More Voices Added to Expose Covid Crime

Nick Hudson is a South African actuary who co-founded PANDA, Pandemics-Data & Analysis. It comprises a mixed group of intellectuals, all with the ability to see through a global scam and having the courage to speak out against the establishment.


PANDA Covid-19 lockdowns

The UGLY truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns – Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA

30th March 2021 by Editor

PANDA (Pandemics – data and analysis) has been outspoken with regards to the policy-makers’ reaction to Covid-19, lockdowns and other approaches to the virus. Its viewpoints have ruffled feathers over the past year, with many in the establishment openly hostile towards the group of actuaries, accountants, economists and other professionals who participate in the global think tank. Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA, spoke at the inaugural BizNews Investment Conference in March 2021. Here’s his keynote address.

Nick Hudson on PANDA:

Panda started off as a conversation, really. A group of four friends, professionals – an economist, a doctor, a lawyer and a little actuary. What we shared was an observation that the data and the facts – the reality – of Coronavirus was far away from what the media and public health institutions were presenting to the world. We saw in that problem the seeds of a great tragedy.

After some months, we realised that our South African efforts needed to internationalise. This was not a local story and it was not only about the science. Our advisory board now includes some of the leading lights in infectious diseases and epidemiology. The working team of PANDA now spans the globe and includes a great many scientists – most of whom have to be members of PANDA in a cryptic fashion.

That’s how bad the censorship in this world has become. We have believed from the get-go that it was wrong, on a number of levels, to close society down and that it has always been time to reopen society. We also believe that the truth only prevails if plans are taken to bring it to light. Our world is gripped by fear and that fear is very much the product of a false narrative. 

On what he refers to as a false narrative:

When I say it’s a false narrative, I’m telling you that every single element of this narrative is false. The narrative says that there’s a deadly virus spreading across the planet – that nobody’s immune to it. And there’s no cure. Even asymptomatic people can spread it and are major drivers of the epidemic of disease.

And, unless we lockdown and wear our masks – until vaccines arrive and everybody gets vaccinated – we’re all going to die. Anybody who challenges this narrative is a lunatic, a menace, a danger to society, hence the suppression that Alec [Hogg] was talking about. But it is – and always has been – absolutely clear to us that no element of this narrative is justified in the face of reality.

The reality is that there is a virus. It is having a meaningful impact in some regions of the world. Very few people are susceptible to generating severe disease. There are several available treatments. Asymptomatic people – in a more sensible era known otherwise as healthy people – are not drivers of the epidemic. Lockdowns and mask mandates have been ruled out by frequent signs for good reasons.

On the Diamond Princess cruise ship event:

There was the dramatic tale of the Diamond Princess cruise ship. A deadly virus on-board, the captain having to attempt a lockdown under conditions where lockdown was pretty much impossible. What that ship showed us – that petri dish experiment that should have been seen as a godsend – is that a minority of people got infected, a minority of those developed the disease and a very small minority of those confined to the over 65’s died. Only 12 people out of several thousand on board the ship died. So that told you very clearly that this universal susceptibility was nonsense.

On population fatality rates around the world:

Another thing that makes it very clear, is the startling map showing the population fatality rates around the world. While you can see that in Europe and the Americas, there has been an issue in a vast region – covering Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania. The population fatality rate has been 100 per million. Which is to say there almost isn’t an epidemic.

To put it in context, in a typical year, these countries would expect to see about 10,000 deaths per million from all causes. So the 100 per million represents just 1% of annual deaths and probably less than the number of people who annually die from influenza or pneumonia – respiratory diseases. The wheel of published science turns very slowly, and it’s caught up. There are now dozens of papers demonstrating the mechanisms, the detail, and the extent of this fact that there is significant pre-existing immunity from exposure to past viruses.

On Covid-19 lockdowns:

Where on earth does the story come from? Bruce Aylward will go down in history as a criminal of immense stature. He takes a delegation to China, spends a few days there and returns and says to the world that everybody should copy China’s response. There was no substantive reason for him to say that. The entire basis for saying this was the doctrine of universal susceptibility. It was clear that in China not everybody had died – therefore, lockdowns work. It is so silly. Before covid, this is repeated wherever you look in any country’s pandemic respiratory virus guidelines.

Lockdowns are ruled out. They don’t call them lockdowns because the term didn’t exist. They talk about quarantining of the healthy. The measures that are reported to be ineffective – and that should never be attempted – include large scale quarantines, border closures, school closures, mask mandates, social distancing – all of the stuff that we are being forced to do.

