One By One The Vaxxed Succumb To Their Death Shots

NER: The vax was brilliantly designed as an executioner. Some batches are kill shots, some are highly debilitating, some cause permanent disablement, some are delayed perhaps up to 5 years & some may have no apparent consequence. It’s Russian roulette & as much a fool’s game as that.

In Memory of Those Who “Died Suddenly” in Italy

Last week five Italians “died suddenly” while biking, two “died suddenly” on buses, three were found dead on beaches, and all too many more dropped dead while walking, running, driving or changing tyres.

Mark Crispin Miller has been collecting media reports of people who have “died suddenly” in numerous countries across the world.  Below is Part 1 of his list of reports of people who “died suddenly” during the week of 10 to 16 May in Italy.  You can read Part 2 HERE.

Please note the below has been translated using Google translate with no further attempt to edit for readability.

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Antonio Frangiosa suddenly dies: he was 28 years old

All of Castelnuovo della Daunia mourns Antonio Frangiosa, a local merchant who died suddenly at the age of 28. This morning Mayor Guerino De Luca entrusted the memory and condolences of him and of an entire community to a long post on Facebook, evidently in shock at the tragic news. Antonio left last Saturday. Everyone in the village of Monti Dauni associated with the pain of family and friends, dozens and dozens of messages appeared on Facebook in recent days.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Antonio Frangiosa suddenly dies: he was 28 years old, Imolaoggi, 16 May 2022

Sudden illness, Domenico Romano,the Appuntato Scelto of the Carabinieri dies

Yesterday afternoon, May 14, sad news begins to spread in the Moconese community, unfortunately finding confirmation in the harsh reality: the chosen QS Domenico Romano, 52, much appreciated and respected as well as for his professionalism, passes away due to an illness.

Numerous manifestations of affection and condolences that follow one another on social networks, with the Mayor and Municipality of Morcone who remember him as follows:

“The Mayor Luigino Ciarlo, the Administration and the employees of the Municipality of Morcone gather around the family and Carabinieri Command of the Station of Municipality of Morcone for the premature death of the appointed QS Domenico Romano. Our memory goes to him for the commitment and dedication he has shown over the years of working in our community.”

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Sudden Illness, Domenico Romano, the Appuntato Scelto of the Carabinieri dies, 16 May 2022

Found dead next to his car: autopsy ordered

The Prosecutor’s Office of Trapani ordered an autopsy on a 51-year-old from Castellamare del Golfo found dead next to his car in Erice. The man would have died while changing the wheel on the car.

From the first checks the coroner would not have found signs of violence and the most accredited hypothesis is that of an illness. The alarm was raised by passers-by who alerted the carabinieri of the provincial command of Trapani.

Read more: Erice, found dead next to his car: autopsy ordered, Live Sicilia, 16 May 2022

Farewell to Loreta, the Oss who wanted to return to “her” Gargano

Loreta didn’t do it: she died suddenly, leaving orphans and children alone and her husband a nurse.

She was 52 years old and originally from San Giovanni Rotondo, although she worked as a Social Health Operator in Emilia Romagna. She had a dream, to return to live in her beloved Gargano. She now she will rest forever. By the will of her and her loved ones, her organs were explanted and donated to those in need. Her life now continues in the bodies of those who were ill and who with her sacrifice today has returned to hope.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Farewell to Loreta, the Oss who wanted to return to his Gargano, L’Attacco, 16 May 2022

Donna di Ariano Irpino dies at 39, an investigation opened: the autopsy on Monday

She was 39 years old and an investigation has been opened on her death, currently against unknown persons. The drama in Ariano Irpino, where the woman lost her life Wednesday evening – according to an initial reconstruction – while she was in her home.

She would have been seized by an illness for which the 118 intervention had been requested. However, any help proved useless, the 39-year-old’s heart stopped forever, throwing her family members into despair, some of whom live in Benevento, and how many loved her.

