Mercola & Cummins Unpack the Covid Story

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Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

April 30, 2021


  • In October 2019, mere months before the pandemic was announced, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted Event 201, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, funded by billionaire technocrat Michael Bloomberg. This tabletop exercise simulated the global response to a fictional coronavirus pandemic
  • Amid predictions that 65 million people were dying, mass lockdowns and quarantines were implemented around the world, and alternative viewpoints were suppressed through censorship under the guise of fighting “disinformation”
  • Event 201 confirms that even if the virus itself wasn’t preplanned, the unprecedented and draconian response to it was
  • The goal of this pandemic is to usher in the Great Reset, a strategy developed and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Previously referred to as the New World Order, this “reset” of the global economy and society as a whole has been carefully planned for decades
  • A key component of this agenda is the transfer of global wealth and assets into the hands of the wealthy

NER: Video would not copy. Transcript is available at the bottom and contains a lot of additional information.

In this video, Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, and I discuss “The Truth About COVID-19 — Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal,” which we co-wrote.

The book was released yesterday. If you preordered, thank you! If you didn’t, you can now pick it up without delay.

Thanks for all your support with the book. This is going to be an overwhelming best seller, and likely No. 1 in the U.S. We preordered 50,000 copies, but Amazon told us a few weeks ago that they needed 100,000 copies, which only happens a few times a year for any new book. The orders were placed weeks ago, but this pandemic has massively disrupted the printing industry so it is taking far longer to print books than it used to.

For that reason, your books will be delivered just a bit later than anticipated. However, if you are like me and only read Kindle books, you can get the book now! The good news is that at least 50,000 of you will get the book next week and start to understand the deep web of deception you have been led into. I deeply appreciate all your support on this book and the project to educate the masses about the truth about COVID-19.

As mentioned by Cummins, the COVID-19 pandemic surprised a lot of people, but in researching this book, we learned that vaccine companies and their investors had been anticipating a scenario like this for a very long time.

Event 201 — A Prescient Foreshadowing

Interestingly enough, in October 2019, mere months before the pandemic was announced, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted Event 201, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, funded by billionaire technocrat Michael Bloomberg. This tabletop exercise simulated the global response to a fictional coronavirus pandemic.

Amid predictions that 65 million people were dying, mass lock downs and quarantines were implemented around the world, and alternative viewpoints were suppressed through censorship under the guise of fighting “disinformation.” They even discussed the possibility of incarcerating people who question the pandemic narrative.

The need for radical censorship was perhaps one of the most striking foreshadowing in that exercise. In my view, Event 201, as a whole, confirms that even if the virus itself wasn’t preplanned, the unprecedented and draconian response to it certainly was, and Gates is a key figure in this scheme.

He may not be the mastermind, and he’s certainly not the only person involved, but he appears to be one of the front men for the technocratic elite who are using this pandemic to further their own agenda, which is nothing short of world domination through subjugation of the people.

Science and Facts Tossed by the Wayside

Many of the containment measures employed during this pandemic have never been used before, ever. Among them are the shutting down of businesses and forcing people to self-isolate at home for weeks and months on end — around the whole world! It’s quite unbelievable, and few would have thought it possible.

Clearly, it would not have been possible were it not for having spent long periods of time grooming the right people, infiltrating the right organizations and government agencies, influencing politicians and granting nongovernmental bodies global influence.

The goal of this pandemic is to usher in the Great Reset, a strategy developed and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Previously referred to as the New World Order, this “reset” of the global economy and society as a whole has been carefully planned for decades.

We’ve also never quarantined healthy people before. Usually, you isolate the sick and contagious. This is standard practice. But you don’t isolate non-sick people. This is a brand-new idea that has never been tried before and has no scientific basis whatsoever.

They were able to do all of this because the World Health Organization is the de facto ruler when it comes to global pandemics. What they say is what member nations will follow. And who’s the primary funder of the WHO? Not any nation, but Gates. He has, by the way, been involved with the WHO for over a decade, so this is not something he or anyone else dreamed up over some weekend event.

