The Fight Against Covid Tyranny Must Never Cease

NER: If you look for evidence of the Covid virus having been isolated, you will be bombarded with “proof” from the MSM & fake-fact-checker sites. My job is to give you truth. Here is the official letter telling you it has NEVER been isolated. Keep fighting the tyranny, the globalists will not give up until they are all dead.

Written Proof: CDC Has NO ISOLATED, PURIFIED, Sample of Sars-CoV-2 Virus that causes COVID-19

Once Again, Exuberant Optimism and Doublespeak Are Creating a False Sense of ‘Hope’

Melina Marchetta, Quintana of Charyn

Optimism is a wonderful trait when accompanied by knowledge, fact, and truth, but optimism accepted under the pretence of false hope is a very dangerous proposition to be sure. In this ‘modern’ world of mass ignorance due to planned intellectual obsolescence and collectivist thinking, optimism becomes a dishonest exercise based solely on the notion of feigned wishes. But of course, those controlling the narrative understand this phenomenon, and use it to breed weakness among the people to such an extent as to totally remove scepticism. When this occurs, those willing to seek absolute truth are painted as outcasts, while the perpetrators of the fraud are seen as saviours. This inversion of reality can only lead to mass confusion and end in destruction, and this dynamic should be widely understood at this advanced stage of deceit.

As of late, many of those who have seemingly stood strong against the state’s efforts to gain total control over humanity, are succumbing to the notion of unfounded optimism; clutching at straws and embracing victory where little or none exists. This is akin to walking a tightrope, as any shred of promise can leave even those attempting to regain freedom fooled into a sense of calm when none is warranted. Because some of those falsely considered to be ‘leaders’ in thought, those who in the past were ‘believed’ to be fighters for liberty in a sea of corruption, have now suddenly become overly optimistic, and therefore are creating and promoting a new narrative based only on hope. From the view of the legitimate alternative sources seeking truth, this has the effect of removing the people’s guard; allowing the trustworthy sceptics to be seen as doomsdayers instead of defenders against tyranny. Could this be an intentional effort by the forces of evil?

The terror that has been levied against us all, and in the case of this ‘Covid’ fraud, this has been constant for two years, will not end due to protest, minor or major, but only when a large number of individuals say no, absolutely, and refuse to accept any given order whatsoever en masse. Currently, there is much reporting about singular events, about winning, about isolated resistance, and optimistic exuberance concerning protest around the world. Before labels of cynicism are assessed, please be reminded that most all protest against the governing element is not only appreciated but applauded by this writer, and rightfully so, but by any acceptance of this behaviour as the final remedy for this totalitarianism that has been built over centuries, is not only very short-sighted, but completely asinine.

The same holds true for any acceptance of criticism that has been highly publicized by mainstream actors, whether doctors, ‘scientists,’ famous people, or large-scale alternative media, concerning this pandemic scam. Considering that these well-known characters have just recently spoken against the mainstream narrative, against poisonous injections illegitimately called ‘vaccines,’ and are gaining much notoriety from so-called liberty-minded people for their efforts, one must take pause to reflect on reality.

What has become common, has been the extreme contradiction concerning the hoax called ‘Covid.’ So many being lauded today are on both sides of the fence. This cannot be accepted, and critical assessment of these people is mandatory. There is no such thing as SARS-CoV-2 or ‘Covid-19,’ at least not in any realm of a natural sickness, or even a bio-weapon that has been turned fully loose on the entire planet. Obviously, there are many biological weapons being produced by many country’s governments, ‘intelligence’ services, and militaries, especially in the U.S., but this scam is not an unlimited war against every human, it is a war against the common man.

Since ‘Covid-19’ has never once been proven to exist, has never once been properly separated, isolated, or identified; all those claiming to be against the pandemic but in full acceptance of the narrative that ‘Covid-19’ is a legitimate ‘virus,’ should be heavily scrutinized. The list of these people is long, and many of them are greatly respected and promoted by alternative reporting news organizations and sites. Why is this so, given that there is absolutely not one piece of factual accounting of anything known as ‘Covid-19?’ No such thing as any sample of ‘Covid’ has been taken from any single sick individual, separated from the tainted material surrounding it, or isolated in any way in any lab open to review. So why are all these so-called ‘experts’ allowed carte blanche in condemning the deadly and fake shot falsely called a ‘vaccine,’ and at the same time promoters of the narrative that ‘Covid’ is real, and alternative cures are available? Available for what purpose? Since there is no proof of anything called ‘Covid,’ how can there be a cure for it, or for any ‘variant’ of a non-proven mystery ‘virus?’

Yes, much sickness is evident amongst a large portion of the population, but why should that surprise any with the capability to think critically? People have been getting sicker, have been getting sick more often, and have lost much of their natural immune response to toxins over many years. Instead of lifespans in this country increasing, they are dramatically decreasing. Instead of living a natural healthy life, many if not most are fully dependent on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs for every conceivable discomfort. This is a very unhealthy society, consumed by a belief in germ theory, so why is it any surprise that this ‘virus’ hoax has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the general population?

This assault on mankind is not over. Censorship is rampant. Do not lower your guard. The psychological war is just beginning, and the state’s plans to capture the future are going forward at lightning speed in its attempt to inject over and over again all the children. 2022 will be the year against children. This year will be the test as to whether these evil controlling monsters can poison and capture the most innocent among us. This is an atrocity, and the relentless efforts to corrupt, poison, and control all the young will not be abandoned by the state due to some protest, but can only be stopped by physical disobedience, defence of family without regard for risk, and an awakening by the individual. The state’s plans are clear, and until parents act like parents, and protect their children to the death, we all face a bleak future.

Beware of false prophets. Beware of contradiction. Beware of popular support. Beware of any event receiving mass approval by competing ideologies. Beware of false optimism. Beware of those once insiders now claiming to be saviours of mankind, whether political, medical, scientific, or popular. There are many out there, but they are easily identified, as all forms of hypocrisy are alive and well in this time of outrageous compliance.

Accept nothing at face value; question everything. Do not believe; know!

“There are two different types of people in the world, those who want to know, and those who want to believe.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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