Mass Psychosis Leading To Totalitarian World: Awake & Speak

We Can Never Stop Speaking Out: Only the Truth Will Set Us Free

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”

~  William Faulkner

We now live in a world consumed by what is currently being referred to as “Mass Formation Psychosis.” This phenomenon is not new, but is very real, and considering today’s fake pandemic madness, it has overwhelmed the entire planet at once. This has never happened before on this scale in human history, so the risk of this collective insanity is nothing short of total devastation at the hands of tyrants.

While the term mass formation has taken centre stage as of late, this is simply a collective mentality where most all think as one in order to gain approval of the group, force communal gathering for the purpose of perceived safety, cling to the social norm of the moment, and vilify any who choose to not conform. This has been properly compared to societal mass hypnosis, but again, never on such a scale as seen today. It happened in Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, and it also happens in the build-up to war. False flag events used in the past in this country to stoke great fear have been able to achieve majority approval and collective support for heinous events. This happened due to the pre-planned attack on Pearl Harbour to get the people behind World War II, it happened in the leadup to the Vietnam War due to the fake Gulf of Tonkin attack, it happened after the state-staged terror attack of 9/11 used to falsely legitimize the aggressive war on the Middle East, and in many other instances throughout history.

These events in the past that caused a breakdown of intellect, majority support for the evil state, and succumbing to the whims of the ruling class, led to any sort of abuses not only against the victims of war, but against the domestic populations as well. While this tyranny levied by the state is always obvious to those who do not accept and always question the mainstream narrative, they are few in number compared to the compliant herd.

Now, mass psychosis has captivated the globe, all due to a purposely fabricated hoax called a ‘coronavirus pandemic.’ This time, it is extreme worldwide mass collectivism brought about due to lies, global collusion, and conspiracy, causing unlimited crowd ignorance. Once the individual is sacrificed for the meaningless ‘common good,’ and the brainwashed hordes gather together in complete irresponsible solidarity, all aspects of sanity disappear in favour of idiotic groupthink. Once this occurs, totalitarian policies advance in full view of all, but are mostly ignored by the general mob seeking to remain ignorant of reality. Accepting, understanding, and verifying the truth are all that would be necessary so that individual clarity could be achieved, something universally shunned by most, and that is brutally evident today.

People tend to see only what they want to see in order to establish and retain social recognition, social acceptance, and comfort in knowing that they are part of a majority and not alone. Regardless of the weakness and great folly of this type of behaviour, it is a part of humanity that has always existed, but has usually been partially and temporarily discarded over time as the prevailing narrative broke down. That has not been the case in this current manufactured ‘virus crisis,’ as the entire globe has been engulfed in this heavily propagated fraud. At no time in history has every country on earth acted in concert to push a single narrative. Even the thought of this happening is still mind-boggling, but it has happened nonetheless. This fact alone exposes that the herd mentality of the human animal is not only real, but inherent to the psyche of modern man.

In order for something of this magnitude to take place, it is evident that the human population has regressed substantially considering intellectual growth, responsibility, confidence in self, and a belief in the individual nature of man. They have instead been conditioned, and accepted their indoctrination voluntarily, only for reliance on a false sense of comfort and safety of the crowd, and dependency on others instead of self. Although people are social creatures, what has sustained humanity has been individual effort, tenacity, courage, and a strong driving force to be free. Those traits now only exist with a small minority, and if that minority is eliminated or driven out, the downfall of man will be the result.

That is why those of us who know the truth can never stop speaking out and spreading that truth. Speaking truth to power is vitally important and necessary, but it is not enough. Speaking truth to all everywhere, to all willing to listen, and doing so continuously in order to wake the hypnotically controlled minds of the masses, is imperative.

What once was considered to be a somewhat normal society, with a higher percentage of individual thinkers, over time became a controlled and indifferent society dependent on foreign substances to calm all their anxieties. Courage, toughness, confidence, and the body’s natural ability to fight off life’s diseases and mental anxieties, disappeared in favour of an escape from reality. This escape was fomented in part by the indoctrination and dumbing down of the general population, with the help of the same financial, ‘educational,’ medical, pharmaceutical, and governing bodies responsible for the creation of this fraudulent ‘pandemic.’ Germ theory alone allowed for the mass distribution of chemical remedies for almost every ailment, and every so-called ‘mental’ condition; this leading to a society fully dependent on fake psychological diagnoses of fictitious maladies, and the use of non-natural drug treatments. The result has been the creation of a societal shift from one of more prevalent personal responsibility to one of almost total dependence. This happened incrementally, affecting the physical body and also the minds of individuals, and resulting in a collective dependency by the masses.

What is being called mass formation, which naturally leads to mass psychosis, has become the norm in not only this country, but the rest of the world as well. Is it any wonder then, that we are in this state of madness, and fast approaching world totalitarianism?

Never relent, never keep quiet, and always speak against the state and its false narratives. Never sit idle in the face of tyranny, and never allow apathy to invade your psyche. Do not quit writing, making podcasts and videos, and spreading all factual information so that others, even those with closed minds, have at least the opportunity to see the light. The truth is our salvation, so the more of us exposing the lies, the more of us with the courage to speak out, the more of us willing to disobey orders and mandates; the more chance that others may follow suit.

Silence is not an option unless servitude is to be guaranteed. The masses together will never listen, but there are always individual members of that group who will break rank and actually think for themselves if given the proper ammunition to trigger an awakening.

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”

~ Gustave Le Bon (2009) “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind”, p.137, The Floating Press


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