A case at the centre of an investigation by the carabinieri directed by the deputy prosecutor Giulio Barbato, who on Monday will entrust the coroner Emilo D’Oro with the task of carrying out the autopsy. An examination for which the relatives of the victim have been ‘advised’ to allow the appointment of their own consultant and, assisted by the lawyer Roberto Pulcino, will indicate the coroner Monica Fonzo as their specialist.

Read more: Donna di Ariano Irpino dies at 39, an investigation opened: autopsy on Monday, Ottopagine, 14 May 2022

Fatal illness, the Cagliari lawyer Massimo Madau dies at 54: “He did so much for Samatzai”

He left yesterday in a bed in the Brotzu hospital, where he had been hospitalized after an illness that hit him a few days ago and which, unfortunately, quickly got worse. Massimo Madau, 54, one of the best known lawyers in Cagliari, is gone.

In the last period he was not well, but those who know him explain that his death was almost like a bolt from the blue.

Mayor Enrico Cocco is destroyed by grief: “It seems to have been a sudden worsening, I had heard from him two weeks ago and he hadn’t mentioned any health problems, he was already organizing a demonstration in his home, linked to the enhancement of our territory, which is one of the Raw Earth Cities. He did a lot for our community, he was still young and he leaves us an immense emptiness. I had known Massimo since we were little. Our houses were almost close together, we played together and became, over time, great friends. Today we mourn the sudden death of a splendid person”.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Fatal illness, the Cagliari lawyer Massimo Madau dies at 54: “He did so much for Samatzai”, Cagliari, 13 May 2022

Tragedy on the island of Capraia, he dies of an illness in the street

Capraia Island (Livorno) – Tragedy in the late Saturday afternoon on the Island of Capraia. A 70-year-old man died of an illness near the village church. It is a tourist who was spending a relaxing Saturday on the island, where visitors begin to flock in this spring-summer 2022. The man suddenly felt ill and fell to the ground.

Immediate intervention of the rescuers of the fixed post of the Public Assistance Service located in the village.

However, any resuscitation manoeuvre was in vain. The man died where he fell ill. Given the gravity of the situation, the Pegasus helicopter was also alerted, but it reversed its course as the island’s staff found the death.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Tragedy on the island of Capraia, he dies of an illness in the street, Il Telegrapho, 14 May 2022

Tragedy on the street in Ivrea: he feels bad, manages to pull over but dies soon after

Tragedy this morning, Friday 13 May 2022, in Corso Nigra in front of the Ivrea railway station. A 69-year-old Italian resident in the town felt ill while driving his car in which his wife was also traveling. He managed to pull the vehicle over to avoid causing an accident, but then he passed out and died. All the help from the health workers of the Blue Cross of Ivrea proved useless. On the spot, in addition to numerous people who witnessed the incident, also a patrol from the city police station.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Tragedy on the street in Ivrea: he feels bad, manages to pull over but dies soon after, Torino Today, 13 May 2022

A 55-year-old who died after a third dose of vaccine, the consultants: “No correlation with death”

Leverano (Lecce) – No correlation between the third dose of vaccine and death. These are the conclusions put in black and white in the final part of the consultation by forensic doctors Francesco Introna and Francesco Bruno delagti by the prosecutor of Bari, Angela Maria Morea, to verify a link between the death of a 55-year-old from Leverano and the administration of the anti serum Covid. More: according to the consultants, the woman suffered from a previous liver cirrhosis. A surprising outcome in some ways if you think that the Salento woman was in excellent health and never, ever she would have accused problems of this nature.

After the third dose of the vaccine, however, her condition worsened rapidly and in a few days she ended up in the intensive care unit of the Bari Polyclinic from where she has never left. It was her family (her husband and her two children) who filed a complaint assisted by the lawyer Donato Mellone and wrote down the last days of the woman’s life. With a double dose of vaccine (Pfizer), on 20 December the woman presented herself at the vaccination hub in Nardò to undergo the third administration (this Modern case). Received the serum, the woman faints and is resuscitated on the spot. They give her water; she takes her blood pressure and she goes home accompanied by her husband. In the days immediately following the situation seems to be returning.

