More Evidence of VAERS Failed Reporting System

NER: There are two videos on this report. The first by Steve Kirsch is 2h 12m long but you will get most of it from the transcript. The second from Dr Hoffe is only 9m long so you can handle that. Here you will learn how the vaxx manufacturers claimed that the messenger RNA strands stay in the arm muscle. The clear evidence is 75% of the 40 trillion injected particles run wild throughout your bloodstream. these nanoparticles are wrapped in a lipid capsule which enables the RNA to enter from the bloodstream, predominantly  into the tiny capillaries of the heart, lungs & brain. These mRNA particles lodge there & tell the body to make spike proteins. this it does, & they in turn attach to the lining of the tiny capillaries, effectively roughening the lining. This is a disaster waiting to happen, as the body recognises the now rough capillary linings & forms blood clots to heal them. This is where the D Dimer test is needed to prove this, as the clots are too tiny for you to notice, except you may start getting breathless, have headaches etc. 62% of Dr Hoffe’s patients tested positive, but the test must be done within 7 days of the shot. There is no recovery of the damaged vessels. End result is probability of right-side heart failure & death in 3 years. Remember concurrent brain blockage may also be happening.

More Than 200,000 Have Already Died From the COVID Jab in the US

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