Marxism Rises in Australia & People Now Resisting

NER: This is the free country of Australia, now rising up about their totalitarian government. Pedestrians are being rammed by police cars then have their heads stomped on like Antifa & BLM do in the US, This scenario is coming to you and the only escape is for citizens to rise up en masse and confront their Marxist governments. The other option is stay home and become a slave of the elite.


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  1. Sadly, or more frighteningly, the Australians are starting to turn on each other. The vaxxed think it is perfectly ok to ram their opinions down the unvaxxed throats. The government have left the decision of mandating the jab up to businesses. We are going down a slippery slope here.

    1. Thanks Jacqui. Yes that’s the sad reality. The uninformed follow the Fauci lies and see the unvaxxed as a danger. Meanwhile its shedding by the vaxxed that endangers all the free thinkers. Without an uprising against the totalitarian state there will be no escape. Taking no action is not an option for the freedom lovers or those who care about their children.

  2. You comments are exactly what the Globalist want. If you can’t divide the people through racism, wealth etc. use the whole vax vs not vax and make them turn on each other. This is happening all over the world. The Globalists got in bed with China and allowed them to stream line a virus that traveled all over the world for a month before finally coming out publicly.

    Now countries are on locked down, and ordering their citizens to put a chemical in their body or else…..If they succeed with a Vax, what can stop them from a chip in your body or putting you in jail or even death in some extremes if you don’t comply.

    The Marxist plot had started in the states over 100 years ago and is now rearing it’s ugly head here. We need to stay together and fight this whether you have the Vax or not. Embrace the right to choose. Embrace FREEDOM OF CHOICE.