The woman, caught in a bereavement in the family, does not seem to feel the backlash. She goes out of her way to organize the funeral; she lends a hand to her relatives until – we are in early January – her children do not notice her yellow eyes. Accompanied by the attending physician and then by a specialist, she is immediately admitted to the gastroenterology department of Vito Fazzi where she is subjected to a cortisone-based therapy which, however, does not produce the desired effects. Her condition worsens and the woman is urgently transferred to the Policlinico di Bari and hospitalized there in intensive care where she died on January 26 last. For the consultants, however, the administration of the vaccine was in no way related to her death. At this point the family members will try to find “justice” through civilian ways.

A rare hint of journalistic scepticism toward the doctors’ (typical) denial that a sudden death may have been caused by “vaccination.”

Read more: A 55-year-old who died after a third dose of vaccine, the consultants: “No correlation with death”, Corriere Salentino, 12 May 2022

Ferrara collapses due to an illness in his car wash: he dies at the age of 64

On Sunday he had stopped in his car wash along the state road in San Carlo di Sant’Agostino, Ferrara, to solve a technical problem, apparently due to a malfunction of the plant. And after he started putting his hands on the electrical panel he was seen slumping to the ground. At first it was thought that he was electrocuted, crossed by an electric discharge, seen where he was fumbling and the presence of water on the asphalt. But the subsequent investigations instead made it possible to ascertain that the entrepreneur had been struck by a heart attack. No accidents at work then, simply a cursed and sudden illness that gave him no chance of survival. The victim was called Roberto Guerzoni, 64, lived with his wife in Corporeno (Ferara), and had two children.

Read more: Ferrara collapses due to an illness in his car wash: he dies at the age of 64, Corriere di Bologna, 16 May 2022

He does not show up for an appointment with friends: Marco found dead at home at the age of 29

Porto Sant’Elpidio – Marco Tempesta, 29, from Puglia, recently settled in Porto Sant’Elpidio yesterday morning was found dead in his home in via Pergolesi. It was a sudden death for him, apparently inexplicable and for this reason it opens up a series of questions.

The death of a healthy boy, without apparent frailty, has led the judiciary to open a file even if it must be specified that it is not a violent death. The young man was found unconscious, with no signs of violence on his body.

Read more: He does not show up for an appointment with friends: Marco found dead at home at the age of 29, Corriere Adriatico, 10 May 2022

Found dead at home. His death dates back to days ago

A 75-year-old pensioner was found dead inside his home. A neighbour who had not heard from the man for at least 3 days alerted the emergency services. When the firefighters entered the house in Via Passage, in the San Michele district, in Sciacca, the man’s body was lying on the bathroom floor. The death, according to the medical staff, would have occurred due to a sudden illness. He was home alone, and no one could help him.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Found dead at home. His death dates back to days ago, Agrigentooggi, 14 May 2022

Found dead at home after a week: shock discovery in Marsala

A 46-year-old man was found dead at home this morning, Monday 16 May, in Marsala after a week: family members who had not heard from him for days sounded the alarm.

Macabre discovery this morning: GP’s body was found by police officers in the house in Marsala. From the first information, it seems that the death has occurred for about a week

The 46-year-old had been living alone for several days, however, the family had no news of him so they decided to contact the police and start the search.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Found dead at home after a week: shock discovery in Marsala, L’Occhio, 16 May 2022

Castellanza, who has been dead at home for a month

When the carabinieri of the Castellanza station opened the door of the house, they found the sixty-year-old lying on the floor and lifeless. Probably dead for a month, but no one had noticed his absence. The scene that presented itself to the rescue workers left no doubts about the fact that the sixty-year-old had a sudden illness and that, alone and without a telephone at hand, he had not even been able to call for help.

