“The Real Anthony Fauci” Review Of A Must Read Book

NER: The Real Anthony Fauci is an exposé of the Fauci mafia, & it will blow your mind at the incredible depth of evil in this man. He sinks to depths that even Josef Mengele, the  Auschwitz Angel of Death, never breached. You need to read this book to understand why you have lived through the totalitarian hell of the last two years. On a free Kindle it only costs $3.44 from Amazon.

A Profile in Courage: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The fundamental dictum to understand human affairs, follow the money, can also apply in reverse. That is, when we find someone acting against their own interests we can place much greater weight on their testimony. Such is the case of Robert Kennedy Jr., with his intelligence, charisma, looks (just like his father), and his name he would be a shoe-in for high political office. Yet like a fish struggling to go upstream in rapids, he has been the intrepid leader of the movement against the dangerous vaccination policies in the US costing him wealth, power, influential friends, and even family relations. It is for this reason I believe a description of Kennedy (see the excellent Edward Curtin) really is a profile in courage.

I have now watched many hours of Kennedy’s interviews and read his best selling book The Real Anthony Fauci (TRAF) Full exposure, I have even donated to his organization Children’s Health Defence. Before commenting on the book itself I present my background towards its interpretation.

My take on the Kennedy family was rather negative for most of my adult life. I first came to follow politics in the 80s and I liked President Reagan. One of his arch enemies was Robert Kennedy Jr.’s uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy. As such, I tended to absorb more about the Kennedy family failings than the reasons for their coronation as American royalty. I speak of sexual promiscuity, the stealing the 1960 presidential election, Chappaquiddick, and in general the sense of privilege that put them above the law. Of course, the title of this essay is a riff on Profiles in Courage, the title of the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Kennedy’s uncle, President (then senator) John F. Kennedy. The fact that he won the prize for a ghost written book (by his speech writer Ted Sorenson) was another point in creating my negative view of the family.

In the intervening years much of my world view has been shaped by reading LRC regularly. To give a sense of how an LRC reader thinks, below is a short text message exchange I had with a friend very early in the pandemic, at the end of March 2020. Basically, I don’t believe anything the government is telling me, especially when my freedom is at stake.

Among the most influential contributors for me has been Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D.

Not only telling the truth as he understands it to be, but with excellent insight and wisdom. For example, this article on Vitamin D was one of many that convinced me of the need for supplements. I moved to Paris in 2006. The very dark winters and time spent on train platforms resulted in 2 or 3 colds each season. Vitamin D has reduced that to one minor cold every 2 or 3 years. Miller’s article on the assassination of President Kennedy stands out in my memory as convincing regarding the conspiracy, but also made me reassess the president and his family. Perhaps no 20th century president took on a task more important and more dangerous than Kennedy did in taking on the military industrial complex, even if his ultimate defeat at their hands has been detrimental to virtually every human being on this planet. From my perspective, Robert Jr. has come to distil all that is great in his family heritage by taking on the powerful with great courage, making his peccadillos negligible.

In Lost Illusions Balzac noted that, “History is of two kinds—there is the official history taught in schools, a lying compilation ad usum Delphini; and there is the secret history which deals with the real causes of events —a scandalous chronicle.” TRAF will be to most a scandalous chronicle of secret history. But I can say, steeped in the many writers at LRC, much of TRAF was well known to me. Nonetheless, I was metaphysically nauseated to read this chronicle of bureaucratic evil.

The major themes that Kennedy dissects are the mismanagement (largely by Fauci) of the Covid pandemic, the mismanagement and controversies of the HIV pandemic, the Fauci/Gates pillaging of underdeveloped nations with deadly vaccines, and the weaponization of vaccines by the military/industrial/intelligence complex to apparently usher in a totalitarian world government.

Regarding Covid, Kennedy concisely notes that, “If the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed anything, it is that public health officials have based their many calamitous directives for managing COVID-19 on vacillating and science-free beliefs about masks, lockdowns, infection and fatality rates, asymptomatic transmission, and vaccine safety and efficacy, which took every direction and sowed confusion, division, and polarization among the public and medical experts.” Later in the book Kennedy solves a puzzle on why the world governments all made the same mistakes. He makes a compelling case that it was the long series of gaming exercises put on by Gates, Fauci, and the intelligence community that assured “a uniform coordinated response among all governments in the world.”

