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Russia – Ukraine – Who is To Blame?

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“The first casualty when war comes is truth”.

This is a quote that is as true today as it was when California senator Hiram W Johnson, said it in 1917, and while the mainstream media and our politicians have been getting away with broadcasting provable lies for every single conflict for decades, we can be pretty certain that what we are hearing from the mainstream media is not the truth.

The propaganda machine has been indoctrinating the public for years into believing that Russia and Putin are our enemies.

This has been done by fabricating stories about Putin’s involvement in the 2016 U.S elections, tales of how Putin hacked the DNC, and claims Donald Trump was linked to a Russian bank.

Was this all fabricated to prepare us for what is happening right now?

On 24 February 2022, after weeks of speculation, Russia invaded Ukraine, triggering a massive outrage all over the world. The attack on Ukraine has also created confusion as to the stance of the Russian government or more precisely President Putin on the WEF agenda.

The truth at this time concerning the Ukraine crisis is hard to find among the many discussions on social media too.

This seems to be a result of Putin announcing that Russia was launching a military operation directed towards the ‘demilitarization’ and ‘denazification’ of Ukraine and a Twitter thread posted not long after by @WarClandenstine claiming that Russia was targeting the Biolabs.

Although the thread was deleted soon after because of Twitter suspending the account, it can be seen in the video below, and read in its entirety here.

As Russia started attacking the military installations, speculation also began as to why the United States Biolabs established in Ukraine were also among the targets.

This led to optimism that Putin is perhaps showing signs of being against the WEF’s agenda.

Biological Threat Reduction Program

But the issue is even more complex that this. Russia has been at loggerheads with the United States and NATO for years and Russia has accused the US and Ukraine of developing bio-weapons close to its borders numerous times.

During an interview in 2021 with the newspaper Kommersant Nikolai Patrushev, the chief security adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has “good reason to believe” the U.S. is developing biological weapons along the borders of Russia and China.

This was during a discussion about the inability of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to establish the origin of the Covid-19 virus, Patrushev , who is the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, was asked by journalist Elena Chernenko about claims that China had “deliberately caused” the coronavirus pandemic.

Defending Beijing, Patrushev replied: “I suggest that you look at how more and more biological laboratories under U.S. control are growing considerably in the world and by a strange coincidence, mainly by the Russian and Chinese borders.”

The Russian government and their Chinese partners have questions, according to Patrushev, who added that they had been told that there are peaceful sanitary and epidemiological stations near their borders, “but for some reason, they are more reminiscent of Fort Detrick in Maryland, where Americans have been working in the field of military biology for decades.”

When asked directly if he believed the Americans are developing biological weapons there, Patrushev said: “We have good reason to believe that this is exactly the case.”

Accusations Dismissed

Patrushev’s accusations were dismissed as “groundless” by a U.S. State Department spokesperson who argued that it was “the latest in a long series of allegations about U.S. collaboration with foreign partners on public health matters.

American Russian Relations

However, the biolabs are not the extent of the issues that Russia has with the U.S and the west. Relations between the two superpowers have not been good for years, and it was only two years ago that Joe Biden said that President Putin was a “killer” in a pre-taped interview on ABC News.

The interview followed an intelligence assessment that wrongly concluded Russia had tried to interfere in U.S. elections on Putin’s orders. Biden threatened that Moscow would “pay for meddling” in the 2020 presidential election. 

Also, the U.S. had already imposed sanctions on Russia following the poisoning of opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who was arrested upon his return to Moscow and then jailed.

The statement, which collapsed the Ruble and the Russian stock market in connection with the threat of new sanctions, was preceded by the publication of a US intelligence report accusing the Russian Federation of trying to help Donald Trump win the 2020 elections by discrediting Joe Biden.

But a former aide to Putin, Vyacheslav Volodin, who is speaker of Russia’s parliament, the Duma described Biden’s comments as “unacceptable” and said that “they offend the citizens of Russia who have made a choice and support their president.”

