New Tyrannical Laws Proposed In New York Must Be Fought

Letter to the New York State Department of Health

On Proposed Regulations That Threaten Human Rights, Bodily Autonomy, Health, & Social Bonds

Letter to the New York State Department of Health; Surreal Urban Cityscape with Upside-Down Man

“‘I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing they’ve built. They’ve built their own prison. And so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners, and as a result, they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made or to even see it as a prison.’”

—English tree expert quoted by Andre Gregory, My Dinner with Andre

I am not a New Yorker, but that doesn’t matter. I am a human being, and I am a defender of human rights, and Dr. Mary Bassett, it appears you are, too, having previously served as director of the François-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health & Human Rights and FXB Professor of the Practice of Health & Human Rights at Harvard.

And so I speak to you, Katherine Ceroalo, and your fellow decision-makers as defenders of individual rights, as New Yorkers, and as human beings. I ask that you shed any political biases, social pressures, preconceptions, cognitive biases, and coercive influences—whether financial, pharmaceutical, institutional, media, or otherwise—as you consider the following amendments and additions:

Before you rubber-stamp these changes into effect, please understand that you hold the lives of individual human beings in your hands, and you will be personally responsible for any physical, psychological, and emotional damage that comes to people because of your decisions.

The proposed amendment of Part 2, Section 405.3 and addition of Section 58-1.14 to Title 10 NYCRR (Investigation of Disease; Isolation and Quarantine) include treacherously broad redefinitions of terms such as “case” and “suspected case”:

(b) [A case is defined as] Case shall mean a person who has been diagnosed [as likely to have] as having a particular disease or condition. The diagnosis may be based [solely] on clinical judgment, signs and symptoms combined with known exposure based on the best available evidence of transmissibility to a case or suspected case, [solely] and/or on laboratory evidence, [or on both criteria] as applicable.

(c) [A suspected case is defined as] Suspected case shall mean a person who has been [diagnosed] determined as [likely to have] possibly having a particular disease or condition. [The suspected diagnosis] A suspected case may be based [solely] on signs and symptoms, signs and symptoms combined with known exposure based on the best available evidence of transmissibility to a case or suspected case, [or solely] and/or on laboratory evidence, [or on both criteria] as applicable. The term “suspected case” shall include persons under investigation, consistent with any guidance that the Commissioner of Health may issue with respect to a particular disease.”

Here’s a little tip: Whenever you’re reviewing legislation, always consider that you could one day be on the receiving end of the very policies you are approving.

Altering the definitions of “case” and “suspected case” such that they can be determined based solely on an authority’s judgment opens the floodgates for abuses and politically motivated persecutions the likes of which have historically been documented in totalitarian regimes to the tune of hundreds of millions of incarcerations and deaths. Believe me, you do not want to be responsible for flinging open that Pandora’s box.

Anyone with the faintest awareness of history—or every dystopian story ever written, for that matter—should understand that Orwellian redefinitions of language and ambiguous shades of meaning can and will be abused to the fullest extent that the law permits, so it is your responsibility to ensure the law reins in rather than expands tyrannical powers. You may think those in control will exercise it responsibly, but as the past two years of escalating global authoritarianism have proven, the opposite is true.

Realize the amendments you are considering are not unlike those used to stigmatize and ghettoize the Jews during World War II.

Nazi 1941 Propaganda Poster in Poland: "Jews Are Lice. They Cause Typhus"
Nazi poster distributed in Poland, March 1941

The translation of the above poster reads, “Jews are lice; They cause typhus.” Substitute today’s presently defined enemy and manufactured public health crisis made possible by the redefinition of “pandemic”false positives generated by highly manipulable PCR tests, and inventions such as the myth of asymptomatic transmission, and you’ll find no difference between that poster and today’s fear-spiking propaganda about the unvaccinated as spreaders of disease.

Each policy enacted in the name of COVID has been driven not by “the science” but rather by political science and pharmaceutical profit motives. Thousands of exceptionally qualified scientists, physicians, and medical professionals of integrity have been voicing grave concerns about detrimental COVID policies for two years, but their cries have been smothered and their reputations smeared by the pharma–owned media, Big Tech, politicians, $cientists, and phy$icians.

Gates Foundation–bought scientists publish conclusions scripted by their paymasters against protests from ethical scientistscareer bureaucrats with god complexes formulate public health policy and remain in office despite exhaustive evidence of corruption and crimes against humanitytyrants perpetually ratchet up their emergency powers while colluders enforce their totalitarian policies; captured agencies propagate disinformation campaigns; for-hire fact-chokers label inconvenient scientific truths “misinformation”; medical professionals violate the Nuremberg Code by administering experimental drugs without informed consentschool boards and hospitals are incentivized to enact injurious and even fatal policies; and propagandists whip up fear campaigns to “nudge” the public based on manipulation tactics devised by behavioural psychologists—a practice now under investigation in the UK after a group of psychologists condemned the government for using “grossly unethical” fear tactics, noting in their letter:

“More disturbingly, the inflated fear levels will have significantly contributed to the many thousands of excess non-Covid deaths that have occurred in people’s homes, the strategically-increased anxieties discouraging many from seeking help for other illnesses.

“Government scientists deploying fear, shame and scapegoating to change minds is an ethically dubious practice that in some respects resembles the tactics used by totalitarian regimes such as China, where the state inflicts pain on a subset of its population in an attempt to eliminate beliefs and behaviour they perceive to be deviant.”

Even Chief Medical Propagandist and WEF Young Global Leader Dr. Leana Wen now declares “the science has changed” (i.e., the public is catching on to their lies and reaching a tipping point in their awareness of the mass formation they’ve been inculcated into) and says we “should lift restrictions now.” You can get a sampling of her “evolving” messaging in this clip:

As Wen’s progenitor Goebbels says:

“There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.”

We are witnessing that collapse now, and even Big Pharma accomplices like Johns Hopkins are admitting policies like lockdowns not only failed but actually caused harm and even mortality.

At a time when the scientific evidence for the inefficacy of and health risks associated with masks could not be clearer, you are considering the amendment of Section 2.60 of Title 10 NUCRR and repeal of Subpart 66-3 of Title 10 NYCRR (Face Coverings for COVID-19 Prevention), which would permanently equip the governor with the power to declare mask mandates at will—sans consensus.

Watch the elation that erupts in this classroom when the teacher announces the students will no longer be required to wear masks—and grok that you would be personally responsible for annihilating that glee if you approve this amendment:

February 11th 2022×360/MrG__N4zmGeYrG9t.mp4?tag=12
Video 26 seconds

Similarly, the proposed amendment of Section 415.3 of Title 10 NYCRR and addition of section 485.18 to Title 18 NYCRR (Personal Caregiving and Compassionate Caregiving Visitors in Nursing Homes and Adult Care Facilities) strips people of their rights to visit loved ones in nursing homes and in-care facilities.

This is perhaps the most heartless amendment proposed, and given New York’s history of causing and covering up the deaths of nursing home residents, you’ll want to be especially careful regarding legislation that inflicts psychological torment, emotional pain, and deaths of despair and loneliness like that of Holocaust survivor and heavy metal singer Inge Ginsberg, whose New York Times obituary reads:

“Pandemic restrictions often kept residents from seeing one another or from entertaining visitors, and the isolation took its toll.

“‘We have no doubt whatsoever that she died because of boredom, loneliness and depression,’ Mr. da Silva said.”

Lastly and most grievously, the proposed addition of Section 2.61 to Title 10 NYCRR and amendment of Sections 405.3, 415.19, 751.6, 763.13, 766.11, 794.3, and 1001.11 of Title 10 NYCRR & Sections 487.9, 488.9, and 490.9 of Title 18 NYCRR (Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission by Covered Entities) creates a malleable definition of “fully vaccinated” and requires that “covered entities shall continuously require personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID19” while simultaneously removing the religious exemption.

Cartoon Meme: Medical Exemption for a Treatment That Causes Heart Issues and Death

Considering doctors are being threatened with loss of license for writing medical exemptions—and thus most choose to violate the Hippocratic Oath and put vulnerable patients’ lives at risk to cover their backs—these regulatory changes would essentially produce a policy of forced vaccination at covered entities (hospitals; nursing homes; diagnostic and treatment centres; certified home health agencies; long-term home health care programs; AIDS home care programs; licensed home care service agencies; limited licensed home care service agencies; hospices; and adult care facilities).

Besides the egregious violation of bodily autonomy this represents, you would be requiring New York citizens to subject themselves to an experimental drug still in clinical trials that has been proven to have a negligible efficacy and a screamingly high risk profile, according to more than 1,000 studies.

Here, I ask that you carefully review my Letter to a Governing Body, where I provide an exhaustive array of scientific evidence documenting how unsafe and ineffective the COVID vaccinations are. It dispels every talking point being used to justify authoritarian measures, including “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” “hospitals are being overrun with the unvaxxed” (actually as low as 17% in Scotland, for example), and the “vaccines are safe and effective.” I also encourage you to view my Letter to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners for a breakdown of my articles by topic and additional insights into how the data has been massaged to fabricate a coercive narrative.

Do you want to go down in history as being a perpetrator of COVID cruelties, or do you want to be remembered for resolutely resisting sociopolitical pressures to enable tyranny?

Surely, you are aware of the sands shifting beneath the totalitarians’ feet and their desperate attempts to backpedal on their Big Lies as they melt in the blazing sunlight of truth?

People have gotten a nice, long look at tyranny, and it’s not pretty.

New York is already facing lawsuits for their unconstitutional COVID mandates. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be defendants named in future lawsuits for approving fascistic regulations.

The Grand Jury on COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity is in session now, and the public will render judgment.

Grand Jury: Opening Statement, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

This is your chance to go on the record for defending human rights, bodily autonomy, and freedom—not abrogating them.

As I said at the beginning, I am not a New Yorker. But I have relatives and friends who live in New York, and I have nostalgic memories of visiting the Big Apple as a child.

I remember riding on the historic Coney Island Cyclone after enjoying Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and grape soda.

I remember watching two quintessential New York films while there—When Harry Met Sally in the theatre and Annie Hall on VHS at my uncle and aunt’s Long Island residence.

I remember enjoying a night-time stroll through Greenwich Village as I perused the kaleidoscopic offerings of street vendors.

I remember skipping down a Manhattan street after picking out my first professional camera, a gift from my uncle, who encouraged the creativity that was to define my life.

I remember giving five dollars of my precious allowance to a homeless man singing, “Help me, help me, help me, help me” on the subway.

I remember climbing the stairs of the Empire State Building and gazing across the glittery landscape through the telescope.

I remember traipsing up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, the saline air filling my lungs as the epic achievement of artistic engineering and the freedom it symbolized washed over me like the waves lapping in the Atlantic Ocean below.

Don’t let that representation become solely symbolic.

Don’t serve as guards of the self-constructed prison New York has become.

Don’t extinguish the fire of liberty.

Fight for New York.

Fight for New Yorkers.

Fight for human beings.

1984, Part 2

If you’ve forgotten how to fight, Lukas Lion will remind you how in the music video and lyrics below.

Lukas Lion: 1984, Part 2

Can’t see what’s happening by now then you’re blind.

They said it was to save lives, yeah that was a lie.

The writings on the wall man, can’t you see the signs?

Now they’re coming for the children. They just crossed the line.

They said just give it time, only three weeks

and it will all be fine. They want you tuned into that TV

every night.

So that they can implant fear deeply

in your mind.

Now in order to defeat them yo we need

to unite.

The Ministry of Truth has taken over.

There’s a reason that they chose Corona.

Corona means crown, work it out man it’s all symbolism from the beginning they told ya.

A virus of the mind, infecting your thoughts.

But enough is enough. Now we’re saying no more.

We see the Trojan horse at the door. This is war.

We can’t ignore the call. Big Brothers gonna fall.

Yeah, we gotta light the torch for humanity.

Cuz 1984 wasn’t fantasy.

George Orwell was warning what the plan would be.

Now you can see it all in their strategy.

They wanna call us conspiracy theorists,

but right now we’re the ones that are seeing the clearest.

This is social engineering.

How many alarm bells have to ring before people start to hear em? Serious.

Can’t you see this is deliberate?

They hand out sanitizers and masks but not vitamins.

McDonalds stayed open, same time the gyms didn’t.

The only pandemic is cognitive dissonance.

This is totalitarian.

People are waking up so they need keep scaring em,

declaring new waves and new variants.

They got tricks up their sleeve so we gotta be prepared for em.

They choose what the facts are with their propaganda.

We know what their plans are, so they won’t get that far, nah.

You don’t have to be Pythagoras to see that this ain’t adding up.

How much until you’ve had enough?

Right now it’s the last straw.

They’re slowly bringing in their passports.

It’s been leading to this from the start. Time to look into your heart now and choose what you stand for.

It’s the dehumanization of the nation.

Erasing the basic foundations of human relations.

The emergence of apartheid, creating

segregation. That’s the road that they’re paving.

Cuz if you’re not jabbed then it’s you that they’re blaming.

It’s you that is dangerous. Mass manipulation.

Coercing you to get penetrated.

What’s the difference between that and a rapist?

I think their plots got some holes.

They want you to follow rules but they don’t. It’s a joke.

Now it’s coming to the end of the road. It’s a fight for our souls.

How much of your life have they already stole?

And much more will they try to?

How much will you turn a blind eye to?

Roll up your sleeve and get a free doughnut to eat. Can’t you see they’re tryna bribe you?

What’s really in that concoction?

How many adverse reactions till we stop this?

How many must die for power, lies and profits?

I refuse to just stand by watching.

Nah that is not an option.

What if that was your kid?

Maybe then you would start talking.

Maybe then you’d see the point. The children need a voice.

We need to fight for their future before it’s destroyed.

© Margaret Anna Alice, LLC
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

“You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.” —Ray Bradbury

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