The Unvaxxed Heroes Who Withstood Intense Globalist Propaganda

Inspirational Message To The Unvaccinated

A member of the FLCCC team sent around this message written by an anonymous person. I found it extremely powerful and felt it needed to be shared.


Dr. Kory… A large part of the decision to avoid the experimental gene transfer therapy is the unrelenting perseverance from doctors, nurses, researchers, and other non-medical leaders across all types of institutions who oppose the groupthink. Without that reinforcement from professionals like you that being “unvax’d” was the correct decision, it would have been nearly impossible to avoid the mass “vaccination”. The “unvax’d” are forever grateful to you.

TY Dr. KORY for sharing this message. It is validation, personally that in the middle of the storm, IT was STILL THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ME…….no matter the cost.


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  1. Chris King

    This is a must-see video by Dr Tess Laurie. It’s how ivermectin was kept off the WHO’s recommended anti-virals list by Bill Gates, letting millions world wide die. It’s incredible and true. I won’t say more. See for yourself. Have a look at my blog at about the military-industrial complex, covid and the Ukraine war. I’m doing another article about the war now. NATO wants a nuclear war in Europe.


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