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“Defeat The Mandates” ​Protest Held In Washington DC

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“We are the land of the free because of the brave, not the compliant” – JP Sears

​The Children’s Health Defence (CHD) and its chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., held their “Defeat the Mandates” protest against government mandates on Sunday 23rd January 2022. They were joined by thousands of anti-mandate, pro-science organisations and individuals in Washington, DC, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the same steps that Dr. Martin Luther King gave his powerful “I Have A Dream” Speech.

The United States, like many other countries, had been told that the mandates were in place so the people could have their freedoms back, of course, this was not true,

The crowd were being encouraged by the speakers to take them back for themselves and in doing so Dr. King was referred to many times throughout the day by different speakers, and rightly so, he did, after all, give his life to civil rights and believed “We have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”.

“Dr. King wasn’t a mandate kind of guy,” says comedian JP Sears, “turns out he was very much for freedom, we’ve kind of let him down, we’ve let things slip a bit in our lifetime”, he says.

Prominent Speakers.

JP Sears had the job of introducing the prominent speakers, who put their careers on the line to “serve humanity” essentially people who speak the truth about the COVID narrative.

These included Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Steve Kirsch, doctors including Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and others from America’s Frontline doctors.

Robert Kennedy Jr

The CHD chairman, Robert Kennedy Jr said that over the past 20 months a “coup d’etat” against democracy and, the controlled demolition of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights occurred, starting with the censorship”.

“If you give the government the license to silence its critics, you have given them the capacity to commit any atrocity they want and to obliterate all the amendments and rights of the constitution”.

Robert Kennedy’s speech is below.


The Doctors

The government has however violated those rights, they have fired, censored, erased from Wikipedia, and ultimately, silenced those critics who had the main aim of treating every high-risk patient with their clinical skills and knowledge, compassionately and to the best of their ability.

They were loyal to the Hippocratic oath, according to Doctors Lynn Flynn and Heather Gessling Health institutions and agencies must “cease interfering with the physician, patient relationship. Policymakers are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths as a result of institutional interference and blocking treatments to cure at a near 100% rate”.

The doctors agreed that natural immunity denial has prolonged this pandemic, and said that it has needlessly restricted the lives of COVID recovered people.

“Masks, lock downs, and other restrictions have caused great harm, especially in our children and it has delayed the viruses transition to endemic status”. This is not medicine. This is not caring, these policies may constitute crimes against humanity.

In an impassioned speech Doctor Gessling said that after months of research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed, and scientific data shared,… the risk and benefits of major policy decisions, has led thousands of physicians and medical scientists worldwide to a consensus, on three foundational principles.

The first one she said was that “healthy children should NOT be forced to be subjected  to vaccination, they face negligible risk from Covid, but there’s potential, for the permanent irreversible risk to their health if vaccinated, including, heart, brain, reproductive and immune system damage”.

Doctors Jill and Robert Malone

Autonomy Over Our Bodies

Therefore, there should never be a vaccination mandate, and as Dr. Peter McCullough emphasised individuals have the right over making their personal medical decisions.

“We have a circle of medical freedom,” he said. “You have the freedom. You and you alone have the autonomy over your body. You have the freedom to determine what happens to your body, that is your sole possession.”

Dr. McCullough went on to add that “medical freedom is linked to social and economic freedom.”

A War On Our Health

Dr. Pierre Kory summed it up when he said “We are fighting a war – it’s a war on our health. It’s a war that’s been going on for decades and it’s waged by the pharmaceutical industry. They have always put profits before patients. That toll has been heavy over the decades. It is now a crime against humanity.”

Dr. Mary Bowden described her treatment in this war and said how she had treated 2,000 thousand COVID patients with effective treatments that eventually led to her being suspended from her practice.

“I have helped them – I’ve given them monoclonal antibodies, that dirty word that we all know, what is it? What’s that word – Ivermectin. I’ve been giving them breathing treatments and I’ve been keeping people out of the hospital.”

Consequently, Dr Bowden had her privileges suspended by Houston Methodist for successfully treating her patients. “And they did it over Twitter”. “Medical freedom has been hijacked by hospitals, by insurance companies, by the government, and by big pharma. Doctors now is the time to stand up and save our profession,” she said.

An Army of Doctors

They certainly have support from many to achieve it too, as Dr Urso said “We are not one Doctor we are 17,000 doctors, that’s more than the NIH, more than the CDC and more than the FDA,”

He asked one thing of the crowd and that was to “resist the tyranny”.

The Day We Remember Who We Are

This feeling was echoed by Dr Tess Lawrie who speaking to the thousands in the crowd through a video link she said “The opportunity for real change has arrived,”

The protest was a powerful display of speakers, from doctors and scientists, musical performances of songs with messages for us all at this time, to the heartbreaking accounts from individuals who had been harmed by the vaccine or suffered loss as a result, it was an emotional roller coaster.

It is unimaginable that this event would not wake up the most stubborn followers of the corrupt agenda.

Just to make you smile. The “wanted” bus was seen arriving at the event in Washington.

Video – Richard Citizen Journalist Washington DC 23rd January 2022
Watch the Whole Event Here


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