The carabinieri called social services and took steps to inform relatives. It was not necessary to perform an autopsy on the man’s body also because death from natural causes was evident. Shocked by the neighbours who, in fact, thought that the man had moved away from home, being a solitary and reserved person not very accustomed to confidences.

Read more: Castellanza, who has been dead at home for a month, Prealpina, 16 May 2022

Bressanone, the body of a man found in an apartment: he had been dead for over a month

Wolfgang Alber, 50, from Bressanone, in the province of Bolzano, was found dead two days ago in his apartment. Although he lived in an apartment building and had several neighbours, his lifeless body was found more than a month after his death.

The alarm was raised only on Sunday when a neighbour, who for days had not been able to get in touch with the 50-year-old, decided to request the intervention of the Fire Brigade. The man had become suspicious because for some days he had smelled a strong smell coming from Alber’s apartment and because the latter did not answer either the telephone or the intercom.

Hence the decision to raise the alarm: the volunteer firefighters of Varna went to the place, together with the local police and the carabinieri. When the door to the apartment the dramatic discovery was made; investigations into what happened were immediately launched and according to the latest information it would be a natural death.

Read more: Bressanone, the body of a man found in an apartment: he had been dead for over a month, Fan Page, 10 May 2022

Giuseppe Mosca who died of an illness on his bike, the family: “Nobody warned us”

Drama in Sarzana, a town in the province of La Spezia, where Giuseppe Mosca died at the age of 54 due to a sudden illness he acquired while he was riding a bike. The brother said that no one warned them of his disappearance.

According to what was reconstructed, the man had just assembled his banquet full of organic eggs in the square of Caniparola when, riding his bicycle, he went to the workshop to retrieve the car he had brought to repair. During the journey, however, he acquired an illness and a lady who saw him fall tried to revive him and then alert the 118.

Once on the spot, they transported him to the hospital in La Spezia where the doctors operated on him urgently.

Unfortunately the heart attack turned out to be too serious and Giuseppe did not make it.

Read more: Giuseppe Mosca who died of an illness on his bike, the family: “Nobody warned us”, Cronaca, 16 May 2022

Professor Marzano who died on a bike in Rome, the condolences of the Municipality of L’Aquila and the University: “Distinguished meteorologist”

Rome – Great condolences were expressed by the mayor of L’Aquila, Pierluigi Biondi and the University of L’Aquila for the death, due to a sudden illness, two days ago, while he was cycling in Rome, the city where he lived, of Professor Frank Silvio Marzano, 59, one of the founders, in 2001, of Cetemps, the research centre of excellence for the integration of remote sensing techniques and numerical modeling for the prediction of severe weather events in L’Aquila, which he directed since 2013.

Marzano also taught at Sapienza in Rome where colleagues and students have wanted to remember with several posts on Fb and with words of affection and gratitude for the level of teaching and humanity. Appreciation and pain among all those who knew him and collaborated with him.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Professor Marzano who died on a bike in Rome, the condolences of the Municipality of L’Aquila and the University: “Distinguished meteorologist”, Il Messagero, 10 May 2022

60-year-old cyclist from Venaria died while riding a bicycle

Tragedy, this afternoon, Saturday 14 May 2022, along the provincial road 13 that connects Front to San Francesco al Campo. A 60-year-old amateur cyclist, residing in Venaria, died as a result of an illness, accused while he was cycling with a friend, in the territory of Front. Suddenly he lost control of his bicycle and fell to the ground, lifeless.

Despite the rescue attempts by his friend, and subsequently by the 118 health personnel – called by the same man – for the 60-year-old there was nothing to do. On site also the carabinieri of the Ciriè tenence for the ritual investigations and for the management of the roads.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: TRAGEDY IN FRONT – 60-year-old cyclist from VENARIA died while riding a bicycle, Quotidiano Venariese, 14 May 2022

Cyclist from Mirano struck down by a heart attack on the hills of Monfumo

Monfumo – Drama, in the late morning of today, Thursday 12 May, on the hills of Monfumo. A 65-year-old cyclist died shortly before noon while pedaling along via Longon.

