Public Health Mafia

If you are not yet convinced that the whole China Covid story is an International power play, here is one more article to consider. I do not know the journalist reporting here, but clearly, she has carried out a detailed investigation.

In summary, it details the many links between government bodies, NGO’s, Globalists like the Gates Foundation, and the pharmaceutical industry. You might think it is for your good and protection, but clearly it is a mafia-like structure, designed to ultimately enforce universal vaccination and tracking.

You need to be concerned about where this is all heading. Most of you will be looking forward to your Covid vaccination, to free you from lockdowns and other restrictions on your freedom. The reality is, that approach is the very one that will enslave you.

If the vaccine were effective, why would everyone need to get it? The only reason to enforce something against your will is if you are a danger to others. If those wanting “protection” through vaccination get it, why would they be at risk? The reason is, that the vaccine will at best give you limited protection.

Flu shots normally contain two strains of A virus and two of B virus. In any given year there are multiple strains around and you are only theoretically protected against the main ones. Apparently 60 different flu viruses have been identified. There is evidence, that those with previous vaccinations, may be at greater risk of hospitalisation in the following years, from a different strain.

The effectiveness of the flu shot, apparently ranges from 5% in a bad year to 50% in a good year. I am just quoting figures here, as I am certainly not qualified to do my own analysis.

There are two other considerations that are important if you wish to make an informed decision on the coming vaccines.

  • There are potentially dangerous adjuvants in all vaccines. Here is a definition

A product or component, or association of components, either natural or synthetic, that enhances the immune response against an antigen. An adjuvant is essential to stimulate an antibody response.

Here are some: thimerosal (preservative), polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), triton X-100 (detergent/surfactant), and foetal DNA ( MRC-5, WI-38), bovine serum, chicken proteins, antibiotics and adjuvants (aluminium, squalene, MF59).

  • You have no claim against the vaccine makers for injury or damage, even for death. The risk is all on you.

That is due to a law passed by the US Congress in 1986. It was requested by the pharmaceutical companies as they could not afford vaccines, due to the many claims for injury.

The US government pays an average of $229 million per annum for vaccine injuries. I am sure not all countries will be so generous. The UK pays £120,000, only for severe disablement.

Thousands of children are credibly believed to have autism from the mercury that was used as an adjuvant. You will get your shot of mercury in a flu vaccine.

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