The End Goal Is to Usher in the Great Reset

As we describe in the book, the goal of this pandemic is to usher in the Great Reset, a strategy developed and promoted by the World Economic Forum. Previously referred to as the New World Order, this “reset” of the global economy and society as a whole has been carefully planned for decades.

A key component of this agenda is the transfer of global wealth and assets into the hands of the wealthy. According to a September 2020 economic impact report1 by Yelp, 163,735 U.S. businesses had closed their doors as of August 31, 2020, and of those, 60% — a total of 97,966 businesses — were permanent closures.2

Meanwhile, between March 18, 2020, and April 12, 2021, the collective wealth of American billionaires increased by $1.62 trillion — 55% — from $2.95 trillion to $4.56 trillion. One-third of the total wealth gains by billionaires since 1990 occurred in the last 13 months!3

As noted by Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, “Never before has America seen such an accumulation of wealth in so few hands.”4 The primary benefactors of the pandemic measures include the finance and tech industries and the pharmaceutical and military-intelligence sectors.5

Vaccine Passport Is Your Ticket to Tyranny

As you’d expect, vaccine companies have been able to exploit this pandemic, in large part due to the heavy censoring of any and all preventive and early treatments. Without that censoring, I don’t believe as many people would be lining up to get these shots, seeing how they are experimental gene therapies miscategorized as vaccines.

None of the COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market has been licensed. They are all being used under emergency use authorization, and a condition for an EUA is that there are no other effective treatments available. This, I believe, is the real reason why effective prevention and alternative treatments were so heavily suppressed. They, quite simply, would have rendered the vaccine moot.

In the book, we also detail how inaccurate tests, used inappropriately, created the illusion of a highly infectious pandemic and served as the basis for the fearmongering spewed by the media. In reality, the vast majority of “cases” actually weren’t. They were false positives and/or people being counted multiple times because they kept being retested, and instead of counting people, they were counting tests.

Fatality statistics were also grossly inflated by suddenly changing how death certificates are filled out and marking any person who died having had a positive PCR test within the last month, or who was simply suspected of being positive, as a COVID-19 death. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that 94% of COVID-19 deaths were people who died with the virus, not from it. The real cause of death was another underlying, often long-term chronic condition.

All of these statistics were artificially manipulated to make it appear we are in a sufficiently deadly and horrible situation to warrant vaccine passports, without which you won’t be allowed to participate in certain social activities or travel.

The irony is that the COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or spread of the virus, so being vaccinated won’t do a thing for public health. At best, it may protect the vaccinated individual from having a more serious case of COVID-19 if or when they do get infected. They encourage everyone to get vaccinated in order to ensure we reach herd immunity, yet these “vaccines” aren’t designed to provide immunity! 

Since vaccination won’t prevent viral spread, the vaccine passport will fulfill but one purpose, and that is to usher in a digital surveillance mechanism that can then be expanded to encompass many other areas of life, including financial data. So, the vaccine certificate is not a passport to freedom. It’s your ticket to tyranny.

How to Take Control of Your Health

I believe your best bet, moving forward, is to address your foundational health, starting with your metabolic flexibility. You want to be metabolically flexible. What does that mean? It means that your body can seamlessly transition between burning fat and burning carbohydrates as its primary fuel. This is important, because when your body can do this, it means you are not insulin resistant.

When you’re insulin resistant, you’re more likely to have complications such as immune insensitivity, obesity, high blood pressure and distorted cholesterol patterns. Your risk for severe COVID-19 will also be dramatically increased. Thankfully, many of these issues can be simply reversed for no cost with time-restricted eating.

Secondly, you need to have enough vitamin D. For optimal health, you’ll want your vitamin D level, which you must measure using a simple blood test, to be between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (100 nmol/L and 150 nmol/L).

My peer reviewed published study6 on the “Evidence Regarding Vitamin D and Risk of COVID-19 and Its Severity” is available for free on the journal’s website. In the book, we go into more specific details about these strategies, and many others.

Freedom of Speech Is Officially Dead

“The Truth About COVID-19” will become all the more important to own and share in days to come, as I was recently forced to permanently remove all articles on vitamins D, C and zinc, as well as most articles on COVID-19, from my website. This book will now be a primary source of such information.