The effective measures are, pretty much, limited to isolation of the sick and hand washing – the stuff we’ve always done. Again, the literature catches up slowly and this finding is coming thick and fast. Non-pharmaceutical interventions, in general – especially draconian ones – do not have a statistical impact on epidemic trajectories, whether cases or deaths. You can even make the discernment that the most draconian interventions are pro-contagion – they actually inflame the spread.

On the effects of lockdowns:

Lockdowns cause a great deal of harm. We have infant mortality, creeping poverty, starvation and joblessness. There have been gut-wrenching denials of service. Failures to diagnose or even treat diseases which are far more impactful than coronavirus. We are now dealing with a horrible spectre – especially among the youth – of psychological disorders, with the incidents of self-harm, suicide [and] suicidal ideation expanding to levels that have never been seen before.

One and a half billion children had their educations effectively terminated – or at least severely disrupted – and that is even true for the few children of the wealthy who were able to attend classes online. Perhaps the hardest thing for me to swallow about all of this, is that in Undergraduate epidemiology, it is a well-known finding that when you are confronted with a disease with sharp age graduation – as you are with coronavirus – Measures to generally suppress the spread of the disease have the effect, reliably, of shifting the disease burden onto the vulnerable – who we should be protecting. They worsen, are expected to worsen and do worsen coronavirus mortality.

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Perry de Havilland • 18 hours agoYouTube has removed your videos. Please repost them to Odysee & BitChute as YouTube are an utterly toxic provider.ReplyShare ›

Tamsyn Kent  Perry de Havilland • 17 hours agoYes please! That would be great.ReplyShare ›

Brett_McS  Perry de Havilland • 4 hours agoThe videos (and slides) are on the Pandas site.ReplyShare ›

Marvin Mooney • 3 days agoThanks to all those who had the courage to allow Nick Hudson & Panda to communicate their assessment of this pandemic. We live in a really scary world where news and information are manipulated to support particular narratives, and those who challenge them are cancelled, de-platformed, ridiculed, and abused or worse.4  1ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Marvin Mooney • 3 days ago • editedIt’s called “taking control of the narrative”- SJWs honed that weapon to perfection…And, no, I am not referring to Jehovah’s Witnesses…ReplyShare ›

andrewa • 3 days agoAnd let us not forget those eminent scientists whom a quarter century ago warned that according to their computer models that due to global warming sea levels would have risen enough to flood Cape Town due to the melting ice cap.
Whoops temperatures haven’t risen measurably except where the surroundings of the measuring instruments have changed, Cape Town and Holland haven’t flooded so let’s call it climate change because that cannot be measured.ReplyShare ›

Stewie  andrewa • 3 days agoI really am going to get into the tinfoil hat business. Clearly (and depressingly) there is a massive demand. May as well make some cash. 1ReplyShare ›

Goageb  Stewie • 2 days agoThe High Priest of Environmental Causes Al Gore was out promoting his waste of cellulose In January, 2006 – when promoting his Oscar-winning (yes, Oscar-winning) documentary, An Inconvenient Truth – Gore declared that unless we took “drastic measures” to reduce greenhouse gasses, the world would reach a “point of no return” in a mere ten years. He called it a “true planetary emergency.” Well, the ten years passed today, we’re still here, and the climate activists have postponed the apocalypse. Again.Time to change your tin foil hat. It’s useful to have a few.ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Goageb • 2 days ago • editedAnd then he (The Gore Man) waved to everyone, climbing up the airstairs, on his way to another sermon… same as St. Greta’s transatlantic trip, on a sailing boat (BTW, made out of HT steel, Kevlar & other exotic materials, with substantial carbon footprint during the production), “to promote awareness about carbon emissions on climate change”, while the return crew was jetted over ahead of her trip…ReplyShare ›

Leon  Stewie • 3 days ago • editedCan you for one moment consider the harm lockdowns are doing? On children, on artists, restaurants, tourism businesses and so many others, do you not think it is a bit selfish to continue supporting it for a disease that has an over 99% recovery rate?ReplyShare ›

Marvin Mooney  Leon • 3 days agoMaybe 5% of the population understands the implications of a 10% destruction of GDP, and the enormous burden deficit spending and resulting debt will have on future generations – the young of today, who will be around to pay the price, unlike the politicians and scientists, who have absolutely no “skin in the game”.From Australia to USA, France to South Africa, many tens of trillions of Dollars has been added to national debt levels. There has never been a cost benefit analysis of lockdowns. It has always been presented as the only option. Any dissenters are tagged as conspiracy theorists, denialists, granny killers. alt-right etc.ReplyShare ›

