Show Case Israel Shows How Ineffective Vaxx Really Is

80% of Serious Cases of “COVID” Are The Fully Vaccinated in Pfizer CEO’s “World Lab”

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Israel has been the “recognized global leader in COVID-19 vaccination coverage” according to the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research say that they have published a series of papers on this topic, which they say is “in an effort to enable other countries to learn from Israel’s success in this area.”

They are probably right, they have allowed the rest of the world to “learn” from them, but what exactly have they taught us?

The Unambiguous Global Leader

Well, from early on researchers from Israel have been openly pleased with their country’s position in the rollout of the COVID vaccination which they believe made them “unambiguously the global leader” (source).

In an article in the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research, this can be attributed to their healthcare system which they say even in “ordinary times”, functions quite effectively due to the “low costs, excellent outcomes, and high levels of consumer satisfaction” (source). Additionally, according to the researcher, it was their unified approach to a “crucial, urgent response to a nation-threatening emergency” that was believed to have trumped that of the US government.

The Israeli government also recognised that the vaccine overpayment they were to make due to ongoing costs of the “pandemic” would be quickly recouped through economic growth and “would surely be forgiven by the public.”

The World Lab

The “mission critical” therefore, enabled the government latitude to make large-scale vaccine procurement deals with Pfizer without worrying too much about the pricing or data-sharing arrangements in the deal (source). Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla must have been thrilled with their complete willingness to become the “World Lab” as he called Israel.

Israel at the commencement of the jab administration, was actually only using the Pfizer product and had vaccinated a very large section of the population. Bourla on February the 27th 2021, also reiterated that we could learn from Israel, “through the study of both the economy and health indices”

“We knew that it is very appropriate for humanity to be able to select one country so that we can demonstrate what the vaccination of the people can do to the health index, the health of the people…” and although Bourla said he regretted using the phrase “world’s lab” when referring to Israel, he did not regret choosing Israel as a case study to look at the vaccine’s efficacy.” which he said “in real-world data” was getting higher as we speak,”

The Israel Study

This was in March 2021, just at the time of revealing his plans to allow teenagers ages 12-15 to begin receiving vaccinations for COVID-19 within the next six months, and predicting that younger children – ages 5-11 – will also begin to receive the jab by the end of the year (source).

However, only four months later, the efficacy was under question already, as seen in a Lancet study in July 2021 that cited a nosocomial (hospital or healthcare-acquired infection) outbreak in Israel

This particular outbreak in the study was reported involving the transmission of the infection from a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient, to 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients, and two family members.

The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease (Source).


The issue was due to “breakthroughs” apparently, a “waning” of the efficacy of the vaccine a few months after being administered,

Reports of these “breakthrough infections” increased [sourcesource], according to Eurosevellance this was to challenge the assumption that high universal vaccination rates would lead to herd immunity.

In the Israel study incidentally, all transmissions between patients and staff occurred between vaccinated individuals, who were also masked, which was also experienced in an outbreak from Finland [source].

So already back in July 2021 we did learn something from the world lab, that is the vaccination did not prevent what was being termed “COVID-19 outbreaks” as 96.2% of the exposed population was vaccinated which did not stop “the infection” from advancing rapidly (many cases became symptomatic within 2 days of exposure), and viral load was high (source).

Did the World Lab Learn From The Study?

“They would not listen, they’re not listening still, Perhaps they never will”?

Bourla still appeared to be the darling of Israel who just awarded him with their highest prize, the $1 million Genesis Prize for 2022. which is meant to honour outstanding professional achievements, contribution to humanity, and commitment to Jewish values.

Although he has been at Pfizer for more than 25 years, he only became CEO in 2019, shortly before the start of the “pandemic” in fact. The awarding foundation cited Bourla’s willingness to take risks in order to “produce a vaccine as quickly as possible” (source)

Perhaps They’ll Listen Now?

According to Prof. Yaakov Jerris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward, the situation is completely opposite.

“Right now, most of our severe cases are vaccinated,” Jerris told Channel 13 News. “They had at least three injections. Between seventy and eighty percent of the serious cases are vaccinated. So, the vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness, which is why just twenty to twenty-five percent of our patients are unvaccinated.”

Jerris also revealed some of the confusion in reporting cases. Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, 6th Feb, 2021, he told ministers, “Defining a serious patient is problematic.

For example, a patient with a chronic lung disease always had a low level of oxygen, but now he has a positive coronavirus test result which technically makes him a ‘serious coronavirus patient,’ but that’s not accurate.

The patient is only in a difficult condition because he has a serious underlying illness.” (source).


I think we can safely say, that those of us who have been watching and listening have indeed learned from the experiences of Israel.


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