Over the past year, I’ve been researching and writing as much as I can to help you take control of your health, as fearmongering media and corrupt politicians have destroyed lives and livelihoods to establish global control of the world’s population, using the COVID-19 pandemic as their justification.

Through these progressively increasing stringent measures, I have refused to succumb to these relentless attacks. I have been willing to defend myself in the court of law, as I’ve had everything reviewed by some of the best attorneys in the country.

Unfortunately, threats recently became very personal and intensified to the point I could no longer preserve much of the information and research I’ve provided to you thus far. These threats are not legal in nature, and I have limited ability to defend myself against them.

Politicians in January 2021 managed to pass the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act.7 This piece of legislation was hidden in a 2,100-page bill8 that now provides the government with enormous legal authority to prosecute anyone for “crime” of disagreeing with the official narrative that the vaccine is the ONLY approved approach to treat or prevent COVID-19. Here is the relevant portion of this Act:

This Act makes it unlawful under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act for any person, partnership, or corporation to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or diagnosis of COVID-19 or a government benefit related to COVID-19.

Remember, Hitler and Mussolini came to power LEGALLY, because they subverted the legal structures of their country. Folks, you are now seeing the same kind of subversion happening in real time in the U.S. It is obvious that this is the first assault, designed to remove your personal freedom and liberty. This law essentially abolishes the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution with respect to ANY dialog on COVID-19.

The Truth About COVID-19 – ORDER NOW!

My new book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” is now available. Don’t miss out, grab your copy today!

The Truth About COVID-19

The Truth About COVID-19 – ORDER NOW!

My new book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” is now available. Don’t miss out, grab your copy today!