Patrushev believed the comment could have been deliberately provoked by circles interested in increasing tensions in the Russia U.S. bilateral relation.

U.S. Unable To Leave The Cold War Behind

Comparing the remark to former British prime minister Winston Churchill’s Fulton speech in March 1946 “in which he declared our country…an enemy,” and “This marked the start of the Cold War,” Patrushev said, adding that “we would really not want any increase in hostilities.”

Despite differences, the U.S. government has managed to have working relationships with the previous leaders in Moscow, even Joseph Stalin, but now seem unable to.

Despite being a unipolar power since 1989 and the end of the Cold War, the United States has treated Russia as a potential threat and ignored its protest about NATOs expansion and its objections.

They are “unable to leave the Cold War behind” according to Political scientist John Mearsheimer

NATO -Not One Inch Eastward

February 9, 1990 was an important historical date as far as NATO-Russia relations are concerned, as it was when U.S. Secretary of State James Baker was to assure the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, during glasnost-era talks on German unification that the Western military bloc would not advance “one inch eastward” towards Russia’s borders.

It has been an empty pledge as NATO membership has expanded since the Cold War times to 30 member states.

In 2004, the former Soviet states of Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO at the 2004 Istanbul summit; Albania and Croatia became members in 2009, while North Macedonia joined in 2020.

Already, the Western military bloc abuts Russia’s northwestern border in the Baltic States of Latvia and Estonia. But now with the political Ukraine actively seeking membership in NATO, an ultimatum has been made from Moscow

The NATO Issue – Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?

Therefore, the root of the crisis now is broken promises and NATO’s alleged plans to expand eastward, out of Moscow’s orbit, and integrate it into the west, threatening Russia’s security. This is not a new issue.

Russia has tolerated substantial NATO expansion, including the accession of Poland and the Baltic countries. But when NATO announced in 2008 that Georgia and Ukraine “will become members of NATO,” Russia drew a line in the sand.

Georgia and Ukraine are not just states in Russia’s neighbourhood; they are on its doorstep.

According to Jon Mearsheimer, Russia’s forceful response in its August 2008 war with Georgia was driven in large part by Moscow’s desire to prevent Georgia from joining NATO and integrating into the West.

Again in November 2013, it seemed that the Ukraine President, Victor Yanukovich would sign an agreement with the European Union that was designed to deepen Ukraine’s integration with the West and greatly reducing Moscow’s influence there.

Putin offered Ukraine a better deal in response, which was accepted, a decision that led to protests in western Ukraine, where there is hostility towards Moscow.

A “fatal mistake” was then made by the Obama administration who backed the protesters, escalating the crisis and eventually led to the toppling of Mr. Yanukovych. A pro-Western government then took over in Kiev.

Putin, at this time, saw these developments as a direct threat to Russia’s core strategic interests.

(John Mearsheimer – Why is Ukraine The West’s Fault is a great presentation and well worth watching).

Minsk Peace Agreement

Additionally, although representatives of Russia, Ukraine, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the leaders of separatist-held regions Donetsk and Luhansk signed a 13-point agreement in February 2015, the deal has never been implemented.

According to Al-jazeera, this could be as Moscow may see Minsk as a way to guarantee its central security demand – that Ukraine is never allowed to join NATO and both NATO and the U.S will not allow that.

The deal’s 13 points were:

The Monroe Doctrine

“One might expect American policymakers to understand Russia’s concerns about Ukraine joining a hostile alliance, argued John Mearsheimer, back in 2014, who added “After all, the United States is deeply committed to the Monroe Doctrine, which warns other great powers to stay out of the Western Hemisphere. But few American policymakers are capable of putting themselves in Mr. Putin’s shoes.”

This is why they were so surprised when he moved additional troops into Crimea, threatened to invade eastern Ukraine, and made it clear Moscow would use its considerable economic leverage to undermine any regime in Kiev that was hostile to Russia.

