More Evidence That taking mNRA Gene Therapy is Foolish
The powers that be and media have got us all thinking about the problem of vaccine safety and efficacy in the wrong way.

Paediatricians, and many from the mainstream medical establishment, have got many of us on the defensive, (fraudulently) claiming that the vaccines are safe and effective and challenging us to disprove that.  The burden of proof however, under the precautionary principle, is on the doctors, and their medical system must prove beyond a reasonable doubt the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.  It is not the consumer’s job to discover the science: it is the medical practitioner/medical system’s job.  That’s what they are there for — to have that expertise.

To consent to the vaccine, practitioners/public health officials ethically should be held responsible for the following:

1] providing evidence that the vaccine is in fact a vaccine. The truth is, and I don’t think anyone disagrees with this, that the injections are not actually vaccines. They are gene therapies.

2} providing evidence that the vaccines are safe.  The VAERS data indicate that side effects do occur.  Whether you want to call them uncommon or rare, they still exist.  Because the vaccine is still in an experimental stage, no-one knows the precise risk.  What most people agree upon is that in terms of short-term effects, there is risk stratification according to underlying health status.  In other words, the sicker you are, the more likely you are to have a bad reaction.  Long-term effects are unknown since the vaccine has been available for less than 6 months.  I’d insist on having scientific proof of safety and efficacy.  Studies done by pharmaceutical companies are not admissible due to intrinsic bias.  They must be done by independent researchers.  Such studies to my knowledge do not exist.

3} Vaccine scientists have presented scientific evidence that the vaccines may be capable of neurologic damage, clotting disorders, aut0-immune mediated fertility problems, and death due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Immune Escape.  I would require practitioners and public health officials to provide good scientific evidence that these are not legitimate concerns, even in the face of known menstrual irregularities seen after vaccination.  To my knowledge, such research does not exist.  Saying it doesn’t happen is a complete fabrication.

4)}The vaccine companies themselves and Dr Fauci have said that the vaccine doesn’t prevent one from contracting the virus or transmitting it, once it is contracted.  It only is there to reduce severity of mild symptoms.  It is not known whether it prevents hospitalization or death from COVID-19, as that wasn’t studied.  Ask for evidence to be provided that the vaccine confers immunity, as vaccines are supposed to do.  I don’t think such research exists.

5} Even if the vaccine is presented as helpful, in terms of preventing mild symptoms of COVID-19 (which may be correct, although definitive studies are lacking) it needs to be proven to be superior to the alternatives, such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, Budesonide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen and the other treatments that have been studied.  Practitioners and public health officials need to provide evidence that the vaccine is safer than the alternatives, as part of informed consent.  Such comparative studies have not been done (you can guess why) so they will not be able to provide such studies.

6} Ultimately the battle over vaxxed/not-vaxxed is an emotional one.
Health practitioners and public health officials are responsible to inform the public of the many reported side effects of the vaccine, such as neurologic disorder, clotting disorders, anaphylaxis?  You can tell her it’s her job to convince you using quality science, not your job to convince her, and you aren’t just going to take her word for it, since the experimental injections are by law voluntary.

7} Practitioners and public health officials don’t know about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 “vaccine”. No-one does.  We just have preliminary data coming from the early and middle portions of an experiment.  The preliminary data is conflictual but certainly less than convincing that the vaccine is either safe or effective.  Most of us would likely say that the bulk of the evidence at this time suggests that neither are true, although we might be accused of being biased.  When it comes to children, guessing about safety and efficacy should never be the standard of care. It’s a violation of the Hippocratic oath and the non-maleficence principle: First Do No Harm.

I think many doctors have forgotten that it is their job to wrestle with the data and make sense of it for their patients. Instead of graduating independent thinkers, medical schools seem to be graduating drones who just mindlessly follow orders and, when asked to think creatively about the data, they are at a complete loss.

There is also massive censorship concerning information on the vaccines that runs contrary to the pseudo-scientific position that the vaccines are safe and effective.

The following list of websites is where scientific information can be found that offers a different perspective on the data than what the MSM, Federal and State governments, the CDC, the NIAID, Fauci, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the WHO and their mouthpieces offer.


I suspect most pro-vaccine practitioners mean well, but they are victims of a defective system.

The current medical educational systems takes aspiring pre-medical students (and nurse practitioners and nurses) who want to be helpful and turns them into mindless drones that don’t know how to independently evaluate scientific data.

The system is toxically contaminated by the pharmaceutical industry, and by its own arrogance. It traumatizes medical students and makes them soldiers of the pharmaceutical industry, much as the CDC traumatizes the public and then cajoles or arm-twists them into being cannon fodder for vaccines and pharmaceuticals. They aren’t even aware of the toxic process that is corrupting their vision and interfering with their ability to clearly perceive how to help others.  Fortunately, there are a small but significant minority who see through the hype and can still use their neurons productively.  Many of them are America’s Front Line doctors.


I believe most health care practitioners are good people who want to do good in the world.  Unfortunately, their minds and hearts have been stolen, unbeknownst to them, by a system that is poisoned by greed and lust for power and control.  I’m speaking here of the pharmaceutical industry, the medical technocracy, and the medical industrial complex, including the insurance industry.  We health care practitioners go through the charade of pretending to help people when we are really working (perhaps unintentionally) for the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry and the medical industry.

Those of us who are woke hate it, but we don’t know where else to go. Many of us, like myself, remain independent and don’t go along with the system, as much as we can possibly do.  Others are more trapped in the system and suffer through it, hoping for a better tomorrow.  Some of us have drunk the Kool-Aid and actually believe that this corrupt system serves humanity well.

Thank you all for your courage in speaking up for the truth to the doctors and health care practitioners you have encountered.  Such courage is not always well-received.  Speaking the truth has to be its own reward sometimes.  Continue your battle for truth. We will be right behind you.

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