Moral Decay Leads to Anarchy

Democrats Let The Vandals In The Gate And Joined Them

Ernest S. Christian June 13, 20201

There is today an air of illegitimacy and political thuggishness about the increasingly illiberal Democrats who seem bent on destroying both logic and the evenhanded rule of law.  Democrats erase facts, cancel people, proscribe and punish unwanted thought and speech. They discriminate on the basis of race and gender, taking away and giving to the favoured the jobs, money and property of the disfavoured. Hypocrisy sets the standard and Jacobin-like terror enforces it.

A radicalized Democratic Party is no more a normal political party benignly participating in the American electoral system than communist China is a normal nation participating in international trade and diplomacy in a benign and above-board manner.

It is easy to see the onrushing menace, but in America today, with constitutional protections and ordinary human decency already being swept aside by powerful Democrat forces in the Congress, in the media and in the streets, it is dangerous to sound the alarm and make oneself a target for retribution.

Avert your eyes, bend your knee and remain silent or suffer the consequences!

First, the evildoerscame for President Trump with false charges and illegitimate prosecutions; then they illegitimately came for Judge Kavanaugh, General Flynn and others; soon, if they win or steal the election, a jackbooted squad of political sociopaths will come for all dissident Americans who refuse to knuckle under and be dehumanized by authoritarian Democrats.

Rioters, looters and terrorists are the natural spawn of Democrats whose own rap sheet for crimes against decency, the Constitution and the public good is long and scary. Their main M.O. is “take the money and run.”

To bring America to its knees and start over with them on top and everyone else on the bottom, Democrats will nominate Biden-Bot who (“which”) has been specially manufactured for the job.  Biden-Bot will recite the flimflam script with hardwired perfection, deftly duping millions at campaign rallies all across America.  Biden-Bot will bound up onto the stage at the presidential debates, accompanied (in microchip form) by Sanders, Warren and Ocasio-Cortez. 

Together these good comrades will battle against President Trump, democracy, the rule of law, the Judeo-Christian tradition, decency, truth, merit, the work ethic, capitalism, private property, personal freedom, religious freedom and, in the end, against Western Civilization itself.

“Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ has got to go,” chanted Jesse Jackson at Stanford University in one of the hundreds of protests and boycotts that ultimately caused the elevating tenets of Western Civilisation to be stripped from nearly all school curricula and replaced by the dehumanising principles of moral relativism, the “diversity” cannon, anti-American, anti-white rewrites of American history and virulent race-based hatred that have led us to the present state of violent overthrow. 

Democrats have long been somewhat frightening because of their on-again, but never quite off-again, love affair with Marxism (aka communism) and the totalitarian enforcement of its dictates.

Democrats have now acquired and weaponized the digital-age media which they use to promote ideas and people they like and to destroy those they disfavour.  Thus armed, Democrats are presently poised to make the long-festering “Red Menace” a full-scale reality in America.

If they succeed, America will be under mob and mobster rule.  The personal, economic, moral and anti-Constitution rapine will be horrible to see and even more horrible to endure for those who survive.  Orpheus will weep.  So will history and so will the hundreds of millions whose lives will be run and ruined by an international criminal enterprise that has been lurking in the shadows of academia and the Washington bureaucracy for many decades.

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  1. Barry Smith

    I cannot disagree with you really


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