Satanic Forces Driving Worldwide Coordinated Attack On Humanity

‘We Have Entered The Last Stage of Tyranny’ – Dr. Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf joins Sarah Westall for an excellent interview about our current situation.

Naomi says, “These people are so evil and their attack on humanity and on the West is so comprehensive – well, I’ll just say what I believe, Sarah – I’m a very critical thinker. I’m not trying to blow my own horn, it’s just what I do. I’ve looked at this attack on us for the last two years from every level and it’s so global in scale, it’s so well-coordinated, it’s so kind of demonic in its imagination; so comprehensive – and I also have studied politics and history my whole life. In no other circumstance – not even in Nazi Germany’s ascent – have I seen such a supernatural amount of coordination…

“And I can’t understand this without reference to non-human, no-material reality. In other words, I actually think this is a Satanic attack on humanity. And I’m not a woo-woo person. I never talk about this stuff in public but I think we have to face it. These are meta human powers, I think we’re up against.

“And that’s not necessarily all bad news. Paradoxically, concluding that this was a meta human level of evil, with supernaturally efficient skillsets led me to believe in God more literally than I ever have…

“I’m not proselytizing, I’m not asking people to believe or see what I see but I cannot understand this global – the sophistication and skill and complexity of this as attributable to just human politics. Even bad politics – even bad people. It doesn’t make sense.

“It only makes sense on a metaphysical level that we don’t understand yet.

“So, I guess what I’m trying to say is if that’s the case, I don’t really think we have any hope – just us, alone – but I do think if there is a metaphysics involved, maybe we have hope by prayer or repentance or I’m literally reading the Old Testament these days, and like, ‘What? What are we supposed to do? Tell me Prophets, I don’t know, this is too horrible.’

“But it could be principalities and powers that we don’t understand. But other cultures, other civilizations in the past have cleaned up their own act and at least in the Western narrative, that helped them deter their worst enemies, their worst outcomes.

“That’s my best offering to this community, that’s all I’ve got, because this is really bad.”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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