Major powers are acutely sensitive to threats —especially near their borders — and they sometimes act ruthlessly to address potential dangers.

The US is parking missiles “on the porch of our house”

On the 23rd December 2021, Vladimir Putin told Sky News that the US and NATO are expanding onto Russia’s borders. “Speaking of security guarantees […], our actions will not depend on the negotiations, they will depend on the unconditional compliance with the Russian security today and in historical context and in this sense, we have made it clear, any further NATO movement to the East is unacceptable.”

He continued that “there is nothing unclear about this, we are not deploying our missiles over at the borders of the U.S, NO, on the other hand, the U.S is deploying its missiles close to our home, there on the porch of our house.

So are we demanding something excessive, we’re simply asking them not to deploy their attack systems over at our home? “What is so unusual or peculiar about that?” Nope, nothing at all.

To those who say NATO is entitled to invite any state to join, Putin argues that the “open door” policy is conditioned by a second principle, which NATO states have accepted: namely that the enhancement of a state’s security should not be to the detriment of the security of other states (such as Russia).

Obviously, the above account of the current crisis is far from complete. The issues are far more complex than I can cover here, and as Putin has argued the issues are historical too, but it is worth remembering that Ukraine is a borderland where East meets West, a buffer zone between Europe and Russia.

It has been the pathway for western powers as they attempted to conquer the east for example in both WWI and WWII, and the Ukrainian people were the ones to suffer.


The complex issues can be seen here in the very informative documentary by filmmaker Oliver Stone, which I would definitely recommend to anyone who would like to have a greater understanding of the history of Ukraine and therefore a better understanding of this crisis. posted below

So, we may understand Putin’s position in protecting the security of Russia.

We should understand that Russia has been: Sanctioned – Attempts have been made to destroy their economy – Attempts made to destabilise their government – The USA have supported, trained and armed neo Nazi, far right para-military militia in the Ukraine – Had previous NATO promises violated over many years threatening Russia’s national security interests.

These too are acts of war – sanctions, and collective punishments are violations against International law.

Playing Both Sides

Putin was invited to make a special address at Davos in January 2021, Klaus Schwab invited Putin to Davos and asked him to explain his thoughts on cooperating more with WEF leaders.

Putin said, “It’s clear that an era associated with attempts to build a centralized world order is over”

But, can we be sure he has no involvement in the WEF Great Reset ?

It is important to remember at this stage, almost every war, certainly over the past century, has been created or engineered in order for leaders of opposing nations to covertly achieve their ideological aims.

To give an example of this, Professor Antony Sutton back in 1987 revealed during an interview that Wall Street, the United States, and European powers aided the Bolsheviks to take and consolidate power.

When asked by the interviewer “Did these power-brokers at that time actually envision a one-world government that would be socialist?” Professor Sutton: answered “Yes.” (source).

Additionally playing both sides is typical too, and Sutton revealed that the West played a major role in developing the Soviet Union from its very beginnings.

He stated that the Soviet Union’s technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the Viet Cong, was built by United States corporations and largely funded by US taxpayers.

Through the destruction and chaos left in the aftermath of war, there also tends to be the creation of new global organisations. allowing for the public acceptance of a level of control that did not exist previously. source

Organizations such as the United Nations (UN) the European Union (EU) and even the World Trade Organisation (WTO) launched during the recovery of war. These are organisations dedicated to both globalism and planned civilisation just like the WEF professes to be.

Putin has been pushed into the situation he is in now, for years by the western leaders who will not afford the leader of Russia the ability to protect the security of his country. They cannot leave the Cold War behind.

No doubt the war will be used to their advantage, the orchestrators of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be seeing the “window of Opportunity” surely they won’t let a “good crisis go to waste?”

What else can they attribute to Russia now that Putin is again, rightly or wrongly being hailed as the bad guy? Don’t fall for the trap.


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