AvatarOli Aguilar  Marvin Mooney • a day agoDon’t forget Latin AmericaReplyShare ›

andrewa  Stewie • 2 days agoGood point Stewie!
The global warming nutcases actually published the melting ice cap, flooding coastal cities, drowning Holland theories in scientific journals for peer review so these totally inaccurate predictions can be looked up by intelligent people.
Plus of course every time a CO2 molecule is created by burning hydrocarbons for fuel two oxygen atoms must be consumed and whilst I have read copious articles about the increased number of CO2 particles per million in the atmosphere I have seen nothing about the inherent and compulsory reduction in the number of oxygen molecules.
What do you say?ReplyShare ›

Goageb  Stewie • 2 days agoAl Gore made a lot of money out of conspiracy theories, wouldn’t you say? Also, when I last checked, he had no solar panels on his mansion.ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Goageb • 2 days agoNo need for solar- being a prominent Hot Air Producer, all his energy needs can be accommodated via his GI outputs…ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Stewie • 3 days agoLuckily, you joined us on these fora, to show the Path to the Bright Side …ReplyShare ›

Stewie  Déjà Moo 2020 • 3 days agoI have a one size fits all – only R189.95 excl. shipping. How many would you like?ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Stewie • 3 days agoSorry, I was fed better B/S, by the Comrades of the days gone by- may I (politely) suggest that you stuff it where Sun never shines?ReplyShare ›

Tom Hilton  Déjà Moo 2020 • 3 days agoThat’s definitely not polite!ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Tom Hilton • 3 days ago • editedOh, yes, it is- if I offered to DO it for him, THAT would be impolite…ReplyShare ›

Tom Hilton  Déjà Moo 2020 • 3 days agoPervReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Tom Hilton • 3 days agoReally? Well, I guess takes one to know one…ReplyShare ›

Tom Hilton  Déjà Moo 2020 • 3 days agoI’m a Doctor. I’m paid to do that sort of thing.ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Tom Hilton • 3 days ago • editedGood for you, I hope you make a good living out of it? I do it as a hobby…using a jackhammer…ReplyShare ›

Goageb  Tom Hilton • 2 days agoThat’s what Pallo Jordan also said. What do you think about my new blue tin foil hat. I had no idea tin foil came in rainbow colours.ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Goageb • 2 days agoBlue is fine…Superman’s costume is blue as well…as long you don’t wear red underpants over it…ReplyShare ›

Goageb  Déjà Moo 2020 • 2 days agoI’m a Batman gal myself . I love his car, how it emits tons of carbon, hoping that Greta creature coughs hard. Did you know that the turnips in Sweden compared the grumble Greta to JC? And I thought we lived among the heathen and stupid!ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Goageb • 2 days ago • editedI think that when St. Greta’s parents realized that there’s no chance whatsoever of their li’l darling becoming a world-class ballerina, or even a famous rap singer (iow, a dependable retirement insurance policy), they decided to turn her lose onto the Climate Change narrative….sort of “mannequin of the funeral parlor” job…ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Goageb • 2 days agoHold on, I thought Batmobile is run on nuclear energy: https://batman60stv.fandom….
Although I found other links as well, that it can use jet fuel, diesel & petrol:…
And this one, for real-world Batmobile:…ReplyShare ›

Goageb  Déjà Moo 2020 • 2 days agoAwe, last link gave me a paywall, but its beautiful. In Greta’s world, the truth is irrelevant. Its a school dropout, so what do you expect? Just make it up as you go along.
Same with Fauci, Gates, Birx, WHO, etc.ReplyShare ›

Goageb • 3 days agoDestroy the economy (middle class) for a ‘disease’ that has over 90% recovery rate = ANC policies.
Do nothing about 58 murders per day. There’s no mystery here.ReplyShare ›

Stewie • 3 days agoThis lunatic speaks gibberish. “Very few people are susceptible to generating severe disease.”. That sentence is all but incomprehensible. What is he even trying to say? “Lockdowns and mask mandates have been ruled out by frequent signs for good reasons.” Again – WTF is he even trying to say? It’s literally meaningless. How can *anybody* take this clown seriously. I’m not into conspiracies – but what is this guys agenda?2  5ReplyShare ›

