Reiner Fuellmich & A Great Canadian ER Doctor: Join Them

Dr Trozzi & Reiner Fuellmich | Covid Investigative Committee

The World’s most successful class action litigator interviews Canada’s whistle blowing ER Doctor.

Here is a fast pace, no holds barred, covid truth conversation; laying evidence bare and moving hard against the criminal covid enterprise.

What an honour it was to be with Dr Reiner Fuellmich, the most successful class action litigator in history. He successfully sued Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, and other corrupt economic giants. He put their ill gained money back into the pockets of their victims.

This champion is fully dedicated to stopping the covid crimes against humanity. He has gathered the most extensive evidence and video testimonies against the criminal covid enterprise. I am glad to lay more evidence on his table, and share insights together. I am confident that you will enjoy this conversation, and be uplifted to see us exposing and strategizing to prosecute the covid criminals.

Dr Mark Trozzi Corona Investigative Committee Session 104: The Blue Flower. May 13, 2022
The full session includes: Senator Malcolm L. Roberts, Dr Naomi Wolf, Freddie Ponton, Dr Mark Trozzi and Dr Martin Schwab


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