At the top of the road, uphill, the man, F.C., from Mirano, was seen by his companions falling. The alarm was raised immediately to the 118 rescuers. A few minutes later, the crew of the Suem di Crespano intervened on the spot. The doctor tried unsuccessfully to revive the cyclist with a heart massage.

“He said he wasn’t feeling well this morning,” friends said. “But then he still came for a ride with us.” The carabinieri of the Castelfranco company then made contact with the cyclist’s family to communicate the sad news.

Read more: Cyclist from Mirano struck down by a heart attack on the hills of Monfumo, la Nuova de Venzia e Mestre, 12 May 2022

Sudden illness, the president of Arci di Prato dies at the age of 64

Enrico Cavaciocchi, architect and provincial president of the Arch of Prato, died yesterday at the age of 64. Cavaciocchi died while he was riding his bike in Rosignano: he was on vacation in Castiglioncello with a friend. The alarm was raised by a passer by who noticed Cavaciocchi’s body next to the bicycle.

‘News that leaves us astonished, a friend of the city and the territory leaves. There are no words in this, there is only room for pain. We hug his family with great affection,’ says Mayor Matteo Biffoni and the council.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Sudden illness, the president of Arci di Prato dies at the age of 64, la Pressa, 15 May 2022

Man found dead on the beach in Porto Sant’Elpidio: he is a 36-year-old Pole

Tragedy in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the province of Fermo, where on the morning of Thursday 12 May 2022 a man was found dead on the beach. Subsequent investigations found that he was a 36-year-old of Polish descent.

To carry out the dramatic discovery were some passers-by who, around 6:30, noticed a corpse lying on the shore, with his head partially covered with sand and gravel and wearing only a pair of shorts and a cap.

Immediate alarm to the 118 health workers who, having arrived on the spot, could not help but ascertain the death of the man (probably dating back to the night before). The police officers, also at the place of the discovery with the coroner and the Port Authority, immediately started the investigations to shed light on the incident.

Thanks to the documents found in his van parked nearby, it was possible to trace the identity of the victim and understand that he was a 36-year-old man of Polish origin.

Perhaps he was in the area for work, since his vehicle was loaded with goods. As for the cause of death, it is most likely to be identified in a sudden illness. The hypothesis is that he wanted to indulge in a refreshing bath or a few minutes on the beach when the imponderable happened.

In fact, from the beginning, the track of a violent death was excluded due to the absence of details that made it hypothesize. Although the cadaveric inspection confirmed the thesis of illness, the judiciary also ordered an autopsy.

Read more: Man found dead on the beach in Porto Sant’Elpidio: he is a 36-year-old Pole, Notizie, 13 May 2022

An illness struck the 75-year-old found lifeless on the beach

The pensioner found lifeless during the night, around 1.30 am, on the beach of Campomarino, in Rio Salso, was 75 years old. The pensioner used to walk in that stretch in the afternoon, but this time, while he was alone, he was taken ill and unfortunately he didn’t make it.

Not seeing him come home, the family members warned the police and in the late evening the searches started, with the Civil Protection volunteers of various associations, Anc 33 ^ of Agnone, operating group of San Martino in Pensilis and Aisa, ecological guards of Campomarino, together with the Fire Brigade and the Carabinieri. Unfortunately, after about 3 hours of research, the elderly man was found lifeless.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: An illness struck the 75-year-old found lifeless on the beach, Termoli Online, 11 May 2022

A body was found on the beach in Fermo: it is yellow on death; police investigate the identity of the man found in a lifeless swimsuit

This morning, May 12, the body of a man of about 40 was found on the beach in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the province of Fermo. The body was found in a lifeless bathing suit at the beach. The causes of death remain unknown at the moment. An ambulance also intervened on the spot which could only ascertain the death. According to preliminary information, the death dates back to 5 in the morning due to an illness.

