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Russian Cabinet Also Comprises Covid Assassins, WEF Rules

Russian Cabinet Also Comprises Covid Assassins, WEF Rules

A perfect opportunity for Putin to purge the 5th columnists Fingers crossed? EDWARD SLAVSQUAT APR 21, 2024 “Record percentage, record turnout, minimum violations,” TASS trumpeted after Putin’s landslide victory in last month’s presidential elections. To describe the incumbent’s electoral triumph as historic would be an understatement. With turnout at a staggering 77.49%, Russia’s president secured his fifth term in office after receiving a record 87.28% of the vote. The people have spoken. But what will Putin do with this copious political capital? Under Russian law, the inauguration of a new president triggers the resignation of the government (Cabinet of Ministers). The president is then tasked with selecting a Chairman of the Government (Prime Minister) and a new cabinet. All appointments need to be rubber-stamped by the State Duma. Backed by a highly enthusiastic and overwhelmingly supportive electorate, and at the helm of a nation locked in an existential conflict with the...

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