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Climate Alarmism is a Religion Founded on Myth & Fabrication

Climate Alarmism is a Religion Founded on Myth & Fabrication

NER: Many of you are not yet aware that there is no climate crisis. I have pages of trustworthy articles debunking it. I will attach one of the best, that you should watch, as it will inform you & is also entertaining. Patrick Moore 1h 20m & the whole truth Undoing the Doubters of the Climax Hoax. Peter Koenig By Peter Koenig Global Research, November 15, 2023 The indoctrination of the climate change hoax has been so well prepared, and for so long, and with billions and billions of dollars  by professional social and mind engineers (i.e., the UK-based Tavistock Institute) and with the collaboration of the entire UN system – it is virtually impossible to convince the smartest, most educated, and most honest people that they have been lured into a trap. Even when they see that something is not quite right, their quiet inner mind tells them, “Cannot be; impossible that the government, and my scientist friends lie to me…” It is...

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