TRAF explores Fauci’s use of HIV to build his empire, “As with the sultans, khans, czars, monarchs, and emperors of yore, Dr. Fauci’s power derives from his capacity to fund, arm, pay, maintain, and effectively deploy a large and sprawling standing army. NIH alone controls an annual $42 billion budget mainly distributed in over 50,000 grants supporting over 300,000 positions globally in medical research.97 The thousands of doctors, hospital administrators, health officials, and research virologists whose positions, careers, and salaries depend on AIDS dollars flowing from Dr. Fauci, Mr. Gates, and the Wellcome Trust (Great Britain’s version of the Gates Foundation) are the officers and soldiers in a mercenary army that functions to defend all vaccines and Dr. Fauci’s HIV/AIDS doxologies. The entire field of virology is Dr. Fauci’s Janissary Corps—the elite warriors that he can rapidly muster to each new battlefield to achieve new conquests and ruthlessly suppress rebellion, dissent, and resistance.” What the Covid experience should also teach us is that this method of control of “the science” also applies to the climate, economics, agriculture, foreign policy, virtually everything that the government gets involved with.

Kennedy described his “interest in Africa began as a child. I have travelled the continent for six decades and met some of its most visionary leaders, including Tom Mboya, Jomo Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere, and Nelson Mandela. These anticolonial leaders understood that poverty is a complex conspiracy of social, historical, political, institutional, and technical maladies. It is most often best addressed through small-scale, locally tailored, trial-and-error experimentation. The optimal solutions are invariably homegrown with regular local input, disciplined self-assessment, accountability, frequent course corrections, and lots of humility by administrators, officials, and above all foreigners.” Of course, these words of wisdom apply everywhere, every time. There are indications that Kennedy has moved from the liberal mainstream to be more libertarian. He recently spoke at a Ron Paul Institute event and has appeared on the Liberty Report.

“The “global war” against infectious diseases provided the rationale for oppressive government and corporate interventions. The arsenal for this war is the endless batteries of mandated vaccines to combat the diseases weaponized by gain-of-function experiments and marketed by sophisticated government/corporate propaganda.” A common tactic of Fauci was the clinical trial gamed by making it very short before adverse events occurred, making a false placebo compared to another medication not an inert substance, and like with the Covid vaccines, expunging the placebo group by giving them the vaccine. I found very similar tactics used for mental health drugs that I recounted with my brother in our book about manic depression. As an engineer I have often tried to make the point that it was improvements in food distribution and storage, water supply and sewage treatment that really brought down the scourge of infectious diseases not vaccines. In the context of the vaccine monomania of Fauci and Gates, Kennedy notes that the renowned medical educator and world’s foremost virologist, Harvard Medical School’s Dr.Herbert Kass “recognized that the real heroes of public health were not the medical profession, but rather the engineers who brought us sewage treatment plants, railroads, roads, and highways for transporting food, electric refrigerators, and chlorinated water.”

The last part of the book describes the development of a biosecurity super state. “After the Soviet bugaboo collapsed, Islamic terrorism and biosecurity supplanted communism as the rationale for a continued US military and corporate presence all over the developing world.” He has continued his family’s historic battle against the CIA. “The CIA does not do public health. It does not do democracy. The CIA does coups d’état.” Furthermore, “Virtually all of the scenario planning for pandemics employ technical assumptions and strategies familiar to anyone who has read the CIA’s notorious psychological warfare manuals for shattering indigenous societies, obliterating traditional economics and social bonds, for using imposed isolation and the demolition of traditional economies to crush resistance, to foster chaos, demoralization, dependence and fear, and for imposing centralized and autocratic governance.” Finally,

“After twenty years of modelling exercises, the CIA—working with medical technocrats like Anthony Fauci and billionaire Internet tycoons—had pulled off the ultimate coup d’état: some 250 years after America’s historic revolt against entrenched oligarchy and authoritarian rule, the American experiment with self-government was over. The oligarchy was restored, and these gentlemen and their spymasters had equipped the rising technocracy with new tools of control unimaginable to King George or to any other tyrant in history.” Throughout he names names, like a Nuremberg indictment.

Some quibbles. I recognize the imperative to rush this book to publication at “warp speed”. I read the e-book, there is no index. In general TRAF is well written, however, in my opinion it does need extensive editing.

Many readers will have experienced strife in the home discussing Covid. Reading this book I often felt the longing that everyone would read it, but especially my wife. Returning to Balzac, “Eve felt overjoyed; she and her husband held the same views, and this is one of the sweetest flowers of love; for two human beings who love each other may not be of the same mind, nor take the same view of their interests.” All in all, this could be the most important book of our time.


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