Omicron Effect Is At Worst A Mild Flu

NER: For anyone paying attention, the plan has long been clear. The vaxx is not a constant; there are mixed lethal, debilitating, delayed response & harmless saline batches. This is to avoid too many adverse consequences too soon, which would be too obvious. Instead I believe there will be an acceleration of bad consequences, disguised as new variants. Meanwhile they have yet to isolate the original virus hence they are inventing the variants as a cover. Science tells us all variants tend to spread more but become less dangerous. The establishment vaxx will always produce worse variants, hence you will need more vaxx, giving worse variants needing more vaxx for the rest of your shortened life.

Dr Vernon Coleman – “They have exaggerated Omicron to cover up the rising flood of Heart Attacks due to the Vaccines”

Predictably, governments around the world have now got a new variant of the rebranded flu to use as a weapon in their fear campaign.

Despite the fact that the South African doctor who raised the alarm thinks the symptoms of the Moronic variant of the covid bug are mild, governments everywhere are screaming abandon ship, grab your lifebelts. It’s time for Doris and idiots first.

The new variant, they say, with absolutely no evidence, will, by coincidence, cause all the terrible things such as heart attacks and blood clots which are also associated with the covid-19 jabs. Isn’t that a huge coincidence?

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