Indisputable Proof of Coming Mini Ice Age

NER: I’ve been saying for years, here & on FB, that solar cycle 25 that we are in, will bring global cooling by 2030. The extent of the cooling is not clear, but its going to be unpleasant for the next generation. Any greenie disputing this article clearly either lacks intelligence or has a globalist agenda. The man is so clearly qualified to state the facts of global cooling, that you are obliged to accept it.

It’s about to get colder and CO2 levels may drop to dangerously unproductive levels

On a Tom Nelson Podcast, Professor David Dilley discussed his perspective on global warming and the importance of understanding Earth’s natural climate cycles.

He emphasised that the current global warming cycle is the first time instrument data has been available and that there have been multiple global warming and cooling cycles throughout Earth’s history.

“Global warming will be dead by 2030,” he said.

Prof. Dilley is a meteorologist, climatologist, palaeoclimatologist and a former NOAA National Weather Service Meteorologist.  He is the founder and CEO of Global Weather Oscillations (“GWO”), a company heavily involved in researching and developing technology for predicting natural climate and weather cycles.

He has 54 years of experience ranging from the Air Force to NOAA National Weather Service and GWO.  As the senior research scientist and forecaster for GWO, Prof. Dilley developed ClimatePulse Technology based on geomagnetic cycles of the earth, moon and sun, and how these cycles align with historical, present-day and future climate and weather cycles.

Below Joel Smalley summarises Prof. Dilley’s presentation on the Tom Nelson Podcast published on Tuesday.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

By Joel Smalley

Earth is currently nice and warm. This warmth is conducive to abundant life due, amongst many other things, to optimal levels of carbon dioxide that sustains plant life. Take a look around you – does it look like this lush, green planet is dying?

Intuitively (and empirically), when it gets colder, life on Earth will not be so good. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it except prepare future generations (two or three of them) with the best of the evidence we can muster, rather than ignorant, political dogma about incessant, irrational global warming.

Spoiler alert!

Here follows a succinct scientific analysis of what does and what does not cause climate change:

  • The sun does.
  • The moon does.
  • The oceans do.
  • The poles do.
  • Man-made carbon dioxide does not.

Who says so?

Professor David Dilley is a very experienced meteorologist who is sharing this information for free, not because he is paid to, nor because his livelihood is indirectly affected by it.

What dominates climate change?

The sun. Obviously. Higher temperatures during the day compared to the night and the summer compared to the winter is a bit of a clue.

More specifically, it is Earth’s proximal relationship with the sun as determined by its elliptical orbit and variable tilt.

These two factors produce regular cycles of changes in global temperatures and have been observed over several hundred thousand years, showing that current temperatures are pretty much exactly where they are expected to be.

However, according to these cycles, it is probable that we are nearing the peak of the nice warm weather, the sixth and smallest warm cycle of the last eight thousand years. Over the next few decades, things are going to get unpleasantly cooler.

What causes shorter-term climate changes?

The moon. Again, intuitively. We accept the moon’s influence on the tides. Imagine believing a distant force so strong that it can move oceans and not believing it has any other influence on Earth’s activity – floods, earthquakes and volcanic activity, for example?

How did we get a global temperature anyway?

Well, again, obviously, to get one temperature for the whole planet, you must aggregate all the surface temperatures. The problem is that over 70% of the Earth is covered in water and the seas and oceans change temperature at different rates to the land and different parts of the planet also change temperature at different rates, so even as the global mean temperature is rising, some places are recording the coldest temperatures on record.

How do ocean water temperatures affect global temperature?

Naturally occurring changes in ocean water temperature also occur at regular intervals (every two to seven years), known as El Niño when the water is anomalously warm (as it has been recently) and La Niña when it is unusually cold, which is to come…

How do the poles affect global temperature?

Global warming and cooling cycles both start in the poles. Ice volume dictates temperature, more than it results from it.

But everyone knows carbon dioxide is at an “all-time” high

Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that this little gas:

  1. cannot change the Earth’s orbit around the sun;
  2. cannot change the moon’s orbit around the Earth;
  3. cannot heat the oceans;
  4. cannot affect volcanic activity; and
  5. cannot influence the build-up of ice at the poles.

And, everyone with a little bit of knowledge also knows:

  1. carbon dioxide only represents 0.04% of the atmosphere;
  2. man only produces 1% of the carbon dioxide and has contributed no more than 20% of the increase in recent times;
  3. most of the increase in carbon dioxide is released from warming oceans, which occurs hundreds and thousands of years after temperatures rise, not before; and
  4. more carbon dioxide is very much better for the planet than too little.

Who knows, maybe carbon sequestration might be a good thing after all? As long as our children’s children can get it back out again when they are cold and hungry over the next couple of centuries?!

This is a summary of ‘David Dilley: “Global warming will be dead by 2030” | Tom Nelson Pod #216

Post Script

Thanks to Great Fire of London for linking to this talk which also concludes a coming cold age and, with it, the likelihood of poorer living conditions…

Net Zero Watch: Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate, 5 November 2018 (94 mins)

About the Author

Joel Smalley is a blockchain architect and an early-stage, polymath data-driven technologist. He has a background in capital markets, biotechnology, retail payments and blockchain architecture. He conducts pro bono covid data analysis for legal challenges and independent media seeking the truth.  He regularly publishes articles on his Substack ‘Dead Man Talking’ which you can subscribe to HERE.


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