Storm the Fauci Bastille & End The Vaxx Tyranny

COVID Vaccine Dystopia: A Manifesto


A warning is appropriate.  Reading this article with a large amount of medical science information will likely increase your anxiety and fear.  The views of many distinguished medical experts paint a bleak view of COVID vaccines.  The likely reaction to the science is very different than the fear constantly propagated by the evil Dr Fauci and his supporters.  Here is the difference: They want you to fear the COVID virus and to accept vaccination, masking, lockdowns, school closings and other forms of medical tyranny.  With extensive data and expert assessments this manifesto defines a vaccine dystopia.  It is a terrible condition where fear of the virus is replaced by fear of the vaccines – supposedly the remedy for the virus.  This manifesto supports a different solution to the virus: Give greater attention and importance to a host of treatment protocols that can and should replace unsafe vaccines.  Another dimension to revolting against the vaccine dystopia is the need to reclaim personal medical freedom – your right to determine what medicine and vaccine to put into your body, not the government, especially when the government has a biased, one-sided view of vaccine safety.


We are at the edge of history, in a global society where there is great suffering and injustice because of the widespread commitment to get the entire population jabbed with COVID vaccines that the government claims are safe.  As shown below, in truth there are ever increasing deaths and harmful health impacts from all the COVID vaccines.  But governments do not give credence to the many awful health impacts of the vaccines, no matter how many esteemed physicians and medical researchers present evidence for stopping vaccination efforts.

Some kind of revolution is needed to overturn the multi-pronged vaccine empire.

The political and medical establishments keep using the same insensitive argument.  No matter how many people die from the vaccines – often within days of getting jabbed – those in power proclaim that more lives are saved from using the vaccines against COVID than are lost due to them.  So many thousands of people worldwide have died from the jabs, probably 100,000 or more based on data from CDC, the European Union and other nations.  But negative vaccine impacts are largely ignored by big media, the public health system and authoritarian politicians.  Sneaking into the public limelight are some famous people dying from the shots in the realms of sports, entertainment and politics.  But these are easily forgotten, ignored, or seen as exceptions, statistically speaking.

In our quickly evolving vaccine dystopia the vaccinated are granted many rewards and the unvaccinated are shamed, castigated and bullied.  We have not yet reached the critical inflection point where the many medical voices against vaccines (given below) prevail.  Their voices are suppressed by big media; their medical science arguments and data ignored.  The result is that most of the population remain victims and slaves to massive propaganda about the benefits of vaccines.  Ignored are not only the ill vaccine effects but also the enormous financial benefits obtained by makers of vaccines.  Medical experts are unable to win the battle despite their science-based critiques of the vaccines.  Yet what else can they do than to keep offering their expert medical advice?

Insanity is often defined as maintaining behaviour that is proven wrong, destructive and unhealthy.  In our nascent vaccine dystopia those with power keep pushing more vaccinations even as the death toll and harmful health impacts keep mounting, and vaccine effectiveness shrinks.  Keep pushing more shots as if a magical solution to COVID will emerge.  Medical experts say it will not.  COVID will never be completely eradicated.  Proven cheap, safe and effective treatments using generic medicines like ivermectin must be seen as safe and effective alternatives to vaccines.

Perhaps over time vaccine induced deaths and serious adverse health impacts will become so visible that the powerful vaccine machine will grind to a halt.  Why?  Because authoritarian and dystopian societies eventually collapse.  However, it will only happen after incredible numbers of people have died and suffered.  The many anti-vaccine medical experts cited below will have little pleasure from being ignored and criticized for so long only, eventually, to be seen as correct.  Some kind of revolution is needed to overturn the multi-pronged vaccine empire.

Below are data, scientific judgements, and new studies and analyses that present compelling evidence against mass COVID vaccination.  This is all we can do right now to fight vaccine dystopia and nourish the needed revolution.

New analysis of all major vaccines

Physician J. Bart Classen published an extremely valuable analysis.  He examined clinical trial data from all three of the major vaccine makers and found their vaccines cause more harm than good.  Here are highlights from his article.


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