The Truth About COVID-19

The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset,
Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal
A Special Interview With Dr. Joseph Mercola
By Ronnie Cummins
Ronnie Cummins:
Hello, good to be with you today. I’m Ronnie Cummins from Organic Consumers Association.
We have Dr. Joseph Mercola with us from Dr. Mercola and I have just published a
book called “The Truth About COVID-19,” that’s available. You can go to the website at or for your copy of the book. I wanted to start off asking
Dr. Mercola, the COVID-19 pandemic surprised a lot of people, but in researching this book,
you learn that the vaccine companies and their investors had been anticipating a scenario like
COVID-19 for a long time. Tell us what you learned about, Event 201. Yes.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
So with respect to Event 201, I think it’s, it was interesting. And really in my mind, objectively
confirms that this was a planned event. Some people call it the “plandemic.” And what was
Event 201. It was an event held at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, I believe in October,
2019, six to eight weeks before the official pandemic was known about. It wasn’t only Johns
Hopkins, but Bill and Melinda Gates foundation sponsored it along with the World Economic
Forum. The connections get pretty deep here, because interesting — So what was Event 201? It
was an exercise in a coronavirus pandemic, and what they would do down to the details of
lockdowns and masks, and everything they had in there was planned.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
The six weeks, how could they figure that out six weeks before it was going be launched? So
let’s suggest there is a very interesting origin story, and there is, and Ronnie has reviewed the
answer to that question. So just to expand on that with the – Bill Gates is one of the keys here.
He’s certainly not the only person involved but he certainly appears to be one of the front men
for this group. Obviously one of the wealthiest men in the world, and very clever, very
sophisticated. But I don’t think he’s committed to being the altruistic philanthropist that he
cleverly manipulated his media team to give him the image of. It’s actually a very interesting
strategy that was done by Rockefeller, John Rockefeller, about a hundred years ago because he
was equally demonized and people did not like that man until he shifted to a philanthropist.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
And interestingly though, Gates’ form of philanthropy involves donating to his foundation. The
foundation then invests in a trust and the trust benefits him personally, which is a legal loophole.
So he can donate $20 billion and get $50 billion richer. And most of these investments are really
directed towards really the end result of what this whole operation about, what I believe is, is, is
a massive rant — not rant, but ramp up to global tyranny. And that was cleverly done. I mean,
think about it. When in the history of mankind, have they been able to shut down the entire
world. When? Never. The first time. I mean, certain government, certain, countries have done it
previously, but not the whole world once. And they lock down people who weren’t sick, never
previously done before. They only isolated people who were sick and contagious with the illness,
not the non-sick people.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
So how are they able to do it? Because of the World Health Organization that is the catalyst or
the mechanism of how it was implemented. And then it’s really, really crucial understand that
Bill Gates is the primary funder, or at least was when Donald Trump stopped the United States
funding of the World Health Organization. He’s the primary funder. And he’s been involved with
WHO for a decade. So this is not something he just dreamed up on some weekend event. He’s
been planning this for well over a decade. And you know, there are many TED talks of him
discussing and warning us of these pandemics. And, but we’ll go on — there are other questions
we want to go into, but it is important. That’s the stage for understanding how we got into this
Ronnie Cummins:
We’ve read a lot about this Great Reset. Can you tell us, what this is all about?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, I probably mentioned it a few other places there, but I did not formally acknowledge it as
the Great Reset, but essentially it’s a strategy developed by the World Economic Forum, which is
the group that puts together Davos and very wealthy people to attend to that summit and many
world leaders and they have an agenda. They’ve had an agenda for a long time and they’re not
silent about it. They publish it. And essentially it’s the transfer of wealth and assets in the entire
world over into the very wealthy. And as I mentioned earlier, you know, the net worth of the
billionaires, and I think there are a lot more than 3,000 billionaires, but that’s what the statistics
show, but the worth of those guys has doubled in the last year, doubled. So I think many of them
are approaching trillionaire status. Because the thing is, how do you access this, this
information? Because if you have assets that aren’t disclosed, that doesn’t go into the number
many of these people do, they’re very clever at hiding these assets. So you’ve got loads of income
and resources, and I don’t know why they would think they need so much, but they do, but that’s
the intention.
Ronnie Cummins:
So the vaccine companies and their investors were prepared to exploit the pandemic as an
opportunity to force out onto the market their new vaccine technologies by using emergency use
authorization. And what are some of the implications of being able to get those vaccines out
under emergency use authorization, and why did they ignore some of the generic drugs and
natural health remedies?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