Read more: A body was found on the beach in Fermo: it is yellow on death, L’Occhio, 12 May 2022

Siena, man found lifeless in the Fontebranda car park

A real tragedy shook the city today. A 46-year-old man, his initials GR, was found lifeless in his car in the Fontebranda car park.

For the man it was probably fatal an illness, so lightning that it didn’t even leave him the possibility to ask for help. According to what has been learned, the man, originally from Monticiano, had spent an evening in the city, with his wife and daughters who were returning home in another car. When the woman did not see her husband coming home she gave the alarm and started looking for him, but by the time he was found she was too late.

News that left friends and the whole community of Monticiano in shock, where he was known and appreciated.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Siena, man found lifeless in the Fontebranda car park, Radio Siena, 14 May 2022

Cagliari, 52 years old, dies on the Ctm bus

Cagliari – A 52-year-old man died around 10 this morning on board a Ctm bus due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The resuscitation attempts by the 118 operators were useless. The man collapsed while the bus was traveling along via Dessì Deliperi in the Mulinu Becciu district. On the spot also the police with the flying squad.

Read more: Cagliari, 52 years old, dies on the Ctm bus, La Nuova, 16 May 2022

Fatal illness in the parked bus, 58-year-old driver dies

Alessandria – This afternoon, just before 4 pm, 118 health workers and police cars from the Police Headquarters intervened in Viale Milite Ignoto in Alessandria after the report of a lifeless man aboard a parked bus. Once on the spot, they could not help but ascertain the death of the man, driver of the vehicle, to be attributed to natural causes: his name was Danilo Tucco and he was 58 years old. He resided in the Turin area. The man felt ill when the tourists he had accompanied to the city were absent for a visit to Alexandria.

No cause of death reported.

Read more: Fatal illness in the parked bus, 58-year-old driver dies, Il Piccolo, 13 May 2022

Gianluca struck down by a sudden illness at 16, mourning in Gragnano

The community of Gragnano is in shock for Gianluca Schettino, a boy who died at the age of 16. An immense tragedy that struck the young man’s family and the entire Gragnano community. The young man died following an illness that caused him to have cardiac arrest.

According to what has been reconstructed so far, the 16-year-old was at his home at the time of the tragedy. The funeral of the young, talented and promising football player will be celebrated in the church in Piazza San Leone in Gragnano today, Sunday 15 May.

Read more: Gianluca struck down by a sudden illness at 16, mourning in Gragnano, L’Occhio di Napoli, 15 May 2022

Castel Volturno mourns Michelangelo, struck down by a heart attack: he was 30 years old

Drama that took place last night in Pineta Mare, near Castel Volturno, where Michelangelo, 30, died suddenly of a cardiocirculatory arrest. The alarm was raised by family members, but when the 118 health workers arrived on the scene, they could not help but ascertain his death. Whole community upset.

Read more: Castel Volturno mourns Michelangelo, struck down by a heart attack: he was 30 years old, MInforma, 15 May 2022

Tragic discovery in the hotel: Alexander found dead in his room at the age of 43

Tragedy occurred in Fiesole, in the province of Florence, where Alessandro Manzo, 43 years old from Battipaglia, died in his hotel room. The alarm was raised by his brother and nephew, who hadn’t heard from him for a few hours.

In particular, the three had met in Empoli, at the Castellani stadium, to watch the match between the hosts and Salernitana. In fact, the man had moved to Fiesole last February 21, for work reasons. However, the most probable hypothesis remains that of a sudden illness.

Read more: Tragic discovery in the hotel: Alexander found dead in his room at the age of 43, MInforma, 15 May 2022

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In Memory of Those Who “Died Suddenly” in Italy


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