mRNA Choices: Death, Disablement or Third Shorter Life

Bombshell Study: Covid-Vacinated Suffer Staggering Loss of Life Expectancy
People who were “vaccinated” for Covid with mRNA injections have had decades wiped from their life expectancy, a new peer-reviewed study has revealed.

JUL 09, 2024

By Frank Bergman July 8, 2024

People who were “vaccinated” for Covid with mRNA injections have had decades wiped from their life expectancy, a new peer-reviewed study has revealed.

The bombshell study, published in the renowned Swiss medical journal MDPI, has sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

However, the study has further confirmed warnings from leading experts about the long-term impact of the Covid mRNA shots.

The researchers found that the Covid-vaxxed suffered a “statistically significant” loss of life expectancy after two or more doses.

Following a detailed analysis of the study, the McCullough Foundation confirms that those who received two doses of the shots have lost 37% of their life expectancy.

The Foundation, founded by eminent American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, reported:

“The subjects vaccinated with two doses lost 37% of life expectancy compared to the unvaccinated population during the follow-up considered.”

Further, the study found so-called “booster” shots are completely “ineffective.”

This is not some “conspiracy theory,” however.

This conclusion is now documented in peer-reviewed literature.

Steve Kirsch, the MIT computer scientist and data expert who founded the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), responded the the explosive study in a new interview.

Kirsch breaks down what this tragic news could mean for young people.

While the results of the study are causing a fresh wave of alarm over Covid mRNA injections, regarding Slay News readers will likely not be so surprised.

As Slay News first reported last year, a separate study found that Covid-vaccinated members of the public have lost an estimated 25 years of their life expectancy.

However, for the previous study, researchers analyzed government data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cleveland Clinic Data, and insurance company risk assessment data.

The analysis uncovered a disturbing trend showing life spans plummetting in those who had multiple doses of the shots.

The latest Cleveland Clinic Data and the latest U.S. data were analyzed by Josh Stirling, founder of Insurance Collaboration to Save Livess and former #1 ranked Insurance Analyst.

Stirling’s study shows an incredibly disturbing trend.

The damage to health caused by each vaccine dose does not lessen over time as it appears to continue indefinitely.

The data shows that every year, excess deaths are soaring dramatically as all forms of mortality accelerate, despite the level of injections people take going down.

The issue is not isolated to the United States, however, and is impacting nations all around the world.

Recent government data out of Australia shows that the excess deaths in 2022 were 5162% higher than in previous years.

According to the study based on Cleveland’s government data, the average age of a man is around 80 years if he’s unvaxxed.

Yet, the rate of vaxxed deaths is growing in comparison to unvaxxed.

The study found that someone who’s had 4 or 5 shots and is 30 years old today can now expect to live to 55 at the oldest.

However, according to the latest study, based on newer figures, life expectancy may be reducing.

37 percent of an 80-year-old’s life equates to 29.6 years.

This means 30-year-olds who received two or more shots can now expect to live to around 50.



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