There’s a lot of questions in there, but I want to focus on the first one, which is the emergency
use authorization, because that is the key, absolute key, that allows them to have a normal
democratic or constitutional republic converted from that into a tyrannical government. Because
it essentially abolishes all the normal rights and freedoms that you have temporarily under the
guise of a public health threat that really wasn’t a threat. So that is the justification that they use.
And there really wasn’t a justification. This was a manipulated, I’m not claiming that people
didn’t die, that many people didn’t suffer, but when you look at it overall, it was not a risk, the
high-risk event and you examine the numbers. The half-a-million people who supposedly died
from this it to justify these tyrannical interventions weren’t a half-a-million people because of the
way they diagnosed it.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
They diagnose it with trumped up tests, the PCR, polymerase chain reaction, which is a test that
essentially analyses a specific amount of biological material to high levels so that they can
diagnose something. And every time they replicated you, you know, it gets to the point where
you can actually see it in a lab. But if you replicated too much then the false positives just go
through the roof. So not only were the false positives extreme, but anyone with the test, positive
tests, whether it was a true test or maybe half of them that were false positive who died of
anything, anything, whether they died of cancer, because they were terminally ill or they died in
a car or a motorcycle accident, if they tested positive, it was designated to be a COVID-19 death.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
So at a minimum, at a minimum, it was 25% increase. And even the CDC said 96% of the people
who died with COVID-19 had comorbidities, which means that there’s a high chance that most
of those people died from something else, not COVID-19. It was just, just another, burden that
they had that eventually contributed to their final demise. So, yeah, so ultimately those are big
issues that a lot of people aren’t aware of, if you haven’t been watching this really carefully and
listening to other sources of information because none of this information, anything that counters
the official narrative, is expunged from the conventional mainstream media. And if it’s done on a
platform, especially a social media platform, not only is it deleted, but frequently, those people
are banned from that platform.
Ronnie Cummins:
Yes. And they had to censor the effective prevention and treatment protocols that were taking
place across the world. That’s right. In order to get the emergency use authorization. A lot of
people don’t understand that.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah. So let’s go there. That was the last part of your question. So what were those alternative
strategies? Well, the first one – there are two basic strategies that if you implement this and this
comes in, like, I don’t think it’s part of the question, but there’s a COVID-19 vaccine passport
that’s implemented. It’s going to happen. You’re guaranteed. This is a done deal. We’re going to
have them. And it’s going to be used to restrict your freedoms. Unless you have a vaccination,
you won’t be able to go into these large events. You may not be able to fly. You may not even be
able to buy groceries. Who knows? We don’t know what it’s going to lead to, and you’re going to
be marked and demonized because you’re contributing to the pandemic. When in reality, there
are two foundational strategies that you need to implement.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
One is be metabolically flexible. What does that mean? That means your body seamlessly can
transition between burning fat or carbohydrates as its primary fuel. And why is it important?
Because it means you, you’re not insulin-resistant. And when you’re insulin-resistant, you’re
more likely to have complications such as immune insensitivity. You’ll be obese. You have high
blood pressure hike, distorted cholesterol patterns and your risk will be dramatically increased to
developing COVID-19. So that’s one thing, you want to be metabolically flexible, which is easy
to do if you understand how to eat your food. And then the second is that you need to have
enough vitamin D. Those two things together are probably at least 10 to 100 times more effective
than this vaccine. Have enough vitamin D on board. And we have, there’s not enough time to go
into the details, but essentially the only way you know you’re getting enough vitamin D is that
you’re getting a blood test.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
For most people who’s not exposed to the sun that’s about 8,000 units a day. The blood levels in
the United States are 60 to 80 nanograms per millilitre. Overseas, or in Canada, it’s a 100, 150
nanograms per millilitre. And if you’re below that, you’re at increased risk and the studies are – I
wrote a paper on this in October of last year, it was published in a peer-reviewed journal called
Nutrients. And it went into all the details and the relationship to COVID-19. And then there’s a
free website called StopCOVIDCold, all one word, .com, that goes in free downloads. It doesn’t
capture email or anything. You won’t get spammed and goes into great detail. So those are the
two things. And anytime, anytime, a health site or someone on Twitter, YouTube tries to tell
people about this, though, that post is usually deleted and many channels have been banned for
sharing this information, because it conflicts with the – one of the primary motivations for this
contrived pandemic is initiation of these worthless, dangerous, ineffective vaccines.
Ronnie Cummins:
And can you comment on what we’ve seen since the vaccine, since these are experimental

Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah. And that’s a great point because to call it a vaccine is inaccurate because this is an
experimental gene treatment. This is not a traditional vaccine. These have never been used as
vaccines in the history of the world. Most of them are using messenger RNA that’s coded to have
your body create the spike protein of the coronavirus, which supposedly will give you an
immunity. But even at all these trials, the conclusion was they never provided immunity. All it
was supposed to do was lower the side effects of the disease, so that you have less serious
disease. But now they’re being claimed it provides immunity. And we needed a certain threshold
to have herd immunity. And it just doesn’t do that. It’s not what they’re designed to do. And
here’s a more egregious crime – the people behind this, I firmly believe, should be imprisoned.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
They should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives for the atrocious crimes they are committing
against humanity. What is this? They are recommending this worthless vaccine that has never
been tested or used in children and pregnant women. This is reprehensible medical malpractice.
And there are many women who were suffering from this and had miscarriages and children who
are suffering. With children, why is it such a reprehensible medical malpractice? They are not
even at risk for the disease. At the risk, there are less than a few hundred kids in the entire
country who have died of COVID. And again, that’s with these inflated statistics. It’s not even the
top 10 causes of death, not even the top 10. I mean, more kids are dying of respiratory disease
than dying from COVID and let alone car accidents, and a variety of other ways that kids die. So
no attention is being given to that. It’s all being focused on creating the fear and driving the
justification for having everyone be immunized.
Ronnie Cummins:
Yes. And these people, these experimental drugs that they’re pushing out on the public, a lot of
people don’t understand that government officials like Dr. Fauci, and so-called philanthropic
organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the scientists at the National
Institutes of Health, are actually allowed under U.S. law to profit off of these patented drugs that
they’re forcing down people’s throats while they’re censoring natural health and dietary
engineered drugs that actually work around the world.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah. And there’s footage of Bill Gates, when he’s at Davos, talking to one of the correspondents
there and interviewing him and saying, “Well, you know, what’s your best investment?” “Well,
my best investment is vaccine. I got a 20-to-1 return.” Twenty-to-one. So he’s heavily invested
with this. The GAVI is one of the organizations she founded and I think they took his name off
of it. I forget what the G stands for, but it’s definitely, it’s his organization and the World Health
Organization. And you’re right. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) benefits
from this stuff too. So it’s, it’s just atrocious what they’re getting away with. I mean, it’s literally
tens of billions of dollars when in the scope of things. I mean, it sounds like a lot of money.
Billions of dollars. I mean, I’m from Illinois, and Senator Everett Dirksen said, “You know, a
billion here, a billion there,” I think he maybe said a million. But before you know it, it adds up,
but they’re turning printing trillions of dollars, tens of trillions of dollars, just created out of thin
air, created out of thin air to inflate everything, which contributes to one of them.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
So we get back to the first question, you know, was this plan? Yeah. One of the reasons the
World Health Organization and Klaus Schwab planned this thing is to transfer wealth from most
of the world to the very rich. And I think the billionaires in the last year have doubled their net
worth, doubled their net worth, doubled that isn’t been true for the rest of the population. Most of
the middle-class is disappearing into the lower class. We’re going to have a two-tier society
before long, which is tragic.
Ronnie Cummins:
Well, in spite of all their censorship, they have not shut down groups like ourselves. And in fact,
our readership people are getting larger every day. And this book looks like it’s going to be a best
seller coming.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
I would disagree with that. Ronnie. They have shut us down. I mean, I know they’ve taken you
out of the Google search engine, and Google is part of this. This is, let me just go into this, but
this is a big reason why they were able to do it. This has been very clever, very sophisticated,
strategically planning. Google, and you may not be aware of this, but look at my site and type in
Robert Epstein, who is a sociologist at Harvard. He’s well-documented this, and he’s testified
before Congress. They have been collecting data on you and most of the world. Ninety-two
percent of the searches done in the world are done on Google. And all of that information is
captured by their servers. They take this information, they feed it to their deep learning
algorithms, artificial intelligence, since they know precisely the buttons to press to trigger the
most powerful emotion known to man to cause and change behavior.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
And what is that emotion? Fear. They know exactly the scenario to paint, down to the last detail
and what to do. So this wasn’t just some wild thing they thought up on a weekend. This was
planned for years. Google is a big part of the problem. So getting back to your point that they
haven’t censored us, yes they have. They’ve taken us out of the search engine. The only people
who know us are typically people who knew about us before the censorship occurred. So yeah,
that doesn’t mean our traffic — I mean, it hasn’t affected our business at all, but because the
people who know about us are already staying, but our ability to spread this truth to the rest of
