Inspirational Discussion from a Young Man on the Move

George Farmer is not someone I have been long aware of, and from his talk you can discern why. He is a very bright Oxford graduate, but he is very unassuming and even self-effacing to a degree.

I became aware of him when he married his African American wife Candace Owens, who has her own show in the USA. I follow her on Twitter and watch her show when she has discussions relevant to my quite broad interests.

This couple are somewhat analogous to the Royal couple, Harry and Meghan, in that George is the son of a Baron, who is a life peer of the House of Lords. Other than that, I must say that Candace is in quite a different league to Meghan. She is very articulate, sociable and presents her views with honesty and integrity. George makes it clear that his foundation in life is one of complete trust in God. He is not ashamed to share this in the British environment, which is relatively hostile to Christianity, being very much a part of the Post-Christian world.

That said, the interview is broad ranging, and not focused on Christianity. In essence, George presents his views on life in a lucid, instructive and challenging manner. As a successful 30-year-old, his views should be of great value to those at the start of, or early in their career path. One thing that comes across clearly is his focus on humility. He shared a Bible verse, which is also one of my favourites, that I have committed to memory. It’s Micah 6:8 “What does the LORD require of you, baut to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?

One thing I found interesting, as a Trump fan, is that both George and Candace have met and interacted with the President, and they see him in a completely different light to that presented by the utterly left-wing, American media. 


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