Projected Cardiac Vax Deaths 2022 62.3 Million

NER: The assumptions given here are based on the projection of trends. Sceptics can of course dismiss them. My opinion is that the projections line up with many articles I have posted about the spike destruction, over time, of the vaxxed immune system. I can also say double vaxxed are at more than double the risk & boosted, tragically, appear to be a 5 year write-off.

Covid-19 V accines are projected to cause 62.3 Million Cardiovascular Deaths in 2022 Worldwide


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An investigation of currents trends has revealed that the Covid-19 vaccines are projected to cause over 62.3 million cardiovascular deaths worldwide in 2022, after already causing cardiovascular deaths among professional athletes to double every three months throughout 2021.

The recent American Heart Association Paper given in a speech by Dr Steven Gundry to the American Heart Association in Boston on November 12-14 found that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines more than double your 5 year chances of suffering a heart attack as measured by various inflammatory markers at 2 months after the 2nd jab 

The Expose covered this in their article on football deaths of December 8th 2021.

We have also seen that on pitch footballer lethal cardiac incidences have doubled every quarter in 2021.

Let us be plain about what this means. These footballers are the canary in the coalmine of vaccination. Let us not permit their deaths to be for nothing. They get it first because they are pushing their hearts the hardest. It was so moving for me to watch Sergio Aguero, the totally fit Manchester City player, collapse, then struggle to stand up grabbing his heart with his colleagues around him thinking nothing can be wrong, I will just play on now, and then collapse again.

He survived, but is no longer able to play professional football. It is totally absurd for such a fit young man. We must see these dead footballing canaries (31 from heart attacks last year). We must learn from this that the coalmine of vaccination is full of poison and we must get out of it immediately.

So putting the jigsaw together. We know that the heart attack risk is double in footresters (sedentary people), 2½ months after the 2nd jab, and we know that the pitch related heart attack risk in pro footballers was 4x normal in 2021 and that December 2021 with 7 deaths almost matched the previous 12 year average of 7.8 death per year.

From this we can deduce that the risk to footballers is around twice the risk to footresters. But the risk to footballers doubles every quarter. therefore the risk to footresters will also double every quarter because they have all taken the same vaccine and they all have the same protein spikes inside them.

It is just that footballers push their hearts harder than “couch potatoes”. So we take the Q4 risk to sedentary people to be 2x normal and extrapolate exponentially from there doubling the risk every quarter. This gives Q1/2/3/4 risks in 2022 of 4x/8x/16x/32x normal.

There have already been 6 footballer deaths in the first half of January 2022 among club players during matches or training sessions.

  • 11 Jan 22 – Amir Abou Aiana – Age 18 – Collapsed to the ground with a cardiac arrest on the football pitch of the oratory of via Cellini in Cesano Boscone (hinterland West of Milan) . Resuscitation was attempted and an ambulance was called. He died shortly after arriving at hospital.  News StoryEXCLUDED (he was not professional due to a congenital heart dysfunction)
  • 11 Jan 22 – Mateo Hernandez – Age 18 – Dimurol Salesianos Tenerife Football goalkeeper died suddenly and unexpectedly.  News Story
  • 11 Jan 22 – Isaías- Age 17 – Flamengo de Piauí Footballer in Teresina told his teammates as they ran that he felt discomfort. He slowed down, then walked to the bench, where he collapsed. Medics tried to resuscitate him, but he died. It was his third time training with the team.  News Story   News Story2
  • 10 Jan 22 – Filip Turk – Age 22 – Another young Croatian football player died suddenly, he was only 22 years old: ‘Good luck up there, somewhere among the stars. We will meet again … “  News Story  News Story2
  • 6 Jan 22 – Herbert Afayo – Age 21 – Collapsed with a cardiac arrest on the pitch at the Geregere Safi Playground in Lugazi, Buikwe District. He was resuscitated and taken to the local hospital but died before reaching the hospital. A postmortem concluded the cause was cardiac arrest. He suffered a bout of malaria weeks before the match (but that is very common in Africa).  News Story
  • 5 Jan 22 – Oisin Fields – Age 30 – Collapsed and died while playing football with his friends and his death has sent shockwaves across his local community.  News Story. In a brief statement, officials said: “Everyone involved with the Lonsdale League are very shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Navan Harps FC player Oisin Fields.”
  • 3 Jan 22 – Marcos Menaldo – Age 25 – Guatemalan Deportivo Marquense star centre back defender collapsed with a cardiac arrest in training at the Marquesa de la Ensenada Stadium in San Marcos on Monday shortly after complaining of breathing difficulties. He received CPR and was transferred to the Hospital de Especialidades where he died.  News Story2

The cardiovascular deaths will continue to rise exponentially if and only if spike protein production continues in the fully vaxxed. We do not know if the immune system will eventually defeat the vaccinations and successfully remove every spike protein factory from the body.

It looks from case number data that singly vaccinated people may win that battle. Presently we have no evidence that doubly vaccinated will win it because their case numbers continue to get worse and worse when compared to the not-vaccinated, and boosted people have less chance even than them.

So on the assumption that the exponential rise that we witnessed in 2021 will continue throughout 2022. Here is the future of cardiac mortality.

The latest ourworldindata (John’s Hopkins University) figures for worldwide fully vaccinated people is 51.6% (January22). So for simplicity, assuming nobody is foolhardy enough to take a further vaccination after reading this article, we shall assume a 50:50 unvaccinated to fully vaccinated ratio throughout 2022.

Most people are not professional footballers and even the footballers themselves only spend a small fraction of their lives playing on the pitch. So the projection for cardiac deaths in 2022, just uses the fully vaxxed footrester figures, remembering that the normal worldwide cardiac death rate is 8.9 million per annum or 2.225 million per quarter.

This translates to 1.1125 million per quarter for the 50% who are unvaxxed and 2.225 per quarter for the 50% who are fully vaxxed in Q4 2021. We then extrapolate exponentially from there on the basis of the exponential rise in footballer deaths seen and catalogued in 2021 which double every quarter.

So during 2022 rather than seeing the normal 8.9 million cardiovascular deaths , we shall see 71.2 million, an increase of 62.3 million deaths.

At that point the vaccines will have killed more people that HIV AIDS – merely from heart attacks. This excludes deaths from VAIDS and from vaccine mediated neurological degeneration. There are nearly 8 billion of us. So 62.3 million is less than 1% of mankind. But it will be the largest genocide ever committed upon us, if the spike protein production keeps going at the present rate in the fully vaccinated.

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