the world has been severely compromised. So that’s part of the challenge.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
And I do think it’s going to continue to get worse and they could take us out, Ronnie. They have
the tools to essentially eliminate us from the internet. And I don’t want to go into details, but they
can do that. So we are working on really – I mean, all this is, I don’t want to be Debbie Downer
because there are some really powerful things we can do. We need to shift that focus because
people are going to get depressed and want to, you know, just end it all. I’m just telling you, this
is real danger and some of the issues are around. If there are things that can be done, one of them
is a long-term plan. It is understanding that the existing type of internet we have is called a
centralized internet. That means the servers that push the data are in a few places controlled by a
few organizations.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
But there are no – so you can have the alternative is something like Bitcoin, which is a
decentralized system where it’s on servers all over the world, maybe millions, tens of millions,
hundreds of millions of servers on people’s cell phones. And that can never, never, never be shut
down. Never. So that’s what we need to go to. It’s in the works. I’m telling you, there are a
number of groups working on this. We will have it and they can never take you out like they can
now. I know they haven’t taken us out yet completely. I mean we still exist online, but they can
shut us out any day they want. And if things continue to progress, they very well may do this.
And we may be targeted as criminals, domestic press terrorists, because we’re recommending not
to take this vaccine. That’s under the guise of public health safety. That’s the justification of you
and they’ve done it in a way that people believe it because they’ve been taking the data, stealing
the data from you, for the last two decades.
Ronnie Cummins:
Yes. Well, we definitely have a big challenge ahead. I am happy though, that a significant
proportion of the world’s population don’t believe the official story of COVID-19.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Oh, let me give you a little story on that, too. I don’t know if you knew this but because this
vaccine is not approved, it only has an emergency use authorization, right? Because of that, the
U.S. military has the option to opt out of the vaccine. I don’t know if you knew that and the latest
data I’ve seen is that the Marines, the United States Marines, 40% of the Marines are opting out.
Ronnie Cummins:
Yeah. And I think that, I think a lot of people who understand the importance of organic food
and, cleaning up the environment and having a healthy lifestyle, they just simply haven’t
understood thoroughly yet that our best defense against chronic disease or best defense against a
biological trigger like COVID-19 is what we’ve been saying for decades, which is eat healthy,
organic food, drink clean water, get exercise, get out there in the sun. If you need to take a quote
“medicine,” natural health medicines and supplements are very effective 99% of the time.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
In the book, we go into specific details. There is a strategy using nebulized peroxide and this
format does not allow me to go into details. But just know it exists. It’s very, very safe, it’s almost
free, costs you less than a penny. The only investment you have to make is to get the nebulizer to
do it. And I have detailed video instructions on my site. So that would, I mean, unless you were
terminally ill with other diseases, I mean nothing’s 100% but this thing is really highly effective.
Personally. I’ve never seen it fail. Dr. David Brownstein is a family physician who has been
doing this. He’s one of the pioneers in this. He started 25 years ago and he treated over 200
patients with COVID-19 and it worked on every one of them, so incredibly safe. So that’s just
one of them, looking at your vitamin D levels, becoming metabolically flexible, using something
called time-restricted eating, where you’re limiting the number of hours you’re eating between six
and eight hours.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Those are all things that you can do that are far more effective than the vaccine that will not only
cause side effects, potentially terminal, but will improve your overall health. Interestingly, we’ll
never know how many people died from this vaccine. We’ll never know, because they’re all — I
mean, we have celebrity sport, legends like Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler, the pro boxer who
literally died – Hagler, I think it was a few hours after the vaccine, and Hank Aaron was two
weeks, and it was all dismissed. They were able to get the pathologists out. “There’s no
connection, no connection,” but I guarantee you, 100%, if they had a positive COVID-19 test last
year and they died, would have been COVID-19, 100%. It would have been COVID-19 deaths,
but they get a vaccine, die two weeks later or hour later, no way it’s connected, cannot be the
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
So the point of sharing that is we’ll never know because all this information piece is oppressed.
But even with those stringent contingencies, we have 2,500 people dying from the vaccine
reported this year. 2,500. 2,500. That’s the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)
database, the VAERS database we know between only 1% and 10% of the adverse events are
reported to that database. So that means the 2,500 could be 25,000 to 250,000. And I’m pretty
confident that ultimately more people will die from this vaccine than died from COVID. If you
truthfully analyze the correct statistics. Because again, the number of COVID deaths reported
last year are inflated probably by at least 100%. So half a million, but might’ve been 100,000 to
200,000. We don’t know. We’ll never know because they bastardized the statistical reporting.
Ronnie Cummins:
Well, okay. I think that you’ve said it for, for quite a long time, we’ve got to take charge of our