Marvin Mooney  Stewie • 3 days ago“Very few people are susceptible to generating severe disease.” What he is saying is “The age-graduated mortality of COVID is profound”. Meaning instead of assuming that everyone was equally susceptible and faced the same chance of severe disease, we ignored the data – Covid is only a threat to a particular risk group, whose members can be easily identified – age, co-morbidity etc.ReplyShare ›

Tom Hilton  Marvin Mooney • 3 days ago‘instead of assuming that everyone was equally susceptible and faced the same chance of severe disease’nobody ever said this. 1ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Tom Hilton • 3 days agoDoc, ever heard about “Bait & Switch”?ReplyShare ›

Marvin Mooney  Tom Hilton • 3 days agoI disagree. The claim that the IFR of covid is 3% (or thereabouts) is still being pushed by a surprising number of folks who should know better. In fact in some quarters, it is a religious belief and challenging it will get you banned on various social media.ReplyShare ›

Tom Hilton  Marvin Mooney • 3 days ago • editedIFR doesn’t reflect ‘everyone equally susceptible’. It’s just a number. 1ReplyShare ›

Marvin Mooney  Tom Hilton • 3 days agoAsk most ordinary folks on the street what the covid mortality rate is. They’re genuinely unaware how low it actually is. A false IFR was and is still being used to support the argument for stringent lockdowns in Europe.ReplyShare ›

Tom Hilton  Marvin Mooney • 2 days agoIn March 2020 the UK parliament publised ‘0.5 to 1.0%’ for IFR, and 0.01% in under 20 year-olds to 8% in over 80s. Google “ covid-19 current understanding”. I cannot find any reliable source that backs up Nick’s ludicrous claim that policy makers are pushing ‘everyone was equally susceptible’.The idea that policy makers are using 3% is ridiculous (at least in the UK).I’m sorry, but this mis-representation of your opponent in order to boost your own argument is shameful.ReplyShare ›

Stewie  Marvin Mooney • 3 days agoOdd, then the number of young, healthy people (including children) that are dying. Who, quite simply, would not have died if they’d not contracted Covid in the 1st place. 2ReplyShare ›

Marvin Mooney  Stewie • 3 days agoHere are the official statistics :Deaths from or connected to Covid, those under age of 60 years, at March 2021:Sweden 451 (of 13 373 = 3.3%)
New York State 5041 (of 40 395 = 12%)
England 4375 (of 66 491 = 6.6%) (June 20 to Jan 21 only)Of which those under age 20 :Sweden 13
New York 26
England 28Most of these mortalities would have suffered from at least one existing comorbidity – the figure in New York State is a staggering 91% of the total.So very few healthy young people are dying, in fact those under age 40 have a higher chance of dying from influenza.What is relevant here is not a bunch of cold figures and percentages – is Panda correct when it claims Covid has a profound age-graduated mortality rate, and should this fact then have influenced the Covid response policies?ReplyShare ›

Goageb  Stewie • 3 days agoHe’s normalising the fact that non-doctors can now dictate to the world that they must lockdown. (like Mrs Bill Gates)ReplyShare ›

Stewie  Goageb • 3 days agoThanks goodness for the Gates (Mr and Mrs). They’ve done more for the world than the vast majority of politicians, that’s for sure! 2ReplyShare ›

Déjà Moo 2020  Stewie • 3 days ago • editedYes…”for sure”…in 30 years time, all the Gates Family efforts will be summarized with the same phrase, as the one describing the “Live Aid”, from 1985: a Glorious Failure…except, of course, a KCVO bestowed on Mr William Henry Gates III (the Tûrd)…ReplyShare ›Goageb  Stewie • 2 days agoPromising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate Polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.So, that’s your idea of doing so much for the world by mel man and jill bill.ReplyShare ›Goageb  Stewie • 2 days agoMel the man, Bill the Jill. An inverted couple. They’ve been kicked out of India for killing and maiming thousands of poor children. They peddle murder and sterilisation. Yeah, so tell me again how wonderful they are, lol. Then again, you probably take JZ as a role model too.ReplyShare ›Tom Hilton  Goageb • 3 days ago • editedMrs Bill Gates doesn’t dictate to the world that they must lockdown. Or can you provide a reference? 2ReplyShare ›Goageb  Tom Hilton • 3 days agoOf course she didn’t. Its a gang. Like we have here. I’m so happy Mrs Gates has now decided its a weather expert, and is going to release particles into the atmosphere to cool earth! And not forgetting that Mrs Bill Gates has now become a diet expert, telling rich countries to eat 100% synthetic beef. Must be a Pallo Jordan alumni.


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