus prescription drugs. Only one of these makes money, and you could guess that might be the $1.2 trillion pharmaceutical business. Which can undoubtedly buy an almost infinite amount of support to convince you.

20,000 doctors in 30 countries proved that hydroxychloroquine and zinc were effective preventatives. Yet the FDA and Big Pharma have prevented them from being used. The establishment used them on patients in intensive care, to prove they didn’t work. This was already known, as they are preventatives not cures. They also did not use the zinc in some studies. The whole point of the treatment is that the hydroxychloroquine enables the zinc to enter the cells, and prevent the replication of the virus. Thus the fix was in, and they became classed as ineffective. Donald Trump was smart enough to know better and used them on himself.

One US military report showed that 36% of the soldiers who were given flu vaccinations containing corona, became ill. With animal studies, most of the animals died when later exposed to a corona virus.

Ireland was planning to vaccinate everyone & Prof Cahill was afraid, that when people came out of lockdown, there would be many deaths ,and many collapses after a week or so, due to the immune over-response and cytokine storm.

Some 70% of vaccines contain aluminium, which is a neurotoxin. Ministers of health and heads of medical institutions can be charged with malfeasance unless they can claim to be unaware of vaccine dangers. The clamp down on videos such as this, which create awareness of the dangers, is to prevent people from knowing the dangers. This enables the plea of ignorance to stand.

Even heads of care homes and such, can be held to account if they have not advised their people of the preventative treatments available. Prof Cahill has already been contacted by 14 countries in connection with her stance, so it seems the battle may yet be won. That is why I try to do my little bit to get the word out, as potentially millions of lives are at risk if mass vaccination is enforced.

No safe vaccines for corona viruses have ever been found to be safe, after 17 years of trying. Now they are magically going to have one ready this year for the China virus. Use your own judgement on that. For people under 60, the risk from a corona virus, is the same as the risk of driving to work.

The pore size of masks, exceeds the size of the virus hence they are ineffective. They should not be worn due to the danger of hypoxia and fainting , as many other doctors have also said.

My own conclusion

The virus began to retreat on April 17th proving that lockdown was no longer necessary. The fact that it is still in place confirms that the issue is not about public health. There are clearly other agendas at play. It is clear to me that the Democrats in America want the lockdown to continue to further destroy the economy. This, they hope, will prevent his re-election.

In South Africa it seems the intention is also to destroy the economy, which is predominantly White controlled. The communists of the ANC then expect to resurrect it under Black control. We all know how that would end.

If you don’t agree with me, you need to decide what then is the reason for the ANC’s absurd and illogical lockdown. I would also like to hear a rational argument.

I just did this quickly from notes, while watching the video, so hopefully it is of help if you don’t watch it.


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