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Take control, take control. We actually own that trademark. For 20 years we’ve had it.
Ronnie Cummins:
And tell everyone you know to tune into Dr. Mercola and and buy our
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Yeah. Well, it’s not Dr. Mercola, it’s, although I think we may own the domain. I don’t know. But it’s You can remember, this is key. If
you want the truth, you want details like this because I mean, there’s so much information we can
share with you and we do, we don’t charge you for it. You get it free, but you got to know that
you got to go to the site and ideally the simplest way is to get our newsletter but you will never
find our information on Google search engine or most of the search engines, because almost all
use Google as their infrastructure. It’s an excellent search engine but it censored, it’s manipulated.
They only tell you what you want to see. We were able to get away with, you know, a free
internet for —
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
I mean, our site has been online for since 1997, that’s 24 years. It’s almost a quarter of a century
and they only really, for the last two years, have censored us. So we got 21 years of information
out there. So we have a large following. We’ve helped over a hundred million people easily,
probably significantly more than that, but it’s going to be hard to reach more people now. So you
know, the key is to learn more information, get up to date. Because this is a moving target. We
have no idea what they’re going to do. And this is, this is only the beginning. They have far more
things up their sleeve. Especially with this vaccine passport, you’ve got to know, you got to
understand this. So definitely tie in because the book is a great resource, but it’s kind of like
documenting history.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
What we need to be concerned about is what to do, what do we prepare for for the future so they
don’t – and this is the key – they’re not allowed to take away our personal freedom and liberty?
Our ancestors over 250 years ago sacrificed their entire lives. The people who signed the
Declaration of Independence, they signed it with the understanding that if they lost the war, they
were dead men, they were dead men. People commit their entire lives to give you and me
freedom. This is a battle for freedom, folks. Everything’s on the line.
Ronnie Cummins:
And how can we tell people to fight these vaccine passports? What’s your recommendation on
this? Besides getting aware of what’s coming down right then?
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, as I said, the vaccine passports is like the first step of the plan. There’s absolutely no need
for them because of the vaccine does not provide immunity or immune protection. It’s just a
scam. It’s an absolute scam. And there are many people who believe this is the first step of the
process that China has implemented, which is a social credit system, which I’m sure many of you
have heard of and China uses to essentially control the country. And this is going to be the first
step, because it’s not just going to be the vaccine passport. Remember what they did with the
Patriot Act and 9/11 and Homeland security. Homeland security. Think about it. Think about
Homeland, what other country that had the “Homeland?” That was Germany and World War II.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
So, um, this is like, this is one of the things. And interestingly, IBM is involved with this
passport. And IBM was also involved in the indetification of many individuals who were
eventually exterminated in Nazi Germany. So it’s the same company. So eventually this is going
to be used to control the masses and you don’t have to participate in it. They may make it very,
very difficult not to, but this is when you have to understand that our ancient – not ancient. These
might be great, great grandfathers. Many of you have them who started this country, came over
from Europe and England to escape tyranny. They sacrificed their lives to give us personal
freedom and liberties. They sacrificed their lives. So the least that we can do is go through a little
inconvenience and not contribute that contributed to capitulate and surrender and go with these
vaccine passports.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
I assure you, I will never get a vaccine passport. It is not happening. So I would encourage you to
take the same strategy. Now this is a new event. It is not been implemented. I don’t think it’s been
formally deployed. There’s a few states that are in the process of doing it. I think in New Jersey
and California, but to the best of my knowledge, it’s not formally deployed. So we don’t know
what it’s going to look like yet. We have some ideas and concerns, certainly. So that’s why you
want to keep in touch, my website, You can sign up for the newsletter and we’ll
give you the latest as soon as we know about it. Because we typically know about it either right
before they do it or shortly after it’s done. So then you need to know what to do. It’s just hard to
give you a very specific, solid recommendation at this point.
Ronnie Cummins:
Okay. Well, thank you very much.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
You’re welcome.
Ronnie Cummins:
This is going to be the battle of our lives.
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Well, not the battle of our lives, but it’s definitely going to be a battle. But you know what?
There is not a micro-doubt in my mind that we stop them. They will not be successful, but you
got to be committed. You have to understand this is a battle. This is a major battle, but we will
win. And not so much win, because they’re always going to be out there and they’re big. They’re
the Goliath. But we can stop them.
Ronnie Cummins:
Okay. Well thank you very much. And the conversation will continue. Tell everyone to
subscribe. Don’t look for us on Google or social media, go direct. Yeah. Thanks a lot.


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