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The NWO, A German Philosopher & Putin’s Russia.


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President Vladimir Putin has, it seems, has been warning us about the dangers of a NWO for many years and has been accusing journalists of not doing their jobs properly due to their failure to inform the masses that NATO’s persistent and endless eastern expansion towards the Russian border is driving us all towards WW3.

Despite his warnings, Putin has been frustrated that the public was not listening, some are not listening still and any topic that has the mere mention of the term “New World Order “(NWO), is deemed a conspiracy theory, even among those who do not believe the last two years of “pandemic” lies. The plan for a New World order, however, is very real.


A lot can be discovered these days through a quick google search of the term NWO which is a generic term, however, various other names are used, such as the Great ResetAgenda 21, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, all referring to the tyrannical future manipulated and planned for us by a group of influential and powerful individuals.

The New World Order is not in fact a ”new” concept at all, it is very old and was conceived more than one hundred years ago and used by political leaders to refer to a worldwide conspiracy for a top-down authoritarian one-world governance, abolishing sovereign states, nations, and borders, in favour of a one-world, unelected government, i.e. a small group of “elites”, who are very rich, powerful individuals with the aim to control the world undemocratically imposing their rules.

The “Elite”

These individuals and their plans for the world can also be found through a quick google search under different names including “the elite” “Illuminati”, the “cabal”, “oligarchs” “The Order”, The Group” and more, some of these terms will be used interchangeably in this article.

Despite the fact there we now have the internet to aid us in identifying these individuals and gaining knowledge of their plans, they have gone relatively undetected for years.

Yet they have either set up or infiltrated every sphere of our existence, from education, research, and therefore opinion-making organisations in the world, they also control the church, business, government, and politics.

Worth a watch –

This means that even though we may think that there are decisions made by grassroots ideas, this is simply not true. Everything that we believe has been manufactured by these elites.

Hegelian Theory

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1770 – 1831

It may seem unbelievable that a “small group” would be able to achieve this, but they do it through a historically proven successful method of control using a Hegelian influence that glorifies the state and also manages to create a dumbed-down society.

This Hegelian ideology is in direct opposition to classical liberalism where the State is always subordinate to the individual. In Hegelian Statism, which is seen in Naziism and Marxism where the State is supreme, the individual exists only to serve the State.

This is a theory devised by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel a German philosopher who theorised that history followed a pre-determined path that would ultimately lead to the final perfect state of human freedom. He also believed that progress is through contrived conflict: in other words, the clash of opposites makes for progress.

The Dialectic

If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome, unfortunately, the global population have always fallen for this control, allowing ourselves to be in opposition to each other, instead of to the individuals who have created the issues.

An example of this was seen when this small group of Hegelian elites was very much part of the decision-making process of what is a major Hegelian conflict: Naziism vs. Communism. The elites were instrumental in financing and encouraging both sides of the left and right conflict and to a significant extent, controlled the outcome.

This was a pre-determined path which was ultimately determined by a process called the “dialectic”: thesis – antithesis – synthesis. The thesis is played against an antithesis which leads to synthesis, simplified a commonality between both sides which often seems as if the people themselves chose the outcome, and are therefore appeased by it (source)


During the Cold War for instance Russia, was the thesis, to the U.S. antithesis, and they were brought together through a synthesis.

However, former KGB intelligence Vladimir Putin was the handpicked successor of Boris Yeltsin who himself was actually picked by these individuals or “oligarchs”, to be Russian and former Soviet politician and served as the first president of the Russian Federation from 1991 to 1999.

Handing over the presidency to Putin in 1999, the role was at first unchanged as Putin was said to be pretty much following in Yeltsin’s cabal-controlled footsteps through corruption and taking bribes and generally acting like a double agent.

The Plan For Global Supremacy

The elite plan relies on the United States’ remaining the hegemonic superpower which cannot be challenged by another country, this has resulted in attempts to isolate, weaken, and surround Russia.

This aligns with the Wolfowitz doctrine and Brzezinski principle which became the American foreign policy during the Bush administration and has continued to be the template for the U.S Foreign Policy

Putin was said to have turned against the cabal, which was the beginning of a propaganda-filled campaign against the Russian President who they believed threatened their plans.

The Propaganda

This is easy to do due to 80% of the media being owned by only a handful of billionaires, and according to journalist Udo Ulfkotte in 2014, journalists are bribed and paid to betray the people all over Europe. He says that there are people behind it to push for war, not just politicians and journalists too.

Ulfkotte said he was bribed by billionaires to not tell the truth — video below

Putin’s WW3 Warning.

Nevertheless, for years, Putin has made it clear in speeches and interviews that he could see very clearly the direction and purpose of US-NATO actions and tried to warn people. Putin has been recorded as saying ” I cannot help but ask those who have caused this situation – Do you know what you have done?” (source).

The Russian Insider reported on July 6th, 2016 that “Putin railed against the journalists for their “tall tales” in blindly repeating lies and misinformation provided to them by the United States on its anti-ballistic missile systems being constructed in Eastern Europe. He pointed out that since the Iran nuclear deal, the claim the system is to protect against Iranian missiles has been exposed as a lie.”

The journalists were informed that within a few years, Russia predicted the US would be able to extend the range of the system to 1,000 km. At that point, Russia’s nuclear potential, and thus the nuclear balance between the US and Russia, would be placed in jeopardy. 

Putin completely lost patience with the journalists, berating them for lazily helping to accelerate a nuclear confrontation by repeating US propaganda.

He virtually pleaded with the western media, for the sake of the world, to change their line:

Again this suggests that the “impending danger” and “irreversible direction” that Putin is referring to is the situation we are finding ourselves in now.

I Don’t Know How To Get Through Anymore

On June 17th, 2016, at a meeting with foreign journalists at the conclusion of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin also warned journalists:

The ‘Iranian threat’ does not exist but the NATO Missile Defence System is being positioned in Europe … [US-NATO is] always referring to the ‘Iranian threat’ in order to justify this system. Once again, they lied to us.

“Now the system is functioning, and being loaded with missiles. As you [journalists] should know, these missiles are put into capsules, which are used in the Tomahawk long range missile system.”

“So, these are being loaded with missiles that can penetrate territories within a 500km range, but we know that technologies advance, and we even know in which year the US will accomplish the next missile.

“This missile will be able to penetrate distances of up to 1,000km, and then even further, and from that moment on, they will start to directly threaten Russia’s nuclear potential.”

We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. Your people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me.”

“How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction, while they pretend that nothing’s going on? 
I don’t know how to get through to you anymore …”

Again, this seems to show that Putin may not be a great fan of the forthcoming plans?

The video below from a 2016 Info Wars also addresses the Speech from Putin at St Petersburgh.

Please watch.

Subsequently, the U.S through being the hegemonic superpower is being utilised to create a one-world government through cultural, economic, and military domination, and the organisations that the U.S. controls such as NATO, are being used as the military tool of the New World Order.

Any significant resistance to this, or the system change from sovereign to a NWO, totalitarian state which is the “thesis”, is ultimately the “antithesis” and elite created conflict would ensue followed by propaganda that would have us believe that those who act as the resistance to the agenda, are the enemy.

Putin’s warnings have been ignored and here we are, seeing them come to fruition and again as a dumbed-down society, our thoughts and opinions on the situation, have been and are being manipulated.

Thankfully there are now too many people who will see right through the elite’s plans and any synthesis that they bring in to appease us. Aren’t there?


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