Inspirational Discussion Especially for the Young

George Farmer is not someone I knew much about, except that he married Candace Owens, whom I follow on Twitter. It’s very much like the Prince Harry and Meghan story. I must say that I am much more impressed by Candace, who is a very articulate Black commentator, not afraid to speak her mind. I guess that is the main attraction for me, as I have forever been that way myself.

One thing unusual about George is that he is a successful 30-year-old with views which are not unduly influenced by the world in which he grew up. The main evidence for this, is his faith and trust in God, which he views as the cornerstone of his success. You will perhaps gain a fresh perspective on faith if you listen to him, although that is not what his talk is about.

He has a major concern, which I share, that the world risks descending into a socialistic, totalitarian state, in which the vision of George Orwell will manifest, to the detriment of all except the Stalinist-type elite who seek to control everyone’s life. This may be less evident in the UK, but it should be clear to any perceptive observer of the United States.

For those in South Africa, the path to totalitarian rule is also clearly marked. It is somewhat obscured by the focus on affirmative action, which is one of the main drivers of the destruction of the economy; but that too is merely a means to an end. To understand the end goal of our totalitarian state, you only need to follow the writings and speeches of the South African rulers. Their heroes are still in the mould of Stalin and Robert Mugabe. We are fortunate in being able to predict the outcome, as we have observed a destroyed economy in the USSR, a country in ruin in Zimbabwe next door to us, and a Venezuela in the process of economic ruin.

This again is not what the video discussion is about, it has a much broader perspective, of one man who is clearly destined to succeed, and what were the main drivers